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Neighbors 3, The

  • Release date:
    June 11, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 17m
  • Cast:
    India Summer|James Deen|Maddy O'Reilly|Steven St. Croix|Michael Vegas

Genre: Feature

Director/Writer: James Avalon

Cast: India Summer, Maddy O' Reilly, Steven St. Croix, James Deen, Michael Vegas

Length: 138 minutes

Dates of Production: 11/18/2012, 11/20/2012

Extras: The best part of this section is the Behind the Scenes segment. There is also a good looking slideshow with several trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: The Neighbors 3 is a film by director James Avalon with studio Sweet Sinner. It is the third installment to this series. India Summer has been in two of them. This one and in The Neighbors 2. In this third episode, India Summer and her daughter Maddy O' Reilly have moved into a new neighborhood with Steven St. Croix and his son Michael Vegas as their neighbors. James Deen also appears in this production.
Scene One: After the BBQ, India Summer and Steven St. Croix kiss a while in the patio as the passion between them heats up with every French kissing motion. Later, he carries her to his bed where they continue their affectionate make out session. Even when he rubs her crotch, Steven does it while not being rough or rushed. The chemistry between them really builds up so well. I like their very good eye contact. I loved watching India smile as he sucked his finger in preparation on fingerfucking her already wet pussy. The camera shots and angles are also well done. There are already some strokable moments especially when we see India's sexy legs and her pussy. Their performance steams up a lot when they kiss for a very prolonged amount of time before letting their lips be apart. Their intensely affectionate kissing activity is super. Later, India kisses down his body and sucks his dick. She deep throats him easily. Her cocksucking actions are more slow paced compared to her handstroking gestures. In the meantime, India really gets off when Steven is eating her passion fruit. When she really cums, her cocksucking rhythm increases. The fucking action commences when the beautiful woman straddles him cowgirl style. I enjoy listening to her cute whimpers. I also enjoy watching them kiss on again and off again. This amazing sensually slow pace tone continues throughout their lovemaking scene. Even when India is laying on her back, Steven is very romantic and erotic towards her. The foot worship, finger sucking, pussy eating, and kissing elements create enormous chemistry. Even when he fucks her, he does it in a natural rhythm for a man who is passionately falling for her. However, I suspect that the director told him to pick up the pace later on to increase the excitement level. At this point during the mish moments, it felt as if Steven wanted to fuck her like crazy in order to change the tone of their relationship a bit since these two people are going to end up fucking others later in the film. They can't be totally falling for each other since they are going to cheat on each other eventually. Finally, he cums on her hot body.

Scene Two: Maddy O' Reilly and James Deen end up kissing and falling onto a bed. After some comments about jealousy, they resume their kissing activity. James rubs her pussy a bit. Thus far, I am not buying their chemistry. He eats her pussy afterwards. It gets her off well. She squirms a lot while removing her clothes and boots as James continues his very focused oral massage on her honeycomb. Next, as he is busy kissing her face and lips, Maddy removes his dick from his pants and strokes it. You can definitely tell from the ease of how she did it that she has done it plenty of times. She never looked down. A mish screw follows. A heated spooning occurs next. Maddy's body is turning very red. Later, she sucks his dick a while before riding him cowgirl style. Even though there is a good amount of eye contact and hot sex, there still remains a lack of chemistry between them. Then, James is standing and Maddy is laying on the bed as he mishes her. Finally, he pulls out and cums on her.

Scene Three: When India Summer and Michael Vegas talk about Maddy, he abruptly kisses the woman. They begin their make out session on the couch, but immediately end up in the bedroom. Even though there are some steamy elements to their scene, the chemistry between them is non-existent. When Michael eats her pussy, India whimpers a bit. Afterwards, she sucks his dick and balls well before a very cool and exciting cowgirl ride is performed. Later, I enjoyed seeing her hips quiver when Michael rubs her pussy. A 69 follows.  Afterwards, the spooning moments are hot. As a matter of fact, the missionary and doggie screws generate good heat too. In the end, he cums on her.

Scene Four: Maddy O' Reilly comes onto Steven St. Croix. Eventually, he is unable to resist the pretty young woman. A good amount of kissing occurs on the sofa while Maddy is straddling him. Their scene is very slow paced. In a way it is too slow although I enjoyed seeing Steven suck her titties slowly. However, I wanted to see Maddy start sucking and Steven to start fucking. This scene should had been a passionately heated scene with hot fast paced sex. This tone would had been appropriate if Maddy was paired up with Michael Vegas. Despite my feelings, the viewers will enjoy the slow paced toe sucking and pussy eating actions by the man since he and Maddy do have very good chemistry. They make their performance work from the sensually tender cocksucking, nice looking cock straddling and mish moments. Finally, Steven cums on her.

Final Thoughts: Despite the lack of chemistry in three of the four performances, there is still plenty of hot sex and eye candy stimuli to give the viewers good jack off replay value. India Summer and Maddy O' Reilly are so beautiful. James Deen gives a solid performance. Steven St. Croix and India Summer had the best performance with their highly personal love scene. He and Maddy O' Reilly had the second best sex scene with their own personal performance. As for the storyline, I was disappointed. Maddy and Michael should have had a sex scene. India Summer should had been a cougar on the prowl to bed Michael. Thus, this film is a rental for me. However, viewers who are not as picky with the storyline will enjoy it much better.


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