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Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Female Ejaculation

  • Release date:
    August 15, 2012
  • Runtime:
    1h 45m
  • Cast:
    Jada Fire |Kaci Starr|Kylie Worthy|Tristan Taormino|Dylan Ryan|Christian XXX |Derrick Pierce|Mr. Marcus|Anthony Rosano

It's pretty surprising that a DVD about female ejaculation has so little to say on the subject. In fact the Female Ejaculation Workshop only lasts for about twenty minutes and even before that, the information begins to get repetitive and redundant quite blatantly. One performer explains on how he thought he was peed on during sex, and then ten iminutes later he laughs about how he thought he was being peed on during sex. Ms. Toarmino explains that the vagina swells before orgasm, and then ten minutes later explains it all over again. One of the women explain how she felt as if she had to pee, and then once again explains that she felt the urge to pee fifteen minutes in to the seminar. There isn't too much here we can learn beyond the simple hand methods and what works for the performers. I really wanted to learn more about the female orgasm, and what can also work beyond missionary and anal.

I also wanted to know if consuming the fluid was at all healthy. I mean sure it is bodily fluid at the end of the day, just like spit and urine and those tend to be unhealthy. How much pressure can a vagina take? How much punishment can a vagina take? How many orgasms can a woman have successfully? And why can a woman have many orgasms that last twenty seconds, while men can only have one orgasm six hours apart lasting ten seconds? Where is the evolutionary advantage in that? In either case, much of what Toarmino has to say is interesting, but by the last five minutes it's clear there's nothing left, so there's just a repeat of stories and anecdots. I thought the DVD was on an accidental loop at one point. And I'm not sure why one performer explaining she likes being whispered to in spanish helped us understand the female ejaculatory process.

The insanely sexy Kaci and her partner Anthony offer up their own variation on the means of making a woman orgasm, as they initiate sex between them that begins with eating out the pussy before engaging in penetration. Even though these segments are rushed out, much like these sex instructional videos, I would have liked to see some narration from Taormino on how these two are approaching sexual stimulation and why this stimulation works for Kaci. I also would have loved some insight in to how Kaci is able to get an orgasm and what stimulated the vagina to cause the orgasm. Instead it feels like a smattering of porn segments that kind of invalidate Tristan's own teachings by keeping us from really knowing what is going on and how to re-enact what we're watching. Granted, the segment between Kaci and Anthony is hot, but how do I make a woman like Kaci squirt? That's something Toarmino keeps from the audience.

Well this is more like it. Dylan Ryan and Mr. Marcus speak in great detail about orgasms, and sexual experiences, not to mention what it's like fucking one another. Dylan talks about how she always had difficulty orgasming throughout her life, and how porn affected her ability to pleasure herself. She also talks about a particular sex toy that, in inflicted on her, would make her squirt beyond comprehension. The segment between Dylan and Mr. Marcus is interesting. Dylan isn't exactly my type of woman but she does handle herself well with Mr. Marcus, giving him the free reign of the goods, and he is able to stimulate her in to full orgasm mid-way. Most of their segment isn't so much about fucking as it is Mr. Marcus demonstrating the methods taught in the beginning of the DVD. He uses the come hither fingers to bring Dylan to orgasmic glee, and it works in ways that make her writhe and moan.

Kylie Worthy and Derrick Pierce pick up where Ryan and Marcus left off explaining the orgasm experience and what it means to both of them. Pierce explains what it felt like to feel the massive squirt from Worthy the first time, and Worthy explains what the body feels like when it's about to ejaculate. She says her vagina tenses up and she sometimes feels very cold afterward. She also emphasizes the explanation from Taorino that before the ultimate ejaculation, you;'ll hear a squishing noise during pumping and humping that will lead in to the orgasm ultimately. Worthy explains, as Toarmino did, for emphasis, that when a woman squirts it's by no means urine, nor does it have anything to do with the urinary function. Ejaculating actually suppresses the woman's need to urinate during sex. Worthy and Pierce have a great fuck session together as Worthy shows off her ability to pour when she's ejaculating, and it's a good show for anyone who wants a squirt example.

Fire is the best looking out of the four women, next to Kac, and looks damn good clothed or naked. She's one of the few porn stars I could still be aroused by even if she were wearing a turtle neck and sweat pants. In either case, Fire was very well known for her ability to spray in her own titles, and she shows it off with performer Christian. Jada Fire explains her ability to spray and what she assumed was a body malfunction in the beginning, with much laughter. Many of the women assume in this DVD that there was something wrong with them the first time they ejaculated, and then express how amazing it feels to let it loose once the sensation arises during sex. Fire and Christian are the most in synch of the couples, showing how they work off of one another, and Fire is given a great deal of squirting thanks to Christian. There's also the display of sex toys for most of the segments which show audiences that there's no shame in using an apparatus to help the woman reach satisfaction.

The audio tends to be uneven in some parts. During the interviews, there's mostly a balance problem that makes it impossible to hear without turning up the volume, and once the fucking begins, the volume is way too loud and has to be dialed down a bit. Otherwise, the video is great and there are some really good moments of fucking enhanced by the clarity of the picture.

As with most of these DVD's there's a segment about having sex the safe way with condoms and birth control, as well as consulting your partner about preventing STD's, and there's a segment for women about Kegel exercises which allows them to control their vaginal muscles and help them induce the sensation of orgasms with practice over time.

Though the DVD does have some interesting nuggets to share about the female orgasm, there isn't much material here for couples to work with or use for their own sexual habits. After twenty minutes Tristan Toarmino and her friends run out of lessons to teach and just start repeating themselves, and the segments don't really add much insight to the process of female ejaculation. What works for porn star may not work fo the average couple. It's a Rent It at best.


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