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Masseuse 5, The

  • Release date:
    October 9, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 13m
  • Cast:
    Evan Stone|Natalia Starr|Riley Reid|Kendra Lust|James Deen|Marcus London|Richie Calhoun

The Masseuse: Vol 5
Sweet Sinner/Mile High Media
Directed and Written by James Avalon
Date of Production: March 26-27, 2013
Running Time: 2:13:46


Natalia Starr
Kendra Lust
Riley Reid
Marcus London
Richie Calhoun
Evan Stone
James Deen

Special Features:

Slide Show Gallery
Behind the Scenes: 22:37
Shot in HD
Trailers: 5:12

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Kendra runs a high end massage parlor that caters to more than just a good sports rub down. Happy endings abound for a few select customers. But when her top employee quits, she scrambles to find a young, handsome masseur to cater to her wealthy clients.

Your pleasure, comfort, and relaxation is in their hands.

I have been lucky enough to review a few of the previous installments in the series and they have garnered some good reviews, recommended and above. The last installment also had Kendra featured in it, and much like that one, it seems that she is going to get it again in this installment for her scene with James. It is easy to see why Kendra is making her mark in the industry if you check out these last  two movies. But let’s not forget about a happy ending inducing scenes from Riley and Natalia as well. A decent BTS segment rounds up most of the special features, and as always, some great audio and visuals, that showcase these great sex scenes even more. And adding that all up, I expect a few happy endings for all, with this HIGHLY RECOMMEND movie.

Riley and Marcus

Well we are starting things off on the right foot, with a personal favorite, Riley, who is going to make sure a few of us, have a happy ending today. He seems to be the chatty one, and wants to know more about her. She puts some oil on her hands and begins to go to work on his body. When he flips over on his back, her magic fingers are about to get a rise out of him. She applies some spit to her hands as she slowly works his cock, before swallowing his balls in her mouth. She strokes and jerks him, while rubbing her pussy on his leg. I have a feeling there might be multiple happy endings by the time she is done with her oral appreciation. She slides his cock in between her pussy, teasing him before sliding it inside her and going for a very nice ride, grinding and dancing away. And as he picks up the pace, he is going to make sure she has a happy ending as well. He lays her down and slides back inside, as she wraps her legs around him. As she ends up back on top of hi, she rides him and gives him a little squirt appreciation of a job well done. It’s back to some missionary, as she offers a helping hand, but he quickly turns up the pace and then unleashes his happy ending on her bush. Well the bar is set pretty high, among other things, for the rest of this movie.

Kendra and Richie

Well that bar is going to keep being raised, as we have Kendra up next. And the lucky guy, is Richie, who is apparently the cheating ex-boyfriend of Riley, he knows how to pick them. Kendra begins to work over his body, getting rid of that built up tension, and tries to make him get over Riley. That sexy body of hers, in those tight clothes, might just do the trick. He flips over and starts to get a little hands on as she gives him that stare, as she slowly makes her way to his crotch, giving him a handy under the towel. The towel comes off and his cock ends up in her mouth. After it’s nice and wet, she slides it in between her tits, before it ends up back in her mouth. She bends over and shows off that great ass of hers, and then climbs on for a ride. I am pretty sure, she got the spotlight scene in the previous installment I reviewed, and I am sensing a difference when she’s with Richie and not Evan. She seems a little toned down in this pairing. The good news, is that we still get to see her in action, and there’s another scene with her to come. But as she bends over, with her ass up in the air, just waiting for him to make his way inside her. Not a bad sight to be seen. He pulls out and gives her a few drips of cum for his happy ending.

Natalia and Evan

She’s running late to work, and it seems that he’s in need of a good massage, and perhaps a little more. He lays down and she oils up his back and begins to work the knots out of his shoulders. Some small talk between the two as we can sit back and enjoy the lovely choice for a uniform, as it shows off her curves and tight body. He flips over and she continues to rub him down, getting closer and closer to his happy place. She finally makes her way to his cock, giving it a few strokes, as she massages his balls. She continues to give it a deep tissue massage with her mouth, and then has her slide off her top so she can wrap her tits around it. Some intense dry humping before she is back to working his cock and balls with her mouth. She slides forward and he finds his way inside her pussy, as she rides his man meat. This is that great intensity and energy we were missing from the previous scene. He lays her down and mounts her as he continues to go deep inside her, once again, getting her rather vocal. But he has a cock and balls that he can shove in her mouth to keep her quiet for a bit. Some very nice pussy drilling, as he lays on top and mounts her, before giving her pussy a nice splattering of his happy ending.

Kendra and James (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

And like any good boss, Kendra, feels like she should try out her new employee James. He gets a nice surprise as she opens the door wearing that skin tight dress. I have a feeling he is going to like his new boss a lot. He sneaks a few glances as she slides off her dress and gets ready for his hands on portion of the audition. She going to drive him crazy as she oozes sexy as he rubs her down. And the temptation continues as the booty gets uncovered and he oils it up and gives it a rub down. And with that the temptation is too much, and they exchange some heated kisses as he rubs and fingers her pussy. He grinds his crotch against her pussy, and then dives in with his mouth. We are going to end this movie with a very happy ending, and most likely our spotlight scene for this movie. After her motor gets running, she falls to her knees and massages his cock with her mouth and hands. She climbs on and dances her booty on his cock, giving him a face full of her tits. That heat and intensity continues as he slides in from behind and they stare into each other eyes. We end with some missionary, as she strums her pussy as he fucks her and then delivers his happy ending, as he erupts on her stomach and chest.


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