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White Mommas 4

  • Release date:
    April 10, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 47m
  • Cast:
    Kimberly Kane|Tory Lane|Alana Evans|L.T. Turner|Nikki Sexx|Veronica Avluv


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White Mommas 4

Elegant Angel/LT Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo, Interracial, Anal, MILF

Director: LT Turner

Cast: Veronica Avluv, LT Turner, Tory Lane, Kimberly Kane, Alana Evans, Nikki Sexx

Length: 170:41 minutes

Date of Production: 3/9/2013


Extras: The best extra for most people will be the scene from White Mommas 3 starring Holly Halston described below. It lasted 36:00 minutes and while not the best of the bunch, it was indeed a good scene overall. The next best extra was the 11:57 minute Behind the Scenes feature (some nudity and sex included along with a bit of interview material to show off the ladies, Diana DeVoe making a cameo appearance too!). The other extras were the standard package of a photogallery, website info, a pop shot recap, and spam.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: White Mommas 4 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director LT Turner for Elegant Angel. The lighting was even and plentiful, helping capture the contrast between LT’s darker skin and the lighter skin tones of the ladies. The editing appeared to be very careful in most cases, the lack of many abrupt cuts and transitions keeping it in the background as I watched the movie. The overall visual elements of the movie were quite well done, something typical of all company releases from Elegant. Michael Cates handled editing, the seasoned professional enhancing the final product with his participation, Rusty Lenz providing the smooth camera work fans of the director have appreciated. The aural components of the movie were less impressive but this holds true of most gonzo productions, the vocals easy to hear and the music a step above the norm. There was nothing overly inspiring in this regard though, a few of the ladies able to pour on the dirty talk believably but others making the same repetitive noises that no one sober will mistake for a gal having fun. The only music credit was for Vanbeats.com, not much to say on the subject otherwise.


Body of Review: LT Turner is currently the director Elegant Angel known far and wide for his interracial titles. His latest movie is called White Mommas 4, including all the usual interracial exploits he is known for but adding in the idea that curvy and experienced ladies are great bed buddies. The ladies all did anal here, the inclusion of a great cast of women such as Alana Evans, Nikki Sexx, Kimberly Kane, Veronica Avluv, and Tory Lane each giving up the ass so very well. The results were surprisingly strong this time, not just because the wonderful casting though I’m sure that had a lot to do with it, the movie even surpassing a recent release by another company that I was sure would be better (it wasn’t). Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Veronica Avluv, the top notch brunette featured on the front cover, was up first with LT Turner, the man coming in for his appointment. She was his shrink but he was too uptight to benefit from her care, his fixation with animals trumped only by his love of “older women”. Veronica decided the best therapy would be a new kind of treatment that involved her stripping down to some revealing lingerie, her curvy figure hot enough to inspire the man considerably as she continued to strip. He opened his eyes to see she was straddling his face, her pussy then rubbing against his mouth as he gobbled her gash, the gal slobbing his knob before they engaged in some active riding positions beginning with vaginal but including anal before too long. There was additional oral provided here and she displayed a great deal of enthusiasm as well as energy (Veronica even letting loose her juice as she got off). I liked her passion and their chemistry, the resulting nut of genetic juice coming in the form of a believable anal creampie, his baby batter oozing out of her perfect pucker before too long. The company website described the scene like this: “Veronica Avluv is a psychiatrist with a problem, in this 33 minute scene. Her patient can't seem to relax on her couch. He's way too high strung for these sessions to be productive... but leave it to a hot White Momma to put him at ease! She'll make him relax... by stripping down to her see-through underwear and sitting on his face! Don't ask how much he's paying per hour... just ask yourself how that tight pussy can take this interracial reaming, and how anal with that ass must feel!”


Scene Two: Tory Lane, a curvy woman long known as an extreme queen in porn, was up next as a nurse in lust with the pecker of LT Turner, the gal changing into a skimpy outfit to suit both their needs. She showed off her goods in the examination room and quickly gave him a passionate, sloppy hummer, throating him with practiced ease and some hand to gland combat before she spread her legs for him to admire her juicy ass. He rimmed her and gave her a few swats but he was more interested in tapping her ass as he went straight to anal. Tory poured on the vocals a bit much but she pushed back to meet his thrusts and rubbed herself into an orgasm, providing some inspirational dirty talk along the way too. Tory gave his cock a lot of oral between positions too, the ATM and eye contact enhancing her powerful penetration positions, resulting in her draining his balls as she took his population pudding all over her face in spirited fashion. The company website described the scene like this: “Tory Lane rips off her scrubs and checks her patient's vigor the old fashioned way, in this 29 minute doctor's office visit from White Mommas. If you've ever wished a hot healer would make a move in the exam room, this is your fantasy come true - especially if you're a black man who loves horny white sluts! A sexy nurse like Tory can get fucked in the ass any time she wants... in this video, that's just about non-stop!”


