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My Sister’s Hot Friend 32

  • Release date:
    July 12, 2013
  • Cast:
    Lily Carter|Ana Foxxx|Lizz Tayler|Karina White|Victoria Love

My Sister’s Hot Friend #32
Naughty America/Pure Play Media
Directed by
Date of Production:
Running Time:


Lily Carter
Karina White
Lizz Tayler
Ana Foxxx
Victoria Love (on cover but not featured in movie)
Victoria Rae Black
Xander Corvus
Kris Slater
Erik Everhard
Johnny Castle

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: 1:01 (from a scene not on this release?)
Trailers: 2
Photo Gallery

Technical Stats:

Audio: Linear PCM 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 1.5 Mbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 2-3 Mbps (not full screen)

Overall Thoughts:

She’s irresistibly fuckable, and I know she wants me as bad as I want her..she’s my sister’s hot friend!

From a technical aspect, we already have a few issues, a less than average audio and video quality, that are going to affect the review of this one. We are going to need some amazing scenes to help this out, lucky a few familiar faces are coming up. And we got a surprise with a different Victoria than was listed on the box cover.

Well I can say that even with all those technical flaws, the ladies were able to salvage this one and make sure this one gets a decent review.  The final three scenes seem to all give plenty of reasons why they deserves spotlight scene, although I decided to go with Lily, both Lizz and Ana had solid scenes. And so we are going to give this a RECOMMENDED rating, which is more than what I was expecting to give this one. Let’s hope they will fix those technical issues at some point.

Karina and Xander (24:24)

It’s been awhile since we have seen this lovely lady. And she’s really standing out in that tight pink top and those short shorts. Some playful flirting and he’s got his cock out, as she grabs on and gives it a few licks and swallows. She adds in a little spit and tongue work to her oral workout, along with some love for his balls. He helps her out of her bra and big surprise that his cock ends up in between the mountains of fun. Off come her shorts and panties, as she climbs on for some cowgirl, as he gets a handful of her ass. She flips around and continues to ride him, as he strums her pussy. It takes a bit for the momentum to get going here, but he’s soon got his balls slapping against her pussy, as her tits bounce for the camera. They continue with some spoon, and then missionary and then ends as he pulls out and blasts her pussy and stomach with cum.

Victoria Rae Black and Kris (40:45)

Ok, this is a nice surprise. No word of this lady any where on the box. But no complaints from me. I’ve been a fan of this lady, who happens to be local and that nice body adds to that factor as well. Someone needs a spanking, and of course the panties need to come off. She’s trying on sunglasses and he seems to have his eyes locked at that body. He moves in and lifts up her skirt and gives her pussy a little tease, followed by some nice hands on time with her ass. He lays her on the bed and the hand exploring continues as he kisses all over her body, making his way to her ass and pussy. Well we have another lady who is not lacking in the chest area, as she playfully teases him, while she slides off her top, and he is drawn to those wonderful boobs. It’s back to the tongue work, as he puts her on her side and works her ass and pussy over, with some finger love thrown in. And just like magic, his pants are off and he lays down on the bed, as she lubes his cock with spit, and then gives it some nice tongue love as she swallows his man meat. She sets her pussy down on his face, as she continues her oral appreciation. She climbs on for some cowgirl as he takes in that body, and gets a face full of her tits as she leans forward, not a bad day at the office for him. And to make sure we get a nice look at her, she flips around for some reverse cowgirl, as he speeds up the pace a few times, although I think the cowgirl was working out better. She makes her way to the end of the bed and bends over and waits for him to slide back inside her pussy. And we follow that up with some great flat doggy, as she looks back and gives him that fuck me harder look. He pulls out and shoves his cock in her mouth, before it’s back to some missionary, as the boobs are a dancing. He pulls out and blasts his cum all over her body.

