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Young Thighs In Knee Highs 3

  • Release date:
    March 13, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 53m
  • Cast:
    Trinity St. Clair|Jessica Ryan|Mark Wood|John Strong|Tommy Pistol|Anthony Rosano|Rilynn Rae|Dane Cross|Hope Howell|Stacie Jaxxx

Genre: Teens, Fetish

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Trinity St. Clair, Rilynn Rae, Hope Howell, Stacie Jaxxx, Jessica Ryan, John Strong, Mark Wood, Anthony Rosano, Tommy Pistol, Dane Cross

Length: 1 hr. 53 mins.

Release Year: 2013

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Trailers

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD:$21.99

Overview: As the title implies, this 3rd Degree production features a small cast of young starlets clad in colorful knee high socks. They get poked and prodded by their well-hung male partners for a combined runtime of just under two hours. It’s Young Thighs In Knee Highs 3.

Scene 1 – Rilynn Rae with John Strong: (4/5) Rilynn Rae is a hot brunette with slamming tits and a curvy backside. She’s wearing a blue bra and pinstripe panties and spends an ample amount of time teasing the camera before slipping on her striped knee high socks. She enters the bedroom, lies down and is approached by John Strong. Following some sensual smooching, and a quick titty suck, John’s hand strays south. Rilynn is left wearing nothing but her socks and things move into a nice 69. Afterwards the starlet rests on her back and grips the comforter tight as John looms over her and nearly splits her in half with his big shillelagh. Next, Rilynn rides her partner, and the assault on her pussy continues. This is viewing at its finest, folks. And after a little doggie the sexy starlet assumes the position and tastes a fat load as it dribbles from her mouth.

Scene 2 – Hope Howell with Dane Cross: (4/5) Hope is a good-looking redhead that shows off her feet in the opening shot before kicking back on a leather sofa. After putting a pair of pink knee-highs on she caresses her body, and plays with her puss. Dane sneaks up behind Hope and startles the young starlet. She ditches her pink bra while Dane’s face because intimate with the starlet’s slop hole. Hope’s pussy must be a hot ticket item on the lunch menu, because Dane can’t seem to get enough and goes back for seconds. Next, there’s a nice blowjob sequence where the starlet gets a big mouthful of cock, and it looks to be more than she can handle because she gags on it quite a bit. There’s some cowgirl screwing, which got to be a bit intense, followed by a little wheelbarrow fucking. And after a few more positions, Hope and Dane move into some spooning and it all comes to a head with the starlet giving head and swallowing a warm helping of ball gravy.

Scene 3 – Trinity St. Clair with Anthony Rosano: (4/5) Trinity is incredibly cute, as anyone who’s previously reviewed her body of work can likely attest to, and is paired with Anthony Rosano. The starlet is wearing an orange top, with white and orange polka dot panties. After a bit of a foot tease she slips on some colorful argyle knee-highs, kicks back on a bed and starts playing with herself. Anthony is there to help with the pussy pleasing—jamming his digits deep inside Trinity’s tight slit. After a little pussy eating the two transition into a nice 69 where the longhaired brunette jerks, sucks and slobbers on her partner’s cock. Things get good when the stud grips the starlet by the meat of her arms and starts thrusting his pelvis. Cowgirl fucking precedes some reverse cowgirl action, and after the duo spoon and fuck Trinity gets it nice and hard from behind. Things end with Anthony pulling out and cumming on Trinity’s freshly shaven pussy. These two have some good chemistry and the sex here was solid.


Scene 4 – Stacie Jaxxx with Tommy Pistol: (4/5) Stacie is a nice blonde with long golden locks and a firm ass. This scene begins with the starlet caressing herself and posing in front of a very tall, sectioned mirror—which gives viewers a look at her from several neat angles. While Stacie is on her back and in bed Tommy Pistol shows up to strip the starlet out of her panties. He eats her out, licks her barking spider and violently finger blasts her pussy hole. Things move into a nice blowjob take where Tommy is very much in control, and always seems to have a handful of Stacie’s hair to yank on. This guy gives the starlet a good deal of facial abuse, but she handles it very well. There’s some nice doggy style fucking, and then Stacie is flung on her back. She makes with a quick footjob and then hops on Tommy’s wang and rides him for a while. One or two position changes later and you’ve got Stacie taking a knee with Tommy depositing a hefty load of ball batter into the starlet’s gaping maw.

Scene 5 – Jessica Ryan with Mark Wood: (3/5) Jessica is sporting an animal print bra with blue panties, and after removing the former article of clothing she sits on the edge of a sofa, shows off her painted toe nails and gradually slips her feet into some striped knee high socks. Mark Wood shows up to remove Jessica’s panties and licks at the starlet’s pussy and asshole from behind. Next we get to see some nice doggy style fucking with the occasional spanking courtesy of Mr. Wood. When Mark grabs himself a seat on the white leather sofa the shorthaired hussy rides him cowgirl. At no real fault to the star and starlet, this segment was a little bothersome. Here’s why. With the two fucking like mad on the sofa, the legs of the furniture would bump and grind on the floor to the point where it needs mentioning in this review. And while this was undoubtedly annoying, the rest of the scene seemed to suffer less from this noise disturbance and we got to enjoy the remaining seven minutes or so of the film, which were pretty great. Jessica squirts a bit and Mark heaves some stringy cum allover his partner’s face.

Final Summation: Young Thighs In Knee Highs 3 is a quality film, that’s shot nicely and features male and female talent that fuck well and look good while they do it. Aside from that little hiccup in the last scene involving Jessica Ryan, Mark Wood and a sofa couch that’s seen better days, the all-around production value of this movie was the tits. While Young Thighs is supposed to be kinky what with the knee high sock hook, it really wasn’t. From what I recall, some girls simply did not expose their feet and we get to see a footjob that lasts mere seconds. If you’re into foot shit, and thought that’s what you’d get, you might be a little disappointed. Now then, while this film isn’t so much a fetish movie, what it is is a solid boy-girl production. Young Thighs In Knee Highs 3 comes recommended.



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