Scene Three: Kimberly Kane, a brunette known as much for her feature efforts as her gonzo works, was up next as she masturbated anally on a bed, shoving a black vibrator up her ass and rubbing it around to get off. LT Turner then interrupted her so she got dressed in a tight green skirt and loose black top, her tax preparation service getting expensive so they worked out a deal based on the size of his cock. She unbuttoned her shirt and started caressing her boobs, Kimberly taking him by the hand to lead him to the sitting area where she stripped so he could fuck her in the ass. Her panties had a large opening where he cheeks were, making it easy for him to rim as he stuffed his face between the silky smooth flesh, the two hitting it off really well in a bold display of chemistry. In turn, she aggressively blew him and maintained superior eye contact, throating him noisily as the sloppy head readied him for various positions of penetrative sex. Kimberly was another that liked to go straight to the anal, LT plunging deep inside of her as she held her ass apart for him to go balls deep, her fleshy ass looking greatest when she was actively impaling herself on him in cowgirl. There was some taste testing but LT was determined to glaze her face with spunk, nailing her in the eye with a massive load. The company website described the scene like this: “Kimberly Kane woke up in the mood for anal. She's got to run errands and meet clients, but she spends the whole day distracted, thinking about her morning, when she laid in bed and fucked herself in the ass with her toys... and how badly she wanted that to go on all day. When she meets L.T. the temptation is too much, and she throws herself at him - and gets massive interracial anal. She won't let him stop fucking her until his cumshot's all over her face!”


Scene Four: Alana Evans, a curvy blond bombshell that I have adored for years, was up next in an abandoned restaurant (once Diana DeVoe left in a huff) as she placed her order with waiter LT Turner. He rushed her since they were going to close, her nipples poking through her light green tank top as she continued to eye him like a piece of meat. He brought her a vegetarian dish but she wanted meat, her roaming hands caressing his pants to have the intended effect. He locked the door and she directed him over to the black leather couch, her short skirt lifted up to reveal just how tasty her ass has become of late as her skimpy panties rode deep inside her slice of heaven. She helped him drop his pants and gave him a wonderful hummer, the look of sheer enjoyment on her face elevating the replay value and strokability of the scene considerably. Her wet pussy then slide onto his turgid pecker, the gal as active a vaginal rider as I have seen in awhile, her need for cock in her ass moving them to do anal as well. It ended as she nibbled on his nuts orally while he beat his meat for the facial, his splooge glazing the lady to her delight as she sucked him clean and licked up his seed. The company website described the scene like this: “Alana Evans is the last customer at the restaurant, so the service is top-notch... but as good as the menu looks, she just can't decide... more like, she can't stop fantasizing about her server! She finally shows him what she wants by groping his crotch, in this 26 minute hardcore scene. Get ready for one aggressive blonde MILF to be banged in the butt - once she whets his interest with her mouth and pussy, this curvy slut proves to be one anal customer!”


Scene Five: Nikki Sexx, a curvy babe with a love of big black cock, was up last with LT Turner as she drove past him while he was having car troubles. She pulled over to assist him and gave him a ride home up the street, his desire to use her phone resulting in a single stipulation; that if he wanted to use her phone, he had to have sex with her. Nikki wore a tight blue shirt and even tighter black skirt, her bikini undies getting juicy really quickly before he peeled them off to gobble her gash. Her shaved beaver looked most inviting as she spread her legs, his tongue roaming to her perfect pucker as she held the back of his head, the gal bending over to let him plow her fertile pussy as he gave her some swats on her ass as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. Nikki was great at providing dirty talk, her mouth also giving some taste testing oral between positions. Her eye contact and enthusiasm for him was nicely played too as she serviced him in lusty fashion, her throating oral pushing him over the limit as he rewarded her with a sizable amount of ball batter, her face completely glazed by the end of the day. The company website described the scene like this: “Nikki Sexx puts a sexy spin on being the neighborly Samaritan, when she spots L.T. having car trouble by the side of the road. She picks him up, takes him back to her place, and shows him a good time, in this 41 minute hardcore scene. This blonde MILF takes his mind off his car trouble by spreading her legs and letting him lick her pussy, fuck her silly, and even drill her into next week with some deep, thick anal!”


Bonus Scene: White Mommas 3: Holly Halston, the curvy bleach blond featured on the front cover (of the original movie), was up first as she waited for LT Turner in the kitchen in order to do her first interracial scene. As a MILF, she has dodged the black man for too long according to some, her level of experience far greater than many of her younger peers so she wanted to get with the program. Her black dress rode up easily on the counter, revealing her sheer black panties for LT to shove aside in order to gain oral access to her pussy and ass, Holly going overboard in her vocal comments. He then played with her titties and she blew him aggressively, coating his rod and balls in saliva before they started banging both vaginally and anally. She did a decent job of riding his pecker and engaging in taste testing, eventually taking his wad of genetic juice to her face and mouth.

Summary: White Mommas 4 by director LT Turner for Elegant Angel was a set of five heated scenes showing interracial action by attractive ladies, the degree of chemistry and attraction not varying much but still well enough above average in terms of strokability, replay value, and technical expertise that it merited a rating of Highly Recommended for me, the belief that curves and experience make for better lovers being no surprise to me. In short, White Mommas 4 was an asstastic release starring some of the best anal activists in the entire industry, the belief that casting is the most important facet of a porn movie certainly getting some support here. While I adored Alana Evans in her scene and Kimberly Kane is always ready for some rump ranger riding, Veronica Avluv earned her cover spot and Nikki and Tory was as smoking hot as ever so check this one out!


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