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  • Release date:
    April 17, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 15m
  • Cast:
    Rizzo Ford|Zarrah|Karmen Karma|Miss Genocide|Veruca James|Mr Pete|Anthony Rosano|Tommy Pistol|Danny Wylde

Burning Angel Entertainment
Directed by Joanna Angel
Date of Production:
Running Time: 2:15:19


Rizzo Ford
Karmen Karma
Miss Genocide
Veruca James
Mr Pete
Anthony Rosano
Tommy Pistol
Danny Wylde

Special Features:

Photo Gallery
Full Motion Chapter Menus

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Nothing sexier than a lady showing off her curves in some tight spandex, and with this collection of ladies, I have a feeling we are going to love them as much with the spandex on as when it’s off.  And with Joanna and Burning Angel bringing us this movie, I have a feeling we are going to knock a few fetishes off the list for most of you.

I can say that we started off on a good note with Rizzo, and that streak of good scenes continued with our Spotlight Scene of Karmen and Danny, followed by a solid scene with Veruca. But then something happened and we seemed to lose that momentum we had going from the beginning, and we left with scenes that had moments of good here and there. I still think there is some potential to be had with Zarrah, and I think that perhaps we just caught Miss Genocide on an off day. I will say that I am little surprised by the lack of special features on this one, Burning Angel is usually pretty about having a decent amount of extra stuff for you to enjoy, but all we get in this one, is a few trailers. But I would say that the good outweigh the bad and this one gets a RECOMMENDED rating from me. If you are fan of ladies in some tight spandex, this one’s for you, and throw in some sexy ladies with some nice tattoos and piercing, more than enough to make your pants stretch with excitement. Sorry I had to do that.

Rizzo and Anthony

And we are starting off with a somewhat local girl, Rizzo , wearing a tight black and purple outfit, and yes folks it really showcases her curves as she is on all four and teasing the camera. She slides open the top and let’s the boobs free, as Anthony comes in and gives her a few soft kisses on the neck as he slides his hands down the front of her outfit, before sucking and squeezing her tits. She bends over on the couch, as he gives her ass a few slaps, while teasing her pussy through her tight spandex. He reaches both hands down the back of her outifit, teasing her ass and pussy, before sliding them off and going in with his tongue and fingers. She falls to her knees and gives his balls some love as he jerks off for her, and then finally grabs on tight to his cock and  gives him some spit as she twists her hands and wraps her mouth around it. Some titty fucking follows, as it seems they are both into the spit play. After some nice oral skills, she bends over, as he slides into her pussy, wasting no time speeding up the thrusts. Some nice begging from Rizzo as she eggs him on to keep pounding her pussy. He lifts her up for some standing action, and as he lays on the couch, she slides right on top of his cock for some reverse cowgirl, as they both seem to fight for control of the action, he seems to take control as he grabs her neck and leans her back, and then seems to bring her to almost cumming as he strums her pussy. She crawls back and gives him a face full of her pussy and then it’s back to the reverse cowgirl pounding in her pussy. Some playful giggling from Rizzo in-between the moans of excitement. She ends up on her back, as he slides back inside her, for some ball slapping missionary along with some oral appreciation from Anthony, who is working up quite a sweat. You can throw in some more choking and even some toe sucking and feet slapping into the mix, wow we are covering a few fetishes in this one. He pulls out and leaves a little love in her mouth, but she’s not done showing her appreciation for his cock.

Karmen and Danny (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

This lady really reminds me of Andy San Dimas a little, so for those that are missing her, I offer this lady as a nice replacement. She is wearing some pink and black stripped tight spandex, showing off her perky little boob and a nice little booty. Which Danny is soon enjoying with his hands. He gropes and feels all over her body from behind, giving her tits and pussy some attention, and as she bends over in front of him, tests out the flexibility of her outfit as he gives us glimpses of her booty, before diving his face inside it. He slides off her top and we see her pierced nipples and then blindfolds her with her top as he teases her with his cock, before letting her mouth and the back of her throat get introduced. Some very nice oral work as she makes sure that every inch is getting some attention. Who knew that top was going to be used so much in this scene, as he shoves it in her mouth as a gag, while lifting her legs up and sliding off her tight spandex, and slides his cock outside her pussy, before finally sliding inside her, as we have more choking, which she likes. Perhaps someone has already cum in this scene? As her feet are wrapped up in her spandex, he slides up beside her for some spoon action as her top ends up back in her mouth, slightly muffling her moans. As she lays on her side, he continues to give her pussy a nice workout, as gets a little vocal in her appreciation. Some more oral appreciation from Karmen, and more action with her top, and then she climbs on top for some nice reverse cowgirl. She climbs off and swallows his man meat whole, getting it nice and wet and then climbs back on, and bounces her booty nicely for the camera, as he gives her ass a few slaps. Some nice energy from her as she takes control and shakes and grinds on his cock. He grabs on tight to her and takes control as he gives her some ball slapping pounding of her pussy. She gets a brief moment to catch her breath as she bends over, and awaits for him to slide back inside her pussy. Have to say this is turning out to be a pretty nice scene, perhaps spotlight scene worthy. He grabs her hair and leads her head back to his cock, as she applies some spit to her hand and grabs on tight with both hands, jerking him off, until he leaves a nice money shot on her face.

