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Introduction to Review:

 FyreTV.com is an on-demand/streaming porn site that carries content from just about every relevant porn studio that one can imagine. It's what many have called "The Netflix of Porn", and with good reason- that is exactly what it is. With content ranging from John Holmes classics, to newer Mike Adriano flicks and much of everything in between, FyreTV really has quite a library. There are 30 new titles added each week, and much of the newest content is released merely days within its release. I navigated the site for a couple days and drew some conclusions on some valid options that they have, and whether or not you should give it a try. There are a plethora of ways to watch FyreTV, my review will be based on the online streaming version of the website, and I will note the other options in the bottom part of my review.


Initial Thoughts:

Upon entrance to the site I couldn't help but notice that pesky word 'FREE' strewn throughout the entire page, and as any true porn fan knows, the word 'FREE' constantly listed on any porn web page can be all but the proverbial dagger to the heart of a fantastic site, but I suppose there are always exceptions to that. As you enter the site you'll find a tab on the upper left hand corner of the page that is titled 'How It Works'. I only wish that this tab was all that it took to understand how it works, because either I'm illiterate, or there's a lot more to this than I thought. However, on the bottom of the page there is a 'Support' tab. Once I clicked on that I found that the true explanation of 'How It Works' is really listed here, at the bottom of the page. It's mainly an FAQ section, but I still gained a better understanding of the site here, as much of the cost is rationalized through this section.

FyreTV FAQ's


Pricing: (7 Day Free Trial)

Like any other website, one cannot really roam free throughout the pages/scenes without filling out the credit card information. That page looks something like this:


*Charges will appear as Wreal, LLC for privacy purposes

*A $1 verification charge will appear on your statement upon submission, and then removed within 3 days of verification


Pricing for this site is dependant upon what the viewer buys. However, there is a seven day free trial upon subscription to the site. The seven day free trial (explained in their words) works like this:

 The 7-Day trial gives you access to ONE studio package. It does NOT mean free access to all content for 7 days. Once you complete your free account registration, you can begin your FREE 7-Day Trial of one of our Premium Studio Channels at fyretv.com. Select one Premium Studio Channel from seven of our top channels upon registration and enjoy seven days of unlimited viewing of all catalog content from that studio. Choose from studios like Evil Angel VideoVividWicked PicturesPink Visual,and many more! If you don’t select your trial Premium Studio Channel upon registration, you will still have access to it through your membership confirmation e-mail that will be sent to the registered e-mail account. You have 72 hours to activate your free trial after your account registration.


Please be aware that if you do not cancel your subscription prior to the end of your trial period, you authorize us to charge your payment method the applicable monthly subscription fee for the unlimited viewing studio package you selected, plus tax, until cancelled. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.


NOTE: The FREE 7-Day Trial only applies to the Premium Studio Channel selected and may be viewed through any platform via the My Library tab. Wealth & Deception will also be available to view in your library. Any films selected in which a pop up appears asking you to confirm charges, etc are not included in your trial offer and that amount will be applied to the credit card associated with the account if you choose to view it.


 It's fairly easy to wrap your head around actually. The seven day FREE trial only consists of content from one studio. Should you choose to watch content from other studios outside of that, you have to buy those either by scene or movie.


Example: Let's say that you use Evil Angel as your chosen studio for the 7 day free trial period. There are currently over 75 pages of content from Evil, that's in the realm of 1500 movies, and over 8700 scenes. The price of the Evil Angel library is $29.95, which is exactly the same as it would cost for a membership to EvilAngel itself. There are probably as many upsides as there are downsides to this though, because aside from the exclusive photo galleries that Evil has on their website, you'll pretty much be getting everything that they have available. The newest Evil content Fyre TV has is merely days old.  [Note: The newness of content varies upon studios.]


Studio content ranges anywhere from $8 per month to $29.95 per month, most of them being in the latter half of that margin. I've listed prices for some of the higher end studios below.

[Note: This charge will not be billed to you until after the seven day trial period is up, if you cancel before that time no charges apply until your next purchase]

Evil Angel ---------------------------------$29.95 per month

Wicked Pictures -------------------------$29.95 per month

Vivid Pictures ----------------------------$21.95 per month

Elegant Angel ---------------------------$19.95 per month

Diabolic -----------------------------------$19.95 per month

Zero Tolerance --------------------------$19.95 per month

Adam & Eve ------------------------------$19.95 per month

West Coast Productions ---------------$14.95 per month

*There are hundreds of other studios in the FyreTV library aside from these, I just posted a couple to give ideas for pricing.

