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Tides Of Lust

  • Release date:
    November 16, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 27m
  • Cast:
    Eve Angel|Lana|Nicole Evans|Nicole Smith

Tides of Lust
Late Night Films/Viv Thomas/Girlfriend Films
Shot by Hugo Boss/Artur Rosa/Gabor
Date of Production
Running Time: 2:27:48


Eve Angel
Nicole Smith
Viktoria Diamond

Special Features:


Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Chanel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps (Hungarian with English subtitles)

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-6 Mbps, very pixilated throughout the movie.

Overall Thoughts:

One summer trip. Two lesbian couples. One predator.

Sun, surf and sparkling seas set the scene for this torrid lesbian trip to a summer paradise. Watch waves of desire roll over long golden beaches, powerful boats and bronzed naked bodies. Viv Thomas’ trademark dazzling beauties, deep kissing and delicious wet pussies make this the best release of 2012.

Join two beautiful blondes and three alluring brunettes on a sultry summer holiday, dripping with lust, that will make you ache for a sequel.

After watching Tides of Lust, it won’t just be the sea that is wet!

Remember that great review I did for one his other movies, Story of She 2. Well this one was pretty much the exact opposite of that. This just proves that it takes more than just beautiful ladies and some pretty locations to make a great or even decent movie. Another example would be most of the stuff from Private, as you can tell from our reviews.

You could go on and read the rest of the review below, but I can say that I will save your time and give this one a SKIP IT, and if you want to see one of his movies, I would suggest skipping this one and check out Story of She 2 instead. You will thank me later.

Jo and Eve

Its early morning and these two are already hot and heavy before they even have breakfast. They start off with an appetizer of heavy kissing, followed by some dry humping. I am going to be honest and I am not even sure who is who in this scene, I had to check the scene selection just to get the ladies names, although I may eventually work out who is who by the end, if that even matters. After some tongue swapping it’s onto some love for their tits, as they suck and kiss them. I have to say if it wasn’t for the distracting pixilation going on, this would be a pretty decent scene. Some lovely ladies and some great curves in all the right places. The redhead takes a seat on the brunettes face and lets her use her tongue to lick and tease her pussy. Continue with some finger banging, followed by some tongue action from the redhead. And after seeing the weather outside, it’s time for these two to  head out to some fun and the sun.

Nicole and Lana

Thanks to opening credits, got a better idea, who is who now. Nicole is woken up by the loud neighbors and is getting a little frisky and wakes up Lana, and gives her nipples and few licks and sucks. She slides off the sheets and begins to run and tease her pierced pussy, and she can barely sit still. Nicole slides off her clothes and shows off her curves before it’s back to Lana’s tits, then heads south to her pussy. A nice tongue workout from Nicole, swirling and diving into her pussy, followed by some two finger action in her pussy. Lana straddles her and begins to dry hump her pussy on her leg. She lays Nicole down and has some fun with her tits, sucking and licking them, and then kisses her body as she makes her way to her pussy. She spreads her pussy and dives in her tongue, stabbing and swirling in and around her pussy. Follows that up with some two finger action in her pussy, which gets her to moan a little more. Some heated kissing and then Nicole sits on Lana face and grinds while she licks her pussy. She leans forward and returns the favor, as she spreads her pussy and continues to work her tongue on her pussy. More oral love and then they are back in each other’s arms, kissing some more before it’s over.

Viktoria and Lana

Well either way, at least we get to witness some topless volleyball action with the girls, dear Olympics, please make this happen next Summer Games, and I promise even better ratings. Follow that up with some footage of the girls oiling up to make sure they don’t get a sun burn, and Viktoria moves in to chat up Lana, and soon the blonde girls are oiling each other up, and then it’s off to find a nice spot to have some fun. They down a few towels and play some tongue hockey, as Viktoria sucks and licks on her neck. She makes her way to her boobs, showing them some love and then they bump them together a bit before they grab on tight to each other’s boobs. Viktoria lays down and begins to play with her pussy, while Lana is kissing and licking all over her body, before she finally makes her way to her pussy. Lana lays down as Viktoria explores her body, making her way to her pussy, and teases it through her bikini bottom. She slides off her bottom and gives it a decent licking, followed by some 69 action. Lana slides in between her legs and dives her tongue in her pussy, and adds in some two finger action, and then they kiss as the sun is setting in the background.

Viktoria and Eve

Next day and Viktoria has once again has her eyes set on Eve as they share some time on the boat, while the others are out sight seeing. Viktoria doesn’t seem to mind showing off her tits, and Eve goes right for them, giving them a few soft licks and kisses. I wonder if someone can get sea sick from this scene, as the boat and the camera rock from the waves. Eve looks great in that white bikini, and Viktoria reaches down and rubs her pussy, while she unleashes her tits from her bikini. Eve bends over and pulls Viktoria;s bikini bottom off and gives it a nice tongue workout. And for some reason we cut to the other girls walking around and then back to Viktoria and Eve who have some how found their way to a pool and are back to finishing up what they started.  As Eve lays down in the chair, they slide off her bottoms, and Viktoria dives in and spreads her pussy, and slides in her tongue. She gets her motor going when she adds a finger inside her pussy. Viktoria bends over and Eve gives her ass and pussy a nice licking as her face in buried in the chair. And to get Viktoria going she slides a few fingers in her pussy while giving her ass a tongue inside it.


So they speak in Hungarian, but they write notes in English? Well due to Viktoria and Eve having some fun, it seems Jo is done and has moved on, as her and Nicole enjoy a nice swim in a picturesque location. After a brief swim, they pack up and find a new spot, and as they set up camp, they are kissing and fondling each other, with their hands running all over their bodies. As they are wrapped together, Jo pops open her dress and gives those nice boobs some love, and then dry humps her before going back to her tits. Eve slides off her bikini top and gets on top of Jo, kissing and licking all over, getting her motor going as she shoves her hand down her shorts. The shorts come off but the teasing continues over her bikini bottoms. It sort of sucks that it took this long for a somewhat memorable scene, I am starting to think it came a little too late though. Nicole leans over and shoves a few fingers and her tongue in Jo’s pussy, getting her hot and bothered, then sits on her face so she can return the favor a little. And as Nicole spreads her legs, Jo gets up close and personal as she slides a few fingers and her tongue in her pussy. Jo lays down with her ass up and Nicole is right back working over her pussy with her tongue and fingers and then more 69 action. They end with some kissing and with that this one is over, finally.