Veruca and Tommy

Another local girl, as she is wearing a skin tight black top and some tight and sexy pink and purple plaid pants. She runs her hands up and down her pants, giving us little glimpses of her pussy and ass. Tommy walks up behind her and continues to enjoy her ass and pussy covered in spandex, licking and biting her ass, as he slowly slides her tight bottoms down and up. Some very nice tease and foreplay from these two. He slides up her top and unleashes her boobs, as she grinds her ass in his crotch. He bends her over and dives his tongue in her ass, while fingering her pussy. She falls to her knees and smiles and licks her lips, and then swallows him whole, as he shoves his cock deep in her throat. Once again some nice oral work as she leaves his cock nice and wet from spit and gagging as she gets face fucked. Some brief oral love from Tommy, and then slides up next to her gives her pussy a nice pounding as his balls slap against her pussy. She climbs off and gets face fucked as he grabs on tight to her hair, and then she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, as she bounces on his cock. This position seems to bring out the best of these two, as Veruca takes control and rides his cock. She leans back and braces herself on his knees as he takes over. As she climbs off and is back to swallowing his cock, he slides her spandex over his cock, as he shoves it deep in her mouth . Nice use of the spandex in this movie. But I guess that should be expected in a themed movie like this. She climbs on and spreads her ass and she is back to riding him, as he plays with her tits. She leans forward as she gets both hands of fingers in her pussy and then slides his cock back inside her. She climbs off and spreads the spandex over her mouth as he spreads his load all over, and she licks it off with her tongue.

Zarrah and Mr Pete

I  believe I have seen this lady before, ahh yes the little bee tattoo by her ass. Yup, I remember that. Mr Pete walks in and it seems he is already at attention as she slides down his shorts and bob her head on his cock, along with some face fucking and ball cradling. She lays on her back and he applies some spit to his cock as he jerks off his cock with her feet, and then tells her to play with herself, as she slides her hand down her spandex. He flips her over and bends her over and inhales her ass through her spandex, then slides them down and shoves his fingers in her pussy. This lady is not lacking in the booty area, and you can really see that has he gives her ass a few slaps, while he face fucks her. He turns her around and bends her over as he slides into her pussy, followed by more finger banging. He lays beside her as he slides into her ass, as she lets out a few moans. If I remember correctly, the last time I saw this lady she was getting manhandled by two guys and even though you can tell she is new to the game, it was an ok scene. There seems to be something missing from this scene, we seem to be losing the momentum from the previous scenes. As she lays on her back, he spends some time in her pussy and ass, and then bends her over and is back to some anal action. We get some decent action as he mounts her and continues to dive his cock in her ass, getting her to cum for him. Pete seems to be drenched in sweat at this point. He lays her back and slides his fingers in her pussy as he works his magic fingers, getting her pussy wet for him. He pulls out and leaves a nice load on her face, as she gives his cock a few more sucks and swallows before we are done.

Miss Genocide and Anthony

And as we come down to the last scene of the movie, we have Miss Genocide in some tight pink spandex, showing off her moves on the pole, while giving us little teases of her body. Anthony seems to be impressed with her pole work and joins her on the stages, and gives her nipples some love as she backs her booty in his crotch. He shoves his hands down the front of her pants, getting the moans louder and more frequent. It seems this girl has a little junk in the truck and the spandex is doing a nice job of showing off her curves. Some spandex play as she wraps his head in the spandex as he plays with her pussy. He slides the spandex down and really dives in her ass, giving it some licks with his tongue, and a few hand slaps, which just makes her motor run even faster. She falls to her knees and grabs on tight, jerking him off, while making sure his balls and cock are nice and wet with some spit. She bends over, as he slides in from behind, grabbing her hair and neck, as she seems to enjoy the rough stuff. He teases her ass with a finger, while the doggy continues, and then followed up by more oral appreciation from Miss Genocide, followed by some nice reverse cowgirl, with some nice energy from Anthony. It seems at most time she is looking into the camera, which throws things off a bit for me. She shoves her pussy in his face, as she leans over and sucks on his cock, before they are back to some missionary, as she spreads her pussy for him. He makes her beg before sliding inside her ass, while she fingers her pussy a little. She must really like being choked, as his hand seems to end up around her throat for most of this scene. She climbs back on his cock and after some time in her pussy, she guides his cock back in her ass, and it’s back to bouncing on his cock. She lays back on the couch and applies some spit to her feet, as she massages his balls, before he slides back into her ass and after a few pumps, spreads his load on her shaved side of her head, that’s a new one.

For the ladies, be sure and stick around in the credits as Tommy dances and teases in the same outfit as Veruca was wearing.


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