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Planting Seeds 3

  • Release date:
    March 29, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 17m
  • Cast:
    Anikka Albrite|Dani Daniels|Mick Blue|Luna Star|Erik Everhard|Cindy Starfall|Christy Mack|Toni Ribas|Mr. Pete

Planting Seeds #3
Smash Pictures
Directed by Mick Blue
Date of Production: 1/31, 2/17, 2/19/13
Running Time: 2:16:29


Annika Albrite
Dani Daniels
Christy Mack
Luna Star
Cindy Starfall
Erik Everhard
Toni Ribas
Mr Pete
Mick Blue

Special Features:

2 Story Lines: Dialogue or All Sex (1:42:04)
Interactive Menus
Behind the Scenes: 18:58
Photo Slide Show
Sneak Previews: 8
Shot in HD
Pick a Position

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

In the third edition of this popular creampie series, 5 of the sexiest stars in the industry get their pussies pumped full of cum. Annika is fucked hard and filled with cum for your viewing pleasure. Cindy has her sweet pussy planted with cream. DanI takes a hot load in her tight hole. Luna is fucked and filled with cum. Christy is packed with cock and gets a gooey gift delivered deep in her pussy. 100% real creampies!

After watching a movie filled with face fucking and girls being covered in cum, we are switching things up a bit this time, as we are back to some fucking, but this time, the cum stays inside her.

I checked to see if someone else had reviewed this one already, and I see it’s been awhile since the previous edition of this came out, 2005. Not sure if that is a good sign or not.

Well I can say that after the long break, I can say that definitely got my attention with this one. We had the intense scene with Dani and Erik to start us off, followed by some decent scenes from Annika and Christy, but then got to see a different kind of intensity from Cindy, and that seemed to carry over nicely with the final scene with Luna, although it ended rather quickly. But still a decent flick and worthy of a RECOMMENDED rating from me.


If there isn’t some heat and chemistry between these two, then something is a miss in the force. She looks lovely in her pink outfit, and as she teases the camera, we get a slight glimpse of her bush, along with some booty shaking when she turns around. She continues to show off her lovely curves for the camera, and as she leans up against the mirror we get two of her to enjoy. She gives her pussy some attention as the panties come off, and as she is bent over, he slides in and goes right for the ass, giving it a few licks and smacks. She turns around and goes for his cock, giving it some soft and gentle swallows and licks with her tongue. He speeds things up with some face fucking, and then as she leans back, he slides in her pussy and she begs and pleads while he fucks her. There is always lots of emotion from Dani in her scenes and that holds even more true when she is working with her man. He pins her legs back and mounts her pussy for more fun, as Dani slides a finger in her ass. He dives into her pussy and gets her almost silent from excitement and then she is back to showing her oral appreciation to his cock, then quickly hops on for some very energetic cowgirl, as the ass slaps continue. She grinds and bounces the booty nicely as she rides his cock, and like I said, some very nice energy and chemistry between these two. She flips around and continues to ride him, and then leans back and lets him take control, driving her crazy with a little added finger help. She bends over in front of him and after teasing her with his cock, he slides back into her pussy, and continues to give it a nice workout. She continues to beg for him not to stop and he speeds things up, while he inserts a finger in her ass, perhaps anal is coming soon this year? They continue with some spoon action, followed by him mounting her from behind and then she turns around and begs for him to cum inside her, and after some more pussy pounding, he plants his seed in her pussy and leaves a nice trail out of her pussy. She reaches back and shoves the cum in her pussy and licks up what is left off her fingers.


The booty full Annika is up next, wearing a sexy black swimsuit, which of course, just enhances that booty even more. She shakes it for the camera, as her long blond hair waves on her back. She takes a seat and pops off her top and plays with her tits, but then it back to showing off the booty once again, before playing with her pussy. She finds a nice hard cock and introduces it to her mouth, sucking and swallowing, with some very nice use of her tongue. She doesn’t forget about the balls as she sucks on them, while continuing to jerk him off. And as we leave POV mode, he shoves his cock in her mouth a bit, but then they quickly end up on the couch, for some spoon action, while she plays with her pussy. And Mick is another guy that always bring some energy to a scene, and the spoon should be a fine example of that. And for the feet people out there, he gives her toes a sucks while he is fucking her pussy, talk about multi-tasking. And the foot work continues as she jerks him off with her feet, and then he shoves his cock back in her mouth. She offers his balls more attention and then bends over in front of him, as he dives into her pussy and ass, then slides his cock inside her pussy. She leans back and he grabs onto her boob as he speeds up the pounding of her pussy. She climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl, as she plays with her pussy. She flips around and we are given a screen full of her booty and then he lays her down and we are back to some missionary, and after a few jerks, he pulls out and we see the cum dripping out of her pussy.


