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Jaguar Harness


We've all heard the saying, don't just a book by it's cover. The same can go for sex toy packaging. The Jaguar harness came in a very simple plastic bag that was taped closed. There was a simple hang tag on the harness going over care of both the leather and the metal pieces. Always a nice touch, this harness is guaranteed for life by Aslan leather.

I own other harnesses, so I was very excited to see how my first one by Aslan measured up. I removed my new harness from the plastic. The smell of leather quickly greeted me and I was in awe at how soft and flexible this harness was. I was worried about fit, as I have 41" hips. After washing it and leaving it out to dry, I tried it on for size. Surprisingly, I had enough room on both sides that I had quite a few holes left.

Onto the Bed Test! Before I actually ever used this, I wore it around the house for hours. I wore it under my jeans, over my panties, and completely nude. Once this is adjusted to the correct size, it's extremely comfortable for long term wear. I knew my my partner would be home from work soon, I grabbed a different size o-ring (not included), grabbed my partner's favorite dildo (the Leo by Vixen Creations) and strapped it into place.

The harness stayed perfectly in place during a very, very lengthy Bed Test. The harness is comfortable in a variety of positions. A good thing to note is that the buckles were not under my back, so when I was having sex on hard surfaces (with my partner on top), this did not dig in. There wasn't any slipping, sliding, or general harness mishap to be heard of.

It should also be noted that while the Jaguar does come with one-2" rubber o-ring, buying your own set of different sized ones is quite useful (especially if your dildos are on the smaller size). This smallest o-ring I have used in this harness is a 1 1/4", while it did fit, it was a little small.

So a recap of the Jaguar harness:

  • Black Leather
  • Fits hips 26-42" (though there is a little extra room)
  • Metal buckles (waist straps)
  • Metal d-rings (thigh straps)
  • 2" Rubber o-ring included
  • Three point metal clip to hold O-ring
  • Sits lower on the hips

The Jaguar is an insanely sexy harness that looks just as good on. I'm saying XCritic Pick. You can pick up your very own Jaguar harness in black, white, or cherry red leather at Babeland.


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