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Waterproof Lustre – Diamond Edition


Evolved is a quickly rising toy company that has been producing toys that are attractive, highly functional, and classy. The Waterproof Lustre, Diamond Edition is no different. Evolved describes this line as "provides pleasure that lasts forever and memories you'll never forget. Brilliantly shaped and set in satin smooth skin, these luxurious massagers invite you to explore new realms of relaxation. Soft, powerful, and ergonomically sculpted to accommodate every contour, they're shower and bath friendly and make the perfect gift for any occasion. Lust after the luster and let them leave you breathless, make the Diamond Edition your new best friend".

Right out of the shipping box, I was impressed. The metal tin with viewing window it comes makes this an excellent gift choice. I opened the tin and removed my new Lustre. The tip of the Lustre angles to help provide g-spot stimulatin. The vibrator is perfectly positioned towards the tip. It measures 4 1/2" in total length with a little over 3" being insertable. between the body and the twist dial is a double row of "diamonds" these are a classy touch. The control is a simple smooth twist dial. This becomes a little tricky when the toy is covered with lubricant. The toy itself is a hard plastic with a satin finish. Both silicone and water based lubricants are safe for use.

The tip of this toy is angled to provide gspot stimulation while using it. It also helps that the vibrator is conveniently placed in the tip as well.

Onto the Bed Test! I started by placing the tip of the Lustre directly against my clit. This provides a great pinpoint stimulation.The vibe is both strong and quiet. Internally, if you're g-spot is shallow, it should hit it very nicely. This toy wasn't quite long enough for me and with a circumference of 3", it definitely didn't fill me up. This toy is very classy in it's looks, so I have no issues about throwing it in my makeup pouch and taking it with me.

The O-ring that is designed to keep water out of the battery compartment worried me a bit, so I only took this toy in the shower. I was both pleased and surprised to find that no water did leak into the Lustre.

So a recap of the Evolved Diamond Edition Waterproof Lustre:

  • 4 1/2" Total Length, a little over 3" Insertable
  • 3" Circumference
  • ABS, Phthalates free
  • Dial Control, Multi-Speed
  • Waterproof

The Lustre is a classy, affordable, well packaged vibrator that is perfectly positioned for both g-spot stimulation and pin point clitoral stimulation. Taking this into the shower is sure to spice up your routine. I'm saying recommended.


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