Lizz and Erik (30:46)

A little work around the place needs to get done, but with her around, all attention is focused on her and her getting her hands on his tool, if you know what I mean. he brings her in for some heated kisses, then lays her down and slides off her panties as he goes to work on her pussy, using his tongue and fingers. If they ever need someone to be Olivia Munn in a parody, this is the girl for the part. He adds in some finger love, as she grabs onto his tool and jerks it off, before sliding it into her mouth, which really seems to get his tool ready and at attention. He teases her pussy with his cock, slapping it against her pussy, before finally sliding inside her. Who needs lube when you can just use spit. She climbs on and takes some deep and hard thrust from his cock as he grabs on tight to her ass. It should be no surprise that a scene with Erik is going to have some energy in it, and adding in Lizz, just makes it even better. She applies more spit and adds in a few more swallows before he is back on his cock for some nice reverse cowgirl. Well we have ourselves a front runner for spotlight scene. It’s back to his magic tongue on her pussy, as her body shakes and shivers with delight, then he slides back inside her pussy, with more deep and hard thrusts. It’s really too bad the technical stuff is horrible on this movie, imagine how even more amazing this would be full screen on your TV. He continues to drive her pussy crazy with his tongue and cock, and his fingers. I know there is a Lily scene coming up, can’t wait to see how it stacks up against this one. After some missionary, he pulls out and leaves some cum in her mouth, as she gives his cock a few last licks with her pierced tongue.

Lily and Johnny (31:35) (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

Well I guess I am not going to have to wait long, as Lily is up next. I think most of us would be willing to play cards, or pretty much anything with this lovely lady. Once his pants come off, she has her eyes fixed on his cock, and want wait to get it in her mouth. Some teasing through his underwear, before she slides them down and goes for his cock and balls, giving it a nice once over with her tongue, before going to deep throat mode, along with lots of spit and drool. She slides down her shorts to show off her amazing ass , but it’s right back to her mouth around his cock. Such playfulness and that smile, it’s no wonder she is at the top of my list. He makes his way to her ass, and dives in and gets a face full, before helping her out of her bra. He lays down and she backs her ass onto his face, and reaches back and shoves a finger in her ass, while her mouth is wrapped around his cock. It’s early, but I think the advantage is leaning towards Lily. He slides inside for some doggy, and she has her finger in her ass again, this lady just craves for something in her ass at all times. She offers more oral love and then it’s onto some spoon, as she strums her pussy, causing her to squirt and sends shakes and shivers down her body. He gets in on the finger in the ass action, as he shoves his fingers in her ass and pussy, and then enjoys a face full of Lily as she leans over to give his cock more love. She moves forward and sits down on his cock for some reverse cowgirl and then climbs off and licks the squirt off of him and then quickly back on for some cowgirl fun, as her booty fills up the screen. And I think we have a clear winner once she guides his cock into her ass. It doesn’t last long, but she flips around and rides his cock some more, and lets out a few more squirts. If you release a squirting movie and she’s not involved, something is very wrong. And we end as she takes a cum shot in her mouth and face, and swallows it all.

Ana and  Johnny (31:51)

She’s just had a bad break up and she’s looking for some comfort and he’s hear to give her a little more than that. He rubs her shoulders and lets her know he is going to make her forget about that crappy ex of hers. He slides off her bra and then makes his way to her pussy, giving it a few lick before sliding off her blue panties. After some tongue and finger love, he slides into her pussy, while sharing a few kisses with her. She adds in a helping hand as the moans get louder and more frequent. She returns the favor as she works his man meat in her mouth, while making sure his balls don’t feel left out. He stands her up and gets a hand full of her booty, giving it a few slaps, and then she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, showing some nice energy and height. She flips around and as her booty fills up the screen, we get the same energy in this position too. She goes wild and grinds on his cock, till the water works begin to flow out of her pussy. She climbs off and cleans his cock off and gets right back on for more cowgirl. Starting to think that maybe this lady needs to be in the running for spotlight scene too. As she has her mouth around his cock, he’s got his fingers in her pussy, working it over to see if he can get the water works going again. She bends over and after some face time, he slides in and gives her a few ass slaps while fucking her. And as he showers her face in cum, I think she is over her ex after all of this fun.