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Touch of Spice

  • Release date:
    December 14, 2012
  • Runtime:
    1h 56m
  • Cast:
    David Perry|James Brossman|Mira Sunset|Lana|Matt Bird|Mira|Kitty Cat|Nicole Evans|Cipriana Schroeder|Kitty Kat

Genre: Vignette

Director: Hugo Boss

Cast: Viktoria Diamond, Kitty Kat, Mira, Lana, Cipriana, David Perry, James Brossman, Matt Bird

Length: 115 minutes

Extras: Trailers

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Touch of Spice is a very effective couples oriented production that has a good amount of personal sex scenes. Many of the pairings look and act like real couples. Their chemistry provides a great deal of the personal tone of their sex scenes. Mega European star Viktoria Diamond leads a fine cast of hot Euro-female performers. I am very pleased with Viv Thomas' distribution deal with Girlfriends Films. Their films will have more exposure to fans especially to those who enjoy sensual and erotic girl on girl action or in this case, personal boy-girl performances.

Scene One: In a scene titled Food of Love: "Kitchen Sex," Lana is in the kitchen cutting some fruit. Suddenly, her man Matt Bird walks up behind her and wraps his arms around the woman. She is quite pleased that he is there. He fondles her body a bit before she turns around to face him. Her fella is very pleased with her hot body as her shirt is open. They start to kiss as Lana's left leg brushes against him. I really enjoyed the long shot view of the camera work as both performers are beautiful to look at. Some kissing play occurs when they suck on a piece of fruit. His now juicy mouth begins to suck on her tits. Thus far, I enjoy their chemistry. Lana gets very turned on while Matt is sucking her right nipple. Next, the pretty blonde rubs her ass on his groin while Matt rubs her pussy from underneath her black panties. He resumes his titty sucking activity and then, kisses his way down her striking body until he reaches her passion zone. At this point, Matt sucks on her vaginal passion fruit. It becomes more focused and determined when Lana is sitting on top of the countertop. The hottie moans with solid emotion throughout the fingerfucking and pussy eating moments. At some point, Lana is standing on the floor while her man continues to orally and manually pleasure her tasty honeycomb. Some kissing activity occurs. I would had liked to have seen more of it though. Later on, the beauty squats down to suck Matt's cock. A nice looking 69 follows with Lana on top. I like how Matt caresses her hips and ass in an affectionate manner. The screwing activity occurs next as we get a series of sexual positions. The reverse cowgirl ride was very quick. The cowgirl moments were lengthier and hotter with a quicker pace. Matt pumps her with a very fast delivery. As their scene progressed on, the viewer will enjoy it much as Lana's beauty is a constant turn-on. Who would not get hard watching a gorgeous woman get screwed? I thought so! Matt's solid fucking motion continues with the spoonful of pleasure moments. Afterwards, it was nice to see some creativity as Lana is on standing on her knees while Matt fucks her from behind. Their missionary screw with some good kissing action ends their enjoyable performance as he cums on her body.

Scene Two: Birtyhday Blow Job. Cipriana and James Brossman are celebrating his birthday. He has reserved a table at the restaurant. However, his lady has other plans instead. It's important to note that this scene has subtitles since both of them are speaking in Hungarian (I think). The attractive brunette gets down on her knees and applies a nice bj on her man. I enjoy that the couple kiss at times in between her oral work. As to the bj work, Cipriana does a good job sucking and handstroking his manhood with solid energy. Later, he sets her on a table as they continue their kissing activity. Moments later, he goes down to eat her pussy. She immediately gets off from it. James is a very thorough pussy eater. The vaginal screwing activity is pleasurable and it picks up the pace with each sexual position. In the end, Cipriana is laying on her back on the white sofa while her fella shoots his load on her body.

Scene Three: In Sex: Porn Style, Mira is laying in bed in her white undergarments when David Perry crawls next to her. He paws her body and they kiss. Some foot worship activity occurs when the man sucks her toes and caresses her leg. A more personal tone occurs as soon as Mira lays on her stomach while her guy runs a feather along her sexy bod. The steam factor simmers nicely. It's cool watching Mira get turned on by David's behavior. Later, he is seen eating her snatch. More importantly, I like watching him caress his lady's body. However, the pace picks up when David sucks on her titties. The chemistry between Mira and David is good, however it does not feel as personal as it was at the beginning. It's important to note that the intention of this scene is not to be highly personal since the tone is suppose to reflect a porn one. They succeeded at it with some personal moments here and there. The spooning action was my favorite fucking moment. A very rough pussy rub and fuck were highly enjoyable too. Finally, David cums on her body while she is laying on her back.

Scene Four: In First Anal Experience, Kitty Kat and Matt Bird enter their bedroom and fool around on the bed. The attractive couple's dialogue is foreign so we get subtitles. Their comments shift to anal sex. The woman has never had it. Her fella tries to convince her to do it. As they continue to make out, Matt begins to finger her asshole. Afterwards, the focus shifts to her pussy where he eats and fingers it. Then, the man mishes Kitty. During this session, the chemistry between she and Matt feels steamy especially the anal moments. The viewer can sense Matt's awareness of his lovely partner. The anal action moves onto the reverse cowgirl ride. Kitty looks very cute throughout this scene. His fucking motion becomes quicker while Kitty is laying on her stomach. He eventually pulls out of her and cums on her back.

Scene Five: In Gagging for It..., Viktoria Diamond sits beside her man James Brossman on the sofa. She tries to come on to him, but he does not want any part of her. When he leaves the room, she follows him in a few seconds afterwards. The pretty blonde climbs onto their bed and kisses him. He still refuses to want her. The persistent woman never gives up as she unbuttons his shirt and kisses his hairy chest. When she starts taking out his dick and sucking it deeply while gagging on it, James becomes more receptive to his lady. In the meantime, Viktoria's gagging sounds sound cool. As she continues to do it, the scene feels more personal. His dick becomes so wet. I was getting very turned on. The hottie sits on his face a bit before the hot fucking activity begins. The spoonful of pleasure and very hot missionary screwing moments are really exciting. Their passionate kissing and eye contact are turn-ons. She eventually sucks him off.

Final Thoughts: This film is a very nice treat to those viewers who enjoy watching a man and woman have sex with feeling. These performers act as if they are couples in real life. It's very believable. The best scenes are the ones with Lana and Viktoria Diamond. I can watch them many times and continue to get so turned on by them. The scenes where the stars are speaking in a foreign language give the entire production a refreshing change to the usual English speaking flicks. Women who speak in another language can be sexy especially when they are not really trying to be. As to the anal action with Kitty Kat, her partner's gentle fucking delivery was appealing. This good film is a recommended one.


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