Just starting to realize that pretty soon we are going to be done with scenes with her and her sexy black hair. Still haven’t decided how I feel about the blonde yet. But enough about that, she is sporting a sexy black outfit, showing off her ass and curves to the camera. And once again this kitty has some claws, her nails look sharp, but who wouldn’t want those things digging in your back in the heat of passion. A wardrobe change and she is now wearing a sexy red bikini which has very little fabric to it, but that doesn’t matter as her tits are out, and she is getting a hand full of fun. She slides off the bottom and gives her pussy a nice tease with her fingers, and then we move things inside as the pussy play continues, and then her man walks in and she teases his cock, while he joins in the pussy fun. She soon has a hard cock in her mouth, as she sucks and gags, while utilizing her tongue nicely. He lays back and she continues to gag on his cock, leaving it nice and wet as she works her magic. She climbs on top and he teases her wet pussy with his cock before finally sliding into her pussy. He throws in some finger action in her pussy while she hops that booty on his cock. She lays on her back and after a little more teasing he slides back inside her and fucks her while she adds in some finger love to her pussy. From the looks on his face, I have a feeling he is trying his best not to cum already. He slides in beside her for some energetic spoon, and then pins her legs back and mounts her for more missionary. And just when you thought her pussy couldn’t get wetter, he slides a few fingers in and bangs her, and we get to hear the juices a flowing. She climbs back on for some reverse cowgirl, as she continues to play with her pussy. She grabs onto his balls and gives his cock a few sucks and swallows, then ends up on her knees , gagging and getting his cock covered in her spit once again. He stands her up and finger blasts her some more, then bends her over and slides back in her pussy. He grabs on tight to her ass and gives her a few smacks while he fucks her, diving in and out of her pussy, giving her some hard and deep thrusts. He pins her arms behind her and grabs on tight to her hair as he pins her up against the couch, and then lays her down and is back inside for some missionary. He finger bangs her and gets her to squirt and then slides in as she begs for him to cum inside her. And he leaves a nice load inside her pussy, as it gushes out. She offers his cock a few last licks before we are done.


And we have another lady wearing a sex outfit, along with some garters and stockings, and that is always a good thing in my book. She shakes her ass for the camera, teasing us as she really works it nice for the camera. She licks her lips and gives us a sexy stare as she plays with her boobs, and her erect nipples. She ends up on the couch with her ass out, filling the screen and then we are onto some POV action as she swallows him while massaging his balls. He throat fucks her and lets her go crazy with her tongue on his cock. He hands off the camera, and we continue to see her build up plenty of spit, with some nice spit play, as he face fucks her. He turns her around and rubs her ass and pussy and then teases her a bit before he slides his cock into her pussy, which seems rather wet as the camera moves in. She is quite vocal, and keeps the dirty talk going as he fucks her. He turns up the pace on her pussy and she turns up the screaming, and perhaps she even cums for him as the camera moves in close to action. He flips her over and after finger banging her to squirt a few times, he is back to shoving his cock deep in her throat. I’m having flash backs to the previous movie I reviewed. He takes a seat and she sits on his cock and gives us a nice view as she rides him. She leans forward and he goes to town on her pussy, with plenty of ball slapping action, getting her to cum for him again. There is a part of me, that thinks this might be a spotlight scene contender, she is just a sexual animal in this scene, and pairing her up with Mick was a great choice. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl and that leads to some spoon, as he hit’s the magic spot once again. And if her pussy wasn’t wet enough, he dives it and gives it a nice tongue workout, and then slides his cock back inside her pussy. She ends up on top for some more cowgirl and then he leaves a nice load in her pussy, and it drips out after he pulls out.

Luna/Mr Pete

The girls like the sexy black outfits in this movie. She is wearing a sexy black leather bikini outfit, shaking her ass for the camera, and gives out a smile as she unleashes her tits. And let’s just say she knows how to work those hips as she continues to dance for the camera. She ends up on the ground, shaking and dancing, as her pussy gets a little attention from her hand, and then it’s back to booty shaking for the camera. On the couch, with her hand all over her pussy, he comes into the scene, and after some tongue hockey, he dives into her pussy and works it over with his tongue and fingers. He shoves his tongue in her ass, while she plays with her pussy. He moves onto her pussy, as he shoves a finger in her ass. But it’s her turn to return the favor, as she ends up on her knees and worships his cock and balls, leaving no inch untouched. She ends up bent over on the couch, as he mounts her from behind and gives her some nice slaps across her ass. He gets a nice hand full of ass, while the doggy continues, with some nice energy and enthusiasm from both of them. They continue with some spoon, and then her ass fills up the screen as she hops on for some cowgirl, letting those tits bounce up and down in his face. He sets her down and spreads her legs wide as he continues to fuck her pussy, and it seems he is already to cum in her pussy, that seemed rather quick.