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Young Girls in Prison

  • Release date:
    August 14, 2003

Young Girls In Prison

Erotic Angel

Genre: Feature

Director: Pearl Stone

Cast: Allysin Chaynes, Eric Masterson, Brittney Skye, Barrett Blade, Sabrine Maui, Jay, Roxy, Guy Disilva

Length: 87.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/5/03 (box), 5/1/03 to 5/25/03 (credits)

Extra's: photogallery, spam, double sided DVD cover

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the current industry standard of 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. I didn't see any artifacts but the entire show looked like it had a soft focus and the lighting was not optimal. It didn't have a lot of grain but the colors looked somewhat washed out too. The audio was presented in stereo English but I didn't notice a lot of separation between the channels and the music was mixed a bit too loudly into the audio track. The vocals were hollow and on the lower side too.

Body of Review: With an estimated 12,000 porno's made each year, it's inevitable that a lot of generic porn gets released onto the market. This is not a bad thing, as some people would lead you to believe, since it gives fans a chance to see their favorite performers in a variety of movies (as opposed to contract performers who tend to only make a handful of releases each year). The problem is, however, that such releases are of minimal value to the average porn consumer since those who aren't fans are going to find limited value in the show. Such is the case with Erotic Angel's new release, Young Girls In Prison. The movie looked to be a quickly released series of five scenes that advertised a story about women in jail trying to escape. In truth, there was very little story here and there appeared to be only a couple of sets used (adding to the cheap feel of the movie). The women looked fairly good for the circumstances and the action was standard porn (oral/oral/straight/pop with condom) but fans may appreciate seeing their favorite stars here. If this sounds like what you're looking for, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Allysin, dressed like a hooker in a jail cell, seduced Eric, the janitor. She started off by giving him a pretty warm blowjob with lots of eye contact before he reciprocated on her. The two then boned in a fairly energetic session before he squirted a load onto her chest.

Scene Two: Brittney, an attractive blonde wearing a short pink skirt, had sex with Barrett on a desk. The two went down on one another and then screwed in another fairly warm scene. While it might be generic porn, at least it's decent generic porn.

Scene Three: Sabrine, a little Asian wearing a tiny muff buffer skirt, took care of Jay in a jail holding cell. He started off this time by going down on her after which she gave him some oral loving. The two them screwed in the cell on the floor before he dropped a load on her face.

Scene Four: Allysin, getting an interview from Jay, gave some attention to his microphone (so to speak) to warm it up for a little game of hide-the-salami. He went down on her and they screwed. It was fairly mechanical sex but I enjoyed watching her go at it.

Scene Five: Roxy, a brunette with a lean body, took care of Guy on a motel room bed. There was oral and straight sex and the two did an okay job.

Summary: There were no extras worth mentioning (a few pictures, spam labeled as trailers, and a DVD cover that was for Sodomize Me 10 on the flip side), a short length, and generic scenes, so the best this will be worth to anyone would be a rating of Rent It and that includes my appreciation of Brittney and Allysin.


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