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Young Ripe Mellons 11

  • Release date:
    August 28, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 33m
  • Cast:
    Noelle Easton|Mr. Pete|Vince Vouyer|Alex Gonz|Luna C. Kitsuen|Clover|Mya Lushes|Linda Lay|Kelsey Jones

Genre: busty

Director: Vince Vouyer

Cast: Kelsey Jones, Mya Lushes, Linda Lay, Luna C Kitsuen, Noelle Easton

Length: 3:33

Date of Production: 7/23/13

Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailers, Cumshot Recap

Audio/Video Quality: The video is presented in widescreen color. The picture quality is good and does not have any noticeable defects in the picture. The lighting is also good. The camera work is steady throughout the feature and shows off the action in some very good angles. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo and sounds very good.

Body of Review: Young Ripe Mellons #11 is the next installment in Vince Vouyer's exciting look at large natural breasts. It has been over a year since the last installment Young Ripe Mellons #10. Like #10, Vince does not disappoint with a stunning cast of large and natural breasts. Of note Noelle Easton and Linda Lay give very exciting performances. Here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Noelle Easton - Rating 4.0/5.0
Noelle is amazingly cute young beauty. She's the fresh age of 18 and a sight to behold. She has several amazing features that include massive 38DD breasts, a curvy ass and a gorgeous face. She's a great all around looker. The scene opens with a tease montage. We get some great shots of her tits and ass (mostly her tits). Next Mr. Pete joins her on the bed while Vince interviews her. As they chat Mr. Pete fondles her tasty tits. As the dialogue finishes they move into oral sex. Noelle looks nice as she sucks cock. She doesn't seem to put a lot of energy into the act but her massive tits jiggle and look damn hot. Plus her cute face is just nice to see with a cock in it. They also titty fuck. Next Pete tastes her box and proceeds to fuck her in missionary, reverse cowgirl, spoon, scissors, doggie and cowgirl. The action itself seems tamer than Pete's normal modus operandi. He works her at a decent pace and doesn't seem to get into as many major bouts of speed that I've used to seeing from him. Still the action remains pretty steamy. Sweet young Noelle and her 38DD's are a treat to watch in action. The scene ends with cum on chest. Overall I enjoyed this scene a lot. The action was tamer than I like but Noelle hotness kept me at "full" attention.

Scene 2: Mya Lushes - Rating 3.5/5.0
Mya is a fairly good looking 20 year old babe with 34C breasts. She has a great body and nice tits. The scene opens with a tease/interview. She starts by exposing cleavage and jumping up and down which means her tits jiggle like crazy. She continues to show off her tits and ass. Next the dude joins her on the bed. He fondles her tits and briefly eats her out. Then she returns the favor and gives a decent blow job. It is a bit on the tame side and I didn't care for the initial camera view (didn't show off the action too well). But as they the action progresses it gets betters. They also include some titty sex. Afterwards they engage in sex. This action is hotter than the oral bit. The dude pumps her at a decent pace and it leaves her jiggling in all the right places. They fuck in cowgirl, doggie, reverse cowgirl and missionary. The action ends with a facial. Overall I thought this scene was enjoyable. Mya's got a great rack and they look fantastic bouncing in action.

Scene 3: Linda Lay - Rating 4.5/5.0
Linda is a sexy 21 year old babe with 32DD breasts. She has a very attractive face and smoking hot body. She opens with a dialogue/tease. Linda's shirt reveals the right amount of cleavage to excite and tease. Sadly the tease aspect is fairly light (as she short of just sits there). When the dude shows up he fondles her tits and rubs her clit. At this point we haven't actually seen her bare tits. Linda slips her bra off and then pulls her tits out of her shirt. They are amazing to see. The dude continues to play with her tits and ass. Next she goes to work on his cock. She starts off with a slow pace and manages some good deep throating attempts. As the oral action continues the dude face fucks her. The action gets steamy. Linda's face is great for cock. The dude returns the favor and eats her out. The scene only gets better when sex comes into play. Linda looks fantastic being penetrated. Her 32DD are magnificent as they bounce during the action. The pacing is also good with lots of energy. They fuck in missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. They also include some titty fucking. The action concludes with a facial. Overall I thought this scene was the best of the feature. While I find Linda and Noelle equal on looks, Linda's scene had more energy and came off as more exciting.

Scene 4: Luna C Kitsuen - Rating 4.0/5.0
Luna is an attractive 20 year old gal with 34D breasts. She has a pretty face and slender body with several tattoos. The scene opens with a tease. We get some nice shots of her tits (nipples are pierced and her ass jiggles in a great way). Next she talks while Vince inspects her goods. This scene is captured in point of view (POV - first person view of the action). This leads to Vince fingering her pussy as she rubs her clit. The POV camera work reveals a nice shot of the action. Next Luna goes for his cock and sucks him off. Her pretty face looks great with a dick in it. She maintains good eye contact with camera as she bobs her head up and down. Hot stuff. It's just too bad the oral bit didn't last longer. I could probably watch her suck cock for hours. Anyways the sex also offers steamy action. The camera work continues to delivery great closeups of the action. Luna's big round tits look great bouncing and pussy engulfing cock. They fuck in missionary and cowgirl (both positions multiple times), and include some titty sex. The scene ends with cum swallowing. Overall this scene was another hot one. Luna delivered the right stuff. I think it also helped that the scene was captured in POV (my preference) and had some great closeups of Luna's wonderful tits and the action.

Scene 5: Kelsey Jones - Rating 3.5/5.0
Kelsey is a good looking brunette with ripe 34C breasts and a nicely shaped body. She's 20 years old with braces and despite being young, she doesn't have a young appeal. I think it's all the makeup. She's wearing a lot of makeup. Anyways, she opens the scene with a tease. Seconds in to it she reveals her tits. We get a quick look at her body and the scene cuts. Not much of a tease!?!? She is interviewed by Vince with a nice view of her massive cleavage. At one point she jiggles her breasts. Next the dude joins her on the bed. The dude fondles and sucks her tits. Next the dude goes between titty fucking her and getting sucked off. There's some good energy in the bit. He proceeds to eat her out and after there is some more cock sucking. After a pretty nice opening bit they move into sex. The action starts off at a decent pace and gets more energetic as the scene progresses. All the while Kelsey's mellons bounce all over the place. They fuck in reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, doggie, spoon and missionary. During the final minutes of the scene, Kelsey's body is covered in oil. She looks even better this way. The action ends with cum swallowing. Overall I thought this scene had some good moments. Kelsey's scene was not my favorite but it was still quite nice.

Conclusion: I admit that I am a fan of this series. I have enjoyed Vince Vouyer's work with the series. The idea of large natural breasted babes is to my liking. Young Ripe Mellons #11 was "stacked" full of excitement. The busty cast comprised of a nice selection of large to really large boobies. I had the most fun watching Noelle Easton and Linday Lay. The other gals also offered some pretty impressive sex scenes. Fans of the busty genre and the series will get a lot of value out of this DVD. It has great replay value too. I highly recommend it.


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