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Your Step Daughter’s Best Friend 2

  • Release date:
    May 23, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 34m
  • Cast:
    Casey Cumz|Meloney Danells|Brittany Jade|Emi Stone

Genre: Gonzo, Gonzo, 18+ Teens

Director: ??

Cast: Casey Cumz, Meloney Danells, Jassi Capri, Emi Stone

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent.

Length: 1 hour, 34 minutes

Release Date: 5/23/13

Extras: Extras included Slideshow, Web Previews

Condoms: No

Overview: I’m quite sure any old man with a pulse is guilty of checking out girls way younger than they should checking out. And if that girl happens to be their step-daughter, who does everything she can to get her step-dad to “notice” her, can you really blame a guy for going there Heck, buy me a ticket to wherever there is. Your Step-Daughter’s Best Friend 2 kind of leaves out the best friend part but it is still a good, strokable title you guys who have a thing for teen girls will certainly enjoy.

Scene 1 Jassie Capri

Jassie decides to do some erotic yoga positions, tempting her poor old step-father who just happens to be there to watch. He walks closely towards her, cock out and getting harder by the second as Jassie continues to stretch her body. She has no shame teasing the old man who places his cock in her mouth. Now Jassie is stretching her mouth with a mouthful of her stepfather’s dong. Enough with the teasing, Jassie spreads her legs open and lets dad enjoy her vag. She easily takes his feeble cock and squeezes it with her super tight snatch. After demonstrating how many positions she can take his cock she finally ends up with a face covered in old man jizz.

Scene 2 Emi Stone

Emi is a tattoo blonde chick who wakes up her stepdaddy by rubbing his cock. We never see the old man this time as the camera totally focuses in on the girl. The Emi and the following three girls—who all are shot in POV style—ham it up for the camera by saying how she really wants to suck him off. The old man tells her they should but as soon as the tip of his penis is licked, it’s all downhill from there. But your cock will go straight up as we watch Emi suck and ride his ride, even letting step-daddy put it in her ass for good measure.

Scene 3 Casey Cumz

Casey is up for some fun with her step-daddy’s cock. She desperately wants to put it in her mouth but step-daddy has reservations about it but really doesn’t stop her. He does prolong the cat and mouse game but eventually his cock happens to find its way into Casey’s mouth. She then stands up on the bed and slowly removes her shorts, revealing her ass that makes his cock stand at full erect attention. She rides him hard and the old man definitely appears to be OK with his decision of letting his step-daughter own his cock. Casey takes control of the action, riding him doggy, sucking him off and titty fucking his cock as the old man forgets all about his wife and concentrates on getting his nut courtesy of his step-daughter. Casey rides the old cock one last time before having her mouth blasted with his aging babies.

Scene 4 Meloney Danells

Meloney is a sexy redhead, 19 years old and craving her daddy’s cock. Again, he pushes her away but she looks so good lying on top of his cock and eager to put it in her mouth. After a bit of time Meloney gets her way and swallows his cock, getting it hard and wet to slide it into her pussy. She rides him hard and over the course of the next 10 minutes it’s nothing but her owning his cock. This old guy just lets each of these babes treat him like their bitch, doing whatever it is they wanna do, not letting up until they’ve made him blast one. Meloney is no different, doing a really great job of sexing daddy up until she ends up covered in old man splooge.

Summary: At just over 90 minutes there’s plenty of good jerk off material here for you to nut. The POV camera work is somewhat shoddy, and I wish the old timer would shut up more often and just let the girls do what they do best. But other than that, this title accomplishes its goal and it does it well. It’s not a title that will get awards recognition or much attention but if you see this one on shelves, I’d Highly Recommend you pick this one up.


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