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Under Contract: Devon

  • Release date:
    December 8, 2003

Under Contract: Devon


Genre: Compilation, Devon

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Devon, Dillion Day, Billy Glide, Inari Vachs, James Bonn, Mark Davis, Randy Spears, Evan Stone, Ian Daniels, Steve Hatcher, Eric Price

Length: 111 minutes

Date of Production: 7/03 (compilation only-the scenes were mostly from 1999, 2000)

Extra's: 3 bonus scenes, Behind the Scenes featurette for Hansel & Gretel, photogallery, trailers, double sided dvd cover

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color and varied a bit but looked pretty solid compared to similar Vivid compilations of late. There was some grain and other minor flaws but the overall quality of the scenes was good and this helped make me enjoy the show. The audio was presented in stereo English with minimal separation between the channels. Devon's moans and groans were clear though and that's what I wanted to hear from it.

Body of Review: Those familiar with Devon will know that she was a Vivid contract performer long before Digital Playground swept her up to make movies like Rush. While she was there, primarily between 1999 and 2000, she made a number of solid sex scenes with a host of the usual suspects, often times generating some real heat. In the latest Vivid compilation, Under Contract: Devon, I got to watch ten scenes of her having sex with a variety of people and another 3 in the extras section. That's not bad considering her current popularity. In any case, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast, movie the scene came from, and director:

Scene One: Sex Sells: D-Dyanna Lauren: Devon, the busty young blonde on the dvd cover, and Dillion, the studly dude that has bragging rights to a great many sexual conquests, had an oral with straight scene on a counter top of a table with lots of Vivid logos in the background.

Scene Two: Barfly: Michael Raven: Here's what I said when I initially reviewed it months ago: "Devon, the large implanted blonde from the dvd cover, and Billy, super stud, did the deed in a bathroom. Yeah, there was a condom used (it's a fact of life at most of the high end companies) but the action was pretty warm for Devon fans. Oral and straight only though-as expected."

Scene Three: Three: D-Ralph Parfait: Devon, Inari, and James, all had a scene in a bathtub after the gals warmed each other up a bit.. The action was mostly with Inari and was way too short for my tastes but it was worth a look or two.

Scene Four: Commercial World: D-Dyanna Lauren: Devon and Mark had a longer scene on a bed that included a lot more foreplay than usual before the oral and straight sex. The two were playful and the scene was well made.

Scene Five: For Love Or Money: D-Ren Savant: Devon and Randy had a scene in a janitors closet. The scene was probably the shortest of the whole movie with very little penetration and a moderate amount of oral sex. Her vocal moaning and groaning added some fun but again, it was too short in length (not Randy though).

Scene Six: Nice Neighbors: D-David Stanley: Devon and Mark were back at it in this scene where the two enjoyed more fun. I think they had some chemistry together and while the sex was fairly straightforward, it was very warm.

Scene Seven: Picture This: D-Dyanna Lauren: Devon and Evan had a fairly lengthy scene this time with her going at him like a drowning man grabbing for a life preserver. The picture was exceptionally clear here and that added to the fun. I only wish she had added so enthusiastic in all of her movies.

Scene Eight: If Looks Could Kill: D-Dyanna Lauren: Devon took on Ian and Steve this time while outdoors. I was kind of curious why Steve was listed as Randy Spears on the opening scene credits but mistakes happen. In any case, it wasn't a bad scene although I'm sure some of her fans (not this one) would've liked to see a DP.

Scene Nine: Room Servicing: D-Jim Enright: Devon and Randy (someone making this compilation must like Randy) had a scene on a couch. The scene was another erotic one although she glowed with a sheen of sweat towards the end and her doggie position sex gave me a rise. She has always had a sweet looking ass (and I'm not afraid to admit it).

Scene Ten: Eye's Gift: D-David Stanley: Devon and Eric had a scene where he got her as a Christmas gift in bed (wrapped in Christmas paper and everything). While I bet he was either thinking of Jill Kelly or some guy he'd rather be having sex with, Eric did a good job in the scene with her. The camera angles and lighting were weaker than the other scenes but not so bad I'd skip the scene.

Summary: I generally prefer to see the lovely young Devon in features like No Limits or Rush but seeing her older scenes, before the level of superstardom she has achieved, likely in part because of these very scenes made while at Vivid, really worked wonders for this fan. I'm rating it as Highly Recommended for any fans of hers that want to see a lot of Devon sex for a decent price.


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