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Genre:     Hardcore, Gonzo, Various

Network: PerfectGonzo.com

Pricing:  $29.95 Monthly Membership(Recurring)

               $2.95 for Two-Day Trial Membership (Recurring)

               $69.95 for 3 Month Membership (Recurring)

               $99.95 for 6 Month (Non-Recurring)



About PerfectGonzo.com------------------------------------------------------------------------

PerfectGonzo.com is a hardcore network which harbors 10 separate, yet specifically gonzo driven websites. Perfect Gonzo was created in 2003, and has recently been re-vamped giving the site an even broader array of scenes, and expanding their already plentiful selection of content. The sites are similar in the premise that all are filmed extremely attentively, perhaps more so than any site I've seen to date, and the movies are filmed notably well, with the most current scenes being shot in the highest quality HD photo and video format I've seen used on the adult market. The network carries an immense variety of content, ranging from lighter solo scenes, to POV, squirting, fisting, bukkake, foot fetish and pretty much all else that your perverted little heart could desire. I recently had the opportunity to browse PerfectGonzo.com, and the review below contains my thorough opinions on whether or not you should spend your hard earned dollars here. I've also posted some photo's and video links to better give you an understanding of the network and what it has to offer. Enjoy!


Joining PerfectGonzo.com-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Upon your entrance to Perfect Gonzo, the site allows you to browse trailers from their most recent content, along with a mission statement which reads as follows:

Welcome to PerfectGonzo.com. We are porn lovers just like you who one day go tired of all the bullshit. After years of looking at porn we got sick of low quality videos, bad lighting, scruffy girls, plugin members areas, lies, fraud and all the other crap that comes with some other websites. In 2003 we decided to make our own websites, something that we would like to be a member of and shoot movies that would get us off. This was the birth of the Perfect Gonzo collection of websites. The Members' Area is the result of 10 years of shooting and hard work. Our philosophies are simple:

* The hottest natural girls, dressed in sexy clothes. You'll find very few tatoos, fake breasts, fake lips in our movies.
* We cast and hand pick every single model to make sure she fits our criteria.
* We use the highest quality HD video & photo equipment.
* The movies are delivered in multiple forums as close as possible to the original. We do not compromise on file sizes so you will find some huge movies on our website!
* Prompt customer service that goes going out of their way to make sure you can enjoy the our movies.
* Secure billing without the bullshit or worries of online purchases or round-robin charge scams.


As you can see, this page gives you the option to look through the 816 models featured on the site, as well as browse through ALL trailers with zero restrictions on how many you can view.

Once you've decided to take the plunge, and get full access to all that Perfect Gonzo has to offer, you'll simply enter your e-mail address and choose the payment option that best suits you. Options are limited to credit card and direct debit, and pricing options can be viewed by scrolling to the top of my review, or clicking here.




 Being A Member at PerfectGonzo.com----------------------------------------------------------------

Being a member of PerfectGonzo gives you unlimited access to all 10 sites within the network, all of which I've listed at the bottom of my review, with the respected links to those pages as well. Content is updated (at least) twice weekly, with some exceptions; 'All Internal' and 'Ass Traffic' seem to be the most active sites currently, and I've listed from some of their recent material throughout the review.

[Access the trailers by simply clicking on the pictures below.]


 Click the pic above to view a trailer from the beautiful Alexis Brill at AllInternal.com!


 Click the pic above to view a trailer for one of many Ivana Sugar scenes at AssTraffic.com!



Click on the pic above to view a trailer for the plump booty'd Madlin Moon at AssTraffic.com!





Streaming Movies:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The quality of *new content available in the Perfect Gonzo catalog is 1080P HD. The streaming films are exquisite, and all are available to download on your PC, phone, or tablet upon membership to the site. I used my ipad to check out many of the streaming movies throughout the network, and had zero issues with playback. I found it to be a rather enjoyable way to view the site when reviewing. I also used my phone to browse, but since there is no exclusive 'mobile' version of the site it was pretty slow and caused a bit of a hinderance to my porn watching. Perfect Gonzo also has some pretty strong content from years past, I understand that much of what their promoting for the site has to do with their new direction, but there is certainly some older content available on the site that is well worth checking out upon acquiring your membership. Most of those older videos are standard quality, but I still found the viewing of those to be enjoyable as well. Of course, understanding that the site has content from 2003, members should be aware that technology has certainly progressed in the past ten years.


 Click on the pic above to view a trailer from anally talented Henessy at AllInternal.com!





Photo Galleries:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you've read my site reviews before, you probably know that photo galleries are huge to me. I love browsing large photo galleries of my favorite stars but unfortunately galleries on Perfect Gonzo are pretty limited. I would say on average there are probably 3 pages of photo content, and the total number of pics averages at around 80 or so. I saw many of the newer scenes having only 30 photos, and that was probably one of the biggest downsides to my viewing of the site overall. I understand that producers often times see photo stills as unnecessary, but that assumption couldn't be further from the truth. So many porn fans love to have a large array of pics to browse through, so if you're one of those fans you may be disappointed.

Click on the pic to view a trailer from Denise Sky at AllInternal.com!



Comparisons to this site can be drawn from thousands and thousands of other gonzo driven sites across the web, and I think for the most part, that Perfect Gonzo will hold up to every one of those comparisons. The downfall for them at the current moment is the sparse variety of new content. There are about 30 new scenes,  but that will build up quickly as updates are pushing forward quickly.





Scenes from 2003-2009 featured on the site:----------------------------------------------------------------

Some of these scenes on the site are absolutely fantastic, and I just couldn't end this review without having at least said a small amount touching on the impact that they will have on your ability to enjoy the site in it's entirety. Simply because of the bulk in content, you are bound to find many, many scenes throughout these that are sure to tickle your fancy, so to speak. I've posted some caps from these scenes below. (Note: There are also photo galleries from these scenes, some are even larger than the new scenes.)

Click the pic to view a trailer from an older scene; this is Black Sonja at AllInternal.com



Click on the pic to view a trailer from Nasty & Nicole at CumForCover.com!


 Click the pic to view a trailer from the beautiful Jasmine Rouge at PurePOV.com!


 Click here to view a trailer from Susanna at CumForCover.com!






It's always tough to review a site with such a broad array of content, but I think that speaks volumes on behalf of Perfect Gonzo, and the expansive appeal that this site has on so many different types of porn fans. Overall, I'd be remissed to tell you not to give this site a chance; it's well worth checking out, and with a simple $2.95 trial fee there's honestly nothing to lose. It'd be nearly impossible for me to post all notable pics and trailers that are available on the site, mostly for the fact that there are so many of them. I did find things about the newer movies that I didn't like, mainly that they do take quite a while to develop, but I think it comes down to personal opinion when all is said and done. This is a relatively distinct and unique take on gonzo porn, and the attention to detail in each and every scene makes Perfect Gonzo different from any other gonzo site that I have seen. There is a mass amount of content on the site, and from the 30+ new scenes that I saw, it seems that the potential that thay have is boundless. Do yourself a favor and give this site a look, I guarantee that you will find some things about it that you'll love. Join!



Click Here To Visit PerfectGonzo.com

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