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Legs 2

  • Release date:
    December 21, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 12m
  • Cast:
    Mike Quasar|Nikita Von James|Lyla Storm|Tiffany Tyler|Vanessa Cage|Maia Davis


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Legs 2

Third Degree

Genre: Legs

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Vanessa Cage, Will Powers, Maia Davis, Mark Wood, Tiffany Tyler, James Deen, Lyla Storm, Tommy Pistol, Nikita Von James, Billy Glide

Length: 131:59 minutes

Date of Production: 2012

Extras: The minimal extras included a pop shot compilation from the scenes, a photogallery, and some trailers but that was all.

Condoms: None


Audio/Video Quality: Legs 2 was shot in a crisp widescreen by director Mike Quasar for Third Degree. As expected, the lighting was even, the camera work smooth, and most of the visual elements were better than average for what amounts to a gonzo outing focusing on ladies with long legs. If you look close enough, you may well find ample technical matters to fuss about but frankly, you’d be missing the forest for the trees this time. The aural qualities were similar, nothing outstanding even for a monaural track at all but the moans & groans were captured well enough and the limited musical aspects during credits and tease should not matter a whole lot to the majority of you.


Body of Review: Mike Quasar is one of the most entertaining directors in porn, his personality often shining through in his better projects. His latest title for Third Degree sent recently is called Legs 2, the show focusing on attractive ladies with shapely legs (and perky asses). Unlike many titles focusing on a specific body part, this one presented a cast of women where none truly stood out from the others, all of them as fuckable as the next; a good thing mind you. The general formula for the scenes was that a lady would tease briefly and then end up with a guy to fuck vaginally, some emphasis on showcasing their legs though that was primarily during the tease sequences. The cast included Maia Davis, Tiffany Tyler, Lyla Storm, Vanessa Cage, and Nikita Von James, Mike allowing all of them to shine brightly during their respective scenes. The company website described the movie like this: “Long, lean and lovely legs for days back by popular demand! These girls are blessed with limbs to 'schwing' by and they know just how to spread 'em! So kiss their feet, tickle their knees and massage their thighs - but don't forget what's in between! Get yourself inside and let them wrap those legs around you tight 'til you're ready to blow!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Vanessa Cage, a lean blond with long legs as seen on the front cover (she was the only blond, figure it out), was up first teasing out by the pool in her black lingerie. She smiled and felt herself up, slowly showing off her assets with the camera resolution strong enough to show off her fine body hairs. Her mesh top and fishnet stockings were still on when she was then shown on a bed, scruffy Will Powers walking over to caress her body and give her small kisses before briefly gobbling her gash. This led to Vanessa giving him some head, focusing largely on using her mouth rather than too much hand to gland friction (though there was some). She then climbed onto his pecker to actively ride it vaginally, moaning a little loudly for my tastes but pumping that sweet ass of hers to eventually drain his balls dry of genetic juice soon enough (several positions though she was most active during the cowgirl variations and looked great in doggy too). She provided good eye contact and took his load into her mouth for swallowing, the abrupt ending another minor flaw in the editing. The company website described the scene like this: “Vanessa Cage isn't the tallest girl in porn but her legs are disproportionally lengthy and that makes her a unique XXX leg model! A shorter slut whose legs go on for days, when she wears fishnet stockings and high heels you can't find anyone whose attention wanders away from her ever!”


Scene Two: Maia Davis, another leggy blond dressed in black lingerie, though this was patterned and included gloves but no stockings, was up next teasing by the pool in the day light, her pretty eyes a nice feature too. Once the tease was over, she was in the living room with Mark Wood, the man worshipping her from head to toe, though removing her top to eat her out. That led to some power fucking of her tight twat, her gasps for air and moans punctuated by some dirty talk. Mark did most of the penetrative work here, Maia on the passive side though she did seem to enjoy the taste of their combined juices when she eventually gave him some head for a moment. By the time she did cowgirl, she was warmed up enough to let loose though, showing some sparks as she impaled herself on his turgid cock before soon swallowing (or appearing to swallow) his population pudding while kneeling in front of him. This scene was also cut short. The company website described the scene like this: “Having Maia Davis stand up bent over in platform shoes with her palms flat on the sofa gives you the best angle to invade her pink hairless pussy from behind and a terrific view of the long legs that had you lusting after her in the first place. A quick cum facial completes the fantasy!”


