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Cum Fiesta 18

  • Release date:
    March 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 26m
  • Cast:
    Veronica Rodriguez|Andrea|Lizzie Tucker|Honey Luau|Brittany Hart

Genre: Cumshots, Gonzo, Web-To-DVD

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Honey Luau, Andrea, Brittany Harper, Lizzie Rhodes, Brittany Hart, Veronica Rodriguez

Length: 3 hrs. 25 mins.

Date(s) of Production: 12/26/12

Release Year: 2013

Extras: Photo Gallery, Website Information, Cumshot Recap

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $22.99

Overview: Cum Fiesta Vol. 18 follows in the same vein as previous installments in the Reality Kings series—a collection of boy/ girl scenes that end with a sometimes-messy facial. Simple.

Scene 1 –Brittany Harper: (3/5) Brittany meets professional pussy pounder, Jay, at the door of an apartment overlooking a community pool. He ogles her for a while, comments on how sexy she looks and asks the brunette to do a twirl so that he can inspect the goods. Then, as is typical of the Cum Fiesta way, Brittany flashes her tits at the entrance before being welcomed onto the set. The indecent exposure on the part of our starlet and of every starlet who walks in on a Cum Fiesta set is a repeat requirement and part of a reoccurring theme; the starlet is prompted to give a password at the door and then, bam, she lets her puppies loose. After this asinine formality passes, Brittany tells Jay that she’s a Native American. He makes a stupid comment about how he read about her tribe in high school social studies; she gets naked, and then sucks his dick. From here the sex is pretty cut and dry. To her credit, Brittany is an attractive girl. She’s got a tight body, olive skin and a decent pair of cans. After the blowjob Jay helps the starlet out of her boots and then bangs her from behind. Then, Brittany awkwardly positions herself on two bar stools with Jay looming over her and giving it to her wheelbarrow style. Something we get interlaced throughout this scene is a POV camera angle. Whether it’s Brittany on her knees sucking pipe or getting plowed, this brand of camerawork works itself in, and gets two thumbs up. Now, back to this chick on the barstools. What I found funny about this sequence is the uncertainty of whether or not Brittany will lose her balance and come crashing down on the tile below her. It must have been a concern for the film crew and was nothing short of comical. But there you go, there’s some cowgirl fucking on a white couch and then Jay blasts a tiny load across Brittany’s maw. Pretty standard stuff, really.

Scene 2 –Andrea: (3/5) Andrea came to party and is down to fuck. She shows up sans bra and is wearing a pink flowing top that’s cut low in the middle, making accidental nip slips an absolute certainty. She’s asked a couple of questions, including whether or not she masturbates, and after she’s down to just her heels and panties, she puts on a demonstration. Afterward some guy shows up to play with Andrea’s pussy and lick her nipples. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, as moments later the starlet’s partner is ravenously eating tuna taco. The longhaired brunette sucks dick well, and then is tossed on a leg rest with her back arched and her head awkwardly touching the ground. Seconds into getting plowed, her face turns read as it becomes clear that a good deal of blood is rushing to her skull. What’s with this flick and its tendency of putting its talent in uncomfortable sex positions? But whatever, Andrea is a trooper and decides to ride her partner’s cock for a while and goes from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl effortlessly. While getting dicked doggy style it becomes clear that Andrea’s two favorite utterances are ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ and that’s all you hear from her throughout this scene. It gets a tad bit annoying, but the sex here is good, so you can’t fault the performers on that. The vignette ends with a string of cum shot allover Andrea’s mouth.

Scene 3 –Lizzie Rhodes: (3/5) Lizzie is a cute shorthaired brunette who shows up wearing a pink tank top, a pair of blue jeans and open toe heels. She gradually gets undressed and eventually finds herself sitting on a kitchen countertop with her legs spread wide. Lizzie’s pussy gets eaten out and in turn the starlet gets her face fucked. Next, the stud grabs Lizzie’s ankles, pushes her legs apart and gives it to her hard while the starlet is sprawled on the shiny countertop. There’s some doggie, the two give an enthusiastic romp on the floor, where the brunette rides her partner’s cock and it all ends with her face getting positively pasted with a dollop of sperm sauce. Not a bad scene.

Scene 4 –Brittany Hart: (3/5) Brittany shows up at the apartment wearing a skimpy red dress. She’s a short curvy girl with dirty blonde hair and proves to be very talkative. When asked why she decided to visit the set she says,Well, I heard that there’s a lot of sucking and fucking, actually and I really just want to get freaky.” And that’s just what she does. She talks dirty, sucks dick like a champ and after kicking back and taking off her animal print panties she’s poked, prodded and given it raw. Riding cowgirl, we get to see Brittany’s round ass as it jiggles with every thrust, and after a little doggie, her partner throws her on her back and bangs her in the wheelbarrow position—where it’s feet to the sky. At the end, Brittany’s breathing heavily, her partner pulls out, stands over her and drops a load. Pretty good.

Scene 5 –Honey Luau: (4/5) Upon arriving at the apartment our starlet introduces herself as Jessica, but is credited as Honey Luau. Whatever her name is, there’s no denying that this chick is awesome. She appears to be a Latina with nice bronze skin, a set of killer titties and a slamming ass. Right off the bat Honey says, rather blatantly, that she likes getting facials and the crew is loving it. After stripping down she briefly plays with herself and once she ditches her yellow cotton panties the fun begins. Things kick off with Honey’s partner making his entrance and immediately playing with the starlet’s pussy. Next, there’s a blowjob sequence that switches to a POV view halfway in, and it’s here that Honey shines. It’s great to watch this chick give head; she manages to slide most of her partner’s cock down her throat and knows how to use her hands. Afterward, she rides her partner hard and things peter out with some doggie before the stud drops some jizz on Honey’s face. I should also mention that Honey is this DVDs featured cover girl, an honor that is well deserved.

Scene 6 –Veronica Rodriguez: (4/5) Veronica, or Barbie, as she calls herself, is a longhaired 19-year-old girl from Venezuela. She’s got a small perky rack, a little round ass and a very sunny disposition. This starlet really wants to be on the set, is incredibly cheery and gives a very enthusiastic performance. Her partner is Jay, who we first met at the beginning of the movie, and he’s got a sizeable dick, which at times appears to be a little too much for Veronica to handle being that she’s rather petite. But, she puts up a good fuck, sucks dick like a lollipop, nibbles on nutsack and really gets into the sex. Jay gives it to her slow at first, kind of easing it into to her tight snatch before getting rough with her, and Veronica is super into it while she rides him in the cowgirl position. Proving his athleticism, Jay stands up cradling Veronica in his arms while her arms are wrapped around his neck and goes at it. This is no easy feat, but we’re in the presence of a true pussy professional here. Ultimately, our starlet is tossed around like a ragdoll, folded into variety of interesting sex positions and following some doggie; Jay deposits the contents of his ball bag on the starlet’s face. This was a great scene overall.

Final Summation: Cum Fiesta Vol. 18 was a decent flick. When discussing the cast, the level of attractiveness of the featured talent varies from starlet to starlet, but rest assured, they’re all put together pretty well and most of them are fit. The one complaint I have is that this film suffers from a sometimes-shaky camera, with some filmed portions appearing out of focus and there are also a few audio issues. Despite this, the sex in this installment of Cum Fiesta was good. Nothing felt forced, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the overall vibe was undeniably playful. Having said that, Cum Fiesta Vol. 18 comes recommended.



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