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Lust Boat, The

  • Release date:
    November 9, 2012
  • Runtime:
    6h 19m
  • Cast:
    Donna Bell|Angell Summers|Honey Demon|Liz Valery|Melanie Memphis

Genre Gonzo, Interracial, European, Anal, Uniforms

Director Max Bellocchio

Cast Aliz, Donna Bell, Honey Demon, Angell Summers, Melanie Memphis. Antonio Ross, Jon Jon

Duration 95 minutes

Date of Production 2011

Condoms None

Audio / Video There was no technical info on the box cover or the website, so I’m going to assume it was filmed in HD.  The picture was clean and the audio was full and clear throughout.  The scenes benefitted from good natural light. I would imagine it’s harder to shoot and record outdoors, but they carried it off here.

Extras There were trailers for four of the studio's other films: Fucking Filthy Fantasies, 5 DPs - Studs on Demand, Appetite of a Naughty Chambermaid, and Private Pussy Mansion. In addition, the scenes were broken down by action for the impatient viewer: blowjob, oral, vaginal, anal, cumshot.  The piece had to have been filmed in English, but there are French and German audio tracks, as well.

Preview  Going in clean on this one, as I have no familiarity with any of the talent, the director or the studio.  The Lust Boat was produced by Magik View Entertainment for, Barcelona based, Private Media. From the cover, I know there is anal and interracial action.  Flipping the box over reveals a vaginal DP. One of the male talent may be Jon Jon, but none of the men are credited on the packaging.  The box art hypes AVN wins from 2012 and Venus wins from 2011.   At least the girls are good looking and down for anything. There is not much of a story, but the goings on are set aboard a cruise liner whose passengers and crew are surprised with a variety of naughty adventures.  The lustful ship plies its Mediterranean course for a special kinky itinerary filled with lust-filled adventures going down on the high seas.

Review Private asks, "Do you remember the legendary TV show “The Love Boat”? Well, come on board The Lust Boat where the only castaways will be these ladies panties. Sex in uniforms, DPs on the sundeck, cum-swapping in the engine room and seamen everywhere! No holes are barred in this movie; full steam ahead!!"

She has a bit of the captain in her!

She has a bit of the captain in her.

Screwing the Crew. The first hottie in action was Donna Bell.  Such an American name for such a Romanian slut.  She’s credited by IAFD with nearly a hundred titles in seven years.  Donna gets nasty with ship’s captain, Antonio Ross.  They start in their white crew uniforms, which are shed slowly.  It’s not much of a uniform fetish if the uniform is on the floor in a heap, is it?  She gives him a BJ and he performs oral on her.  They fuck outside on the ship’s deck.  There is anal, before some tit fucking and a chest/face pop.

This is why I prefer girl-girl!

The Black Waiter. Finally someone I recognize, and it's a guy!  Aliz is the built-for-speed slim brunette from Hungary who graces the cover.  It's her birthday, and her husband James Brossman wants to fulfill her fantasy of a DP with a black cock.  Jon Jon is