Scene Three: Tiffany Tyler, the foxy brunette shown on the left side of the front cover, was up next on the stairs of the house teasing in her cover outfit, the strokable footage cut all too briefly before she ended up on a red love seat with James Deen. He was all over her and she responded well, the gal grinding in his lap and the two kissing hard as he roughed her up a bit. He grabbed at her boobs and ate her out, beating his meat as he sucked her juices free from her snatch. This caused her to get off, or at least appear to do so, the tonguing of her asshole too much for her so she jumped onto his pecker to bounce hard. This was quite an active ride from the very first thrusts, some taste testing included between positions and a continual stream of verbiage to show it was working for her. Her eye contact was splendid and she took his spunk into her mouth in greedy fashion, James getting her off one last time using his hand. The company website described the scene like this: “Tiffany Tyler wasn't just gifted with long beautiful legs, she also works out constantly to improve her strength and stamina. That's why when she squats over you, your dick is guaranteed the ride of a lifetime! Watch the way she gets full hip flexure in every thrust as she takes your dick deep!”


Scene Four: Lyla Storm, the exotic brunette shown on the far right side of the front cover, was up next as she teased in a sun lit living room with her sexy cover outfit. Her lean body made her legs look even longer than usual, the gal bending over a lot and the camera scanning her length several times before she ended up embracing Tommy Pistol by the fireplace. He savored her tastes from leg to ass, tickling her as he provided her with some serious foreplay. He spanked her ripe rump and she encouraged him to continue, Lyla unfastening his pants to free his boner for some blowjob fun. She throated him with ease and went right down to the root, jerking him off and continually looking up at him in an almost coy attempt to dare him onward. They then started fucking vaginally but moved to the gray couch for comfort, her tiny but all natural titties swaying as they banged. Lyla laughed a lot as they fucked but in a manner that conveyed how much fun she was having with the guy, some chemistry observed to enhance replay value though she was not a very active rider. The scene ended when she knelt before him and he tossed off a wad of splooge for her to appreciate, Lyla scooping it up to swallow every last drop. The company website described the scene like this: “Leggy Latina Lyla Storm has plenty of experience strutting out on stage as an erotic dancer. Did that properly prepare her for hardcore porn? See her in action spreading her sexy thighs and holding her pantyhose clothed feet far apart so you can cum in between for all access to her Hispanic fuckholes!”


Scene Five: Nikita Von James, a very lean but busty blond, was up last as she teased on the second story of the house by a huge bank of windows. She wore fishnet stockings and a skimpy thong, her bra matching the ensemble as were the garish accessories on her ears, neck, and wrists. She provided a talented tease using what I believe looked like stripper moves, her ass delightful to watch when she spread her sweet cheeks apart enough for the thong to creep deeper inside her crack. Nikita then worked her way down to the living room where she hooked up with Billy Glide on the blue love seat, some leg play and caresses leading him to lick her pussy and ass very briefly. She then reciprocated with a hand assisted hummer, her hand to gland action quite solid even if she did not go deeply down on his rod while he told her what he wanted. To her credit, Nikita was an active vaginal rider here in the first two positions, both of them playing with her perfect pucker though they never went into anal. He fed her his ball batter in the kneeling position, Nikita swallowing the modest round of juices and giving some post coital head, her eye contact always solid right up to the end. The company website described the scene like this: “The sexiest parts of Nikita Von James are her knees and her ears, especially when they are touching each other! Watch the big tits blonde lean back on the couch and clutch her ass as her legs flail over her head to spread wide open! It's enough to make most fans cum even before her own orgasmic finish. See if you can hold out and earn her respect!”

Summary: Legs 2 by director Mike Quasar for Third Degree was a strokable selection of scenes featuring ladies with long legs and nice asses, the meat puppets not the best of the batch but the production meriting a rating of Recommended. The formula was indeed basic but there was a classic elegance to the production in how physically appealing the ladies were here, their sexual exploits perhaps not ground shattering but containing a lot of replay value even for those of us that might not be huge fans of particular babes. In short, Legs 2 was truthfully advertised and competently shot, the extras on the modest side but the five scenes all offering the type of action one would expect so check it out.


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