 [Note: Jules Jordan content is not yet available on the site]



The FyreTV Streaming Video Player

Once you've completed registration, watching movies on your computer will look something like the picture I screencapped below. Quality is probably as strong as you can imagine streaming video to be, and playback is pretty nice as well.


Being a FyreTV member

Being a member at FyreTV gives you access to all of their content, but it also gives you access to none of it. See, as long as you cancel the 7 day free trial in due time you will not be charged anything until you decide that there is a scene or movie that you'd like to purchase. Your information stays on file and you can purchase with a simple click whenever you'd like.

Some of the higher end scenes can be upwards to $7.95, but through my exploring I found that there are some pretty decent scenes available for just $1.25 as well. As far as entire movies go I saw a couple of the newer films going for upwards to $21.95, and I saw some fairly good flicks in the $4.95 range. Even though your only getting a stream of these films, I still believe that the price of them (for the most part) is reasonable to say the least. As far as what to purchase and how to purchase it, I believe that there are a variety of different ways to do it, but it's quite obvious of what the best ways to get a good value are, it just takes a little more thought than your average website. There is also a fetish menu on FyreTV. The fetish menu breaks things down by scenes, and helps the viewer better determine which movies to buy based on whatever fetishes he or she has.


Other options

There are a variety of different ways to view FyreTV, I've listed other options below. Along with an explanation from FyreTV in italics. [Note: My review is NOT based on these options.]

 Watching the best XXX movie collection on the planet is great on your computer, phone and tablet, but for the true ultimate adult video experience you need to watch FyreTV on your TV. Streaming porn directly to your TV has never been easier as you can now get FyreTV on Boxee, Roku, Google TV and Apple TV

The best way to truly experience FyreTV is by streaming our collection of adult films to your television. Doing this is simple with streaming devices such as Roku, Google TV, Boxee box or Apple TV. Just make sure your device of choice is correctly connected to your TV and home network.

 •  Boxee owners: you’ll need to install the FyreTV app. See our Boxee Installation Guide, for instructions.

•  Apple TV owners: you’ll need to utilize AirPlay to stream from your phone to your TV. See our AppleTV Setup Guide for instructions.

•  Roku owners: you’ll need to install the FyreTV private channel. See our Roku Installation Guide for instructions.

 We are always adding new ways to get FyreTV on your TV so check out the On TV page for the latest supported TV devices and instructions on how to get FyreTV activated on your device.




If I were to subscribe to a membership to FyreTV I would do so like this: I would sign up for the 7 day free trial, (which is automatic anyways) and cancel within the 7 days. After that I would browse the separate films and scenes that they have and buy them as I saw fit for me.



•  Premium Studio Channels: Watch all you want from one studio all month long from as little as $5/month. Once you subscribe to any one of our Premium Studio Channels, you agree to have the monthly subscription price to renew automatically until cancelled by you in the Subscription section under My Account at fyretv.com
•  Video-on-Demand: Purchase an entire movie to be stored in the FyreTV Cloud with unlimited access for life for as little as $4.95


•  Scene-on-Demand: Purchase a scene to be stored in the FyreTV Cloud with unlimited access for life for as little as $1.2
•  Pay-Per-Minute: Use minutes to watch all non-new release for as little as $.09 per minuteI'm not going to tell you that this is the be all-end all only way that you should go about getting porn. however, I'll tell you that it's a valid option, and there is absolutely no harm in giving it a try.

I believe that there are some great reasons to sign up for FyreTV, as well as a couple of quite obvious downsides. One can argue that some of the studio content isn't as current as we would like, but I believe the abundance of content offsets that. If you're a porn fan from the mid 2000's era, there is a multitude of scenes and movies from the era, and they are all beyond reasonably priced. I did  a lot of research on FyreTV through message boards and the like, finding that many customers who have tried FyreTV are quite happy with it. I'm not completely convinced that it's the greatest thing in the world, but I would definitely give the site a try. I'm sure many people may think that there a tons of streaming sites out there, and they're free. I ask you this though: Are they safe sites? What is the quality like? Well the quality on FyreTV is fantastic, and the site is safe, and even held in high regards among porn fans. I say that giving this one a try is a practical and realistic option for any fan. Go for it!


Click Here To Visit FyreTV.com