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Briana Wicked Curves

Doc Johnson describes their new vibrator, Briana Wicked Curves, as a "a soft, flexible and fun to use vibrator with a curved and ribbed tip for intense excitement." It's an affordable option with a decent quality. Briana showed up in a hard plastic container with Briana staring seductively at you. The packaging describes this toy as waterproof, made of TPE, and orange.

The first thing I noticed was that my vibrator was not quite what I would call orange. It's a light pink/peach color. The color doesn't take away from the quality in any way, it's just nice to know. Briana is made of TPE which is phthalates free. This is a huge positive as this means I don't have to dig out a condom to use it. This vibe is operated on 2-AAA batteries. It puts out a decent amount of power and has a high frequency pitch. It can barely be heard through my sheet and blanket, which is great for privacy.

The tip of this toy is angled to provide gspot stimulation while using it. It also helps that the vibrator is conveniently placed in the tip as well. It measures right around 7" with a little over 6" being insertable. The twist on cap is texturized, which always helps when lubricants have made fingers slippery. Though it is a dial control, listening very carefully I've determined that there are actually three speeds. TPE is compatible with both silicone and water based lubes.

Onto the Bed Test! I started with the small tip of Briana against my clit and I'm quite pleased with how strong this vibe actually is. Internally I was hoping it would provide G-spot stimulation because of the slight curve at the tip. It's flexible material shifts slightly when I flex my Kegels and being so thin at the tip, it doesn't provided enough G-spot stimulation for me. It was more of a tease than anything else. But I was pleased with it's overall performance for the price. At it's widest point the Briana has a circumference of around 4.5". 

One of the great appeals of Briana Wicked Curves is the advertisement that it is waterproof. I took it for a trip into the tub and had some personal fun. I dried off the vibe and then removed the battery cap. There was a very small amount of water around the batteries. I wouldn't advise long trips into the tub, but this toy would be great for shower use.

So a Recap of the Briana Wicked Curves:

  • 7" Total length, a little over 6" insertable
  • Widest Circumference around 4.5"
  • TPE, Phthalates Free
  • Dial Control, Multi-Speed (Three)
  • Water Resistant

The Briana Wicked Curves is an affordable vibe that has a lot of things going for it. It's smaller size, water resistant ability, and decent price make this a great vibrator for beginners or for traveling. I'm saying recommended as a beginner vibe.

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