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Home Wrecker 4

  • Release date:
    December 4, 2012
  • Runtime:
    1h 56m
  • Cast:
    Erik Everhard|Vicki Chase

Genre: Feature

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Bibi Jones, Melanie Rios, Vicki Chase, Lea Lexis, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, Nacho Vidal, Toni Ribas

Length: 115 minutes

Date of Production: 7/11/2011

Extras: A very nice looking Blu-Ray DVD is provided in the case. The best segment is the Behind the Scenes footage. A nice looking photo gallery, slide show, several trailers, and web information round out this section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Home Wrecker 4 is a new feature film from the studio Digital Playground and talented director Robby D. The premise of this movie is about a woman played by Bibi Jones who rents a room from three guys. Her new roommates are Nacho Vidal, Erik Everhard, and Manuel Ferrara. I like this series where the main role changes from among their roster of Digital Playground contract girls. During this film, there are moments where Bibi looks quite similar to her fellow contract girl Kayden Kross. They could easily pass as sisters.
Scene One: After his night out, Erik Everhard brings his date back to his place. After Manuel gives Lea Lexis, who is wearing a colorful red mini dress, a nice compliment, Erik takes the pretty woman to the bedroom for some make out time. The blonde cutie removes her black heels on the bed. The two frisky people kiss briefly before Lea positions herself on top of him so that Erik can suck her tits. Next, the playful and giggly woman reaches into his pants to take out his meaty plaything. In the meantime, both of them are kissing. The heat level increases as soon as the hottie is licking his dick right before sucking it with good playfulness. Her bj pace increases suddenly. Afterwards, Erik rolls Lea onto her back and spreads her legs apart in order to suck her luscious pussy. His delivery makes her cum nicely as she breathes pretty heavily. I enjoy that Erik spends a good amount of time orally pleasuring the woman before any screwing activity occurs. When the fucking action does begin, the similar skin tones of his dick and her pussy make their screwing area look quite appealing. The sexual intensity rises significantly when the guy spoons her and Lea rubs her pussy for additional stimuli. His rapid fucking delivery continues throughout their fuck from behind and cowgirl moments where Lea moans with so much emotion. It's a huge turn-on to watch. I also enjoyed watching her off and on cocksucking behavior especially when she uses both hands to stroke his dick. Later, it's easy to notice that Erik loves to eat pussy as he really shoves his face into her snatch to taste every drop of her vaginal honey juice. As soon as their lengthy energizing doggie screw ends, the man cums on her butt.
Scene Two: On a very sex-filled night in their household, Bibi Jones and Manuel Ferrara make out on the couch. The tight camera shots of her face and chest are cool and hot as the guy is sucking on her clit with solid drive. Director Robby D. understands that guys want to see a pretty face and hot tits. Later, after a short kissing moment between the pair, Bibi does a swell job in applying solid effort into orally working out his sexual package. She also does a good job in stroking his dick while they kiss. Afterwards, Manuel places her on his manhood for some hot fucking action. During this part of their performance, their faces are squished together momentarily. When they are not as tightly connected, Manuel pumps her with increased motion. However, the personal chemistry between them heats up again when he spoons her and their faces are close together again. Later, Manuel really fucks her hard in this position as well as in the reverse cowgirl and doggie ones. In the meantime, Bibi's body continues to be showcased better as their scene progressed on. Finally, their hot scene ends with him cumming at her very receptive face.
Scene Three: Melanie Rios and Nacho Vidal are kissing in his bedroom. Seconds later, he takes out his dick for the very willing woman. Soon, the Latina beauty sucks it nicely. He fondles her ass momentarily as they resume their kissing activity. Next, he turns her around and shoves his face into her warm snatch before sticking his dick into her. The shots of her pussy are cool. Her pussy becomes pretty wet during the heated doggie action. The energy level remains pretty exciting with their missionary and cowgirl screws. I enjoyed watching the penile-vaginal screwing shots as Nacho kept fucking her. In the end, he pulls out from behind Melanie and cums on her wide open mouth. Overall, the sex is good since Melanie is a very sexy siren. I also like Nacho's stamina and how he works over his partner.

Scene Four: Vicki Chase and Nacho Vidal get back together. They make out in his room with some nice kissing moments. The camera does a good job in focusing on her body as the scene becomes steamy from their apparent chemistry. The blow job action looks sexy as Vicki applies nice affection on his dick. The close-up shots of her oral behavior also enhance this tone. It is also noticeable that the woman really does want to suck it with good effort and dedication. Afterwards, Nacho turns her around so that he can rub her snatch and stick his dick into her. As the fuck from behind action lingered on, the guy fucked her with more gusto. Then, the attractive Latina bounces on his lap for a lengthy amount of time. By now, the intensity level has risen immensely and Vicki's facial expressions during the doggie moments look quite emotional. Then, he pulls out and cums on her red ass.

Scene Five: Bibi Jones wants her guy Toni Ribas and her roommate Erik Everhard to fuck her before they head out for some delicious pizza. She immediately sucks Toni's cock before sharing her oral work with Erik's manhood. Later, Erik removes her white panties and eats her pussy as she continues to apply a solid cock suck on her fella. Some mouth fucking action by Erik follows before both men get to trade off the vaginal fucking duties. The energy level by the two men and the cocksucking woman is pretty heated throughout their performance. She does a fine job in stroking off Toni's dick into her wide open mouth. Moments later, Erik pulls out from the doggie position and cums on her cute butt.

Final Thoughts: This film has a good amount of hot sex spread out among it's five scenes. The men provide very heated pumping action as they give their beautiful partners solid workouts. Even though the sex is much better than the storyline, the plot is still a nice one that does it's job well. I can see that if and when Kayden Kross leaves the Digital Playground nest, Bibi Jones is the woman who could fill her role. I recommend this hot sex-filled film.


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