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Women Seeking Women 96

  • Release date:
    August 23, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 39m
  • Cast:
    Valentina Nappi|Aaliyah Love|Veruca James|Prinzzess|Brea Bennett|Adriana Sephora|Claire Adams

Genre Lesbian

Director ?

Duration 159 minutes

Cast Prinzzess, Claire Adams, Veruca James, Brea Bennett, Aaliyah Love, Valentina Nappi, Adriana Sephora.

Date of Production 16 August 2013

Condoms No

Audio / Video  Filmed in HD on Sony XDCAMs. Audio recorded in Dolby Digital.  Presented in 16:9 aspect ratio; the sound wasn't great.  It had to be way up to hear dialogue.

Extras Our Girlfriends cast montage, trailers for other GF movies. Website info. Weak.

Preview Women Seeking Women would not be on its 96th volume of restless hearts searching for that one perfect woman stories if the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video and casts of female stars who really love women wasn’t a winning formula.  Recipient of five consecutive AVN awards for Best All-Girl Series, Women Seeking Women is the longest running and most successful series from Girlfriends Films.  I recommended WSW89 a while back, and decided to check in on things.  Volume 96 stars GF's ever present contract girl, Prinzzess, and she saves the movie.  Veruca James is here as well, and she is a consistent performer, too.  Here are four scenes of women one-on-one, exploring each others' bodies and emotions...

Review There is a pretty long set-up for the first scene.  First, Adriana Sephora confides in her friend that she has been les-curious, and has gone as far as to invite Prinzzess, the porn star she met on Net Skirts, to her home.  Prinzzess is the slim star of countless Girlfriends Films productions.  She has medium sized breasts, a great tan, and long dark hair with blonde highlights.  She usually plays the dominant role with the newbie girls.  Prinzzess is seated with Adriana on the box cover.  Adriana has appeared in a few dozen titles over the last few years, and all girl/girl, as far as I could find.  She is a curvy blonde, with a great set of enhanced breasts.  They build up very slowly, from smal talk through lots of tender kissing.  Adriana's tits aren't unveiled until the 22:48 mark.  The scene was a pleasure to watch, as both performers were good looking and looked to enjoy themselves; watch for Prinzzess to push Adriana away after a strong "O".  A scene better suited for ladies or couples.

Back downstairs, Veruca James is giving Brea Bennett a back massage, and becoming a little less apprehensive about meeting a couple porn stars.  Brea persuades Veruca that they should check in on Prinzzess and Adriana.   When they do, Veruca seems to be a lot more comfortable with the goings on.  Eventually Adriana and Prinzzess leave the room (?) and Veruca and Brea get to know eacch other better.  Veruca and Brea are the other couple on the cover.  Both are petite, cute, and display minor body art.  Brea took the lead in their rendevous, as the more experienced porn star should.  Her oral ministrations were deliberate and considerate, resulting in an explosion for Veruca that was almost too quick to believe.  Later, Veruca shed the innocent, inexperienced role and showed the type of dedicated display her many fans have come to expect.  This was a decent scene to watch, but the arousal was lacking, due to the stilted acting of one cast members.  No porn reviewer is looking for Academy award performances, but the scenes with Brea seemed awkward.  It's worth noting that Brea seemed much more relaxed and natural after a couple releases; more like a person talking than an actress giving lines.

OK, seriously? I thought the acting was bad before, now we have Valentina Nappi, whose English is passable at best. Maybe this is why GF keeps its directors' identities secret, so we don't know who to blame for trainwrecks like this one. Some trite cliches about not liking to give blowjobs are discussed before Aaliyah Love decides she would rather go down on a woman.  Aaliyah is good at playing the cute and innocent role.  Even her hair is done in a way to accentuate her doll-like features.  Valentina is an Italian import with curves.  Her emerging English fluency made me want to skip to the nude parts; it's brutal.  But when the clothes came off, things didn't get much better.  A quick review of Valentina's credits (IAFD) reveal mostly hetero roles and confirms the suspicion that she is G4P.  She was hesitant to engage fully in the oral aspects of the "lesbian" interaction and the scene suffers appreciably.

Prinzzess is back, this time as a housekeeper for Claire Adams.  When Prinzzess goes to clean the bathroom, Claire would prefer a tongue bath from the pretty young thing, rather than having another sink wiped.  It's a plesant change of pace to see Prinzzess in the sub role.  She's usually in charge in her scenes.  Claire is older and more experienced, proving it to her cleaning lady with a deft strap-on technique.  While Claire may not be as young as her co-star, she certainly is a match in terms of sexual energy, as such the two had great chemistry, making the scene a joy to watch.  There were multiple believable climaxes on screen, and there should be some in the screening rooms as well.  This second pretty good scene saved the title from a truly bad review.

Final Thoughts Beautiful woman-woman sex which is sure to excite you. Prinzzess validates the esteem with which she is regarded by GF fans and producers alike.  Her presence made a flick with some pretty bad attempts at drama watchable.  The editor's choice to bookend the sub-standard sets with the two best was a good one.  There was too much talking for the sake of talking in this one.  Drama is one thing, but some of the rambling here only served to bloat the run time.  If you're one of the legions of Prinzzess fans, you won't be disappointed; if you're a Veruca James fan, you might be.  If you're just looking for some hot ladies in entertaining and sensous situatons, try (WSW96) before you buy.  Women Seeking Women 96 is a movie, you should Rent It first to see if you like it.  The dramatic elements, ie pre-sex, were stilted and way too long.  The sex was good enough, but not explosive, as it could have been.  Is this due to lack of chemistry between performers, or the director’s vision? Maybe this could be good for couples because of all the long talking periods, they might lead to IRL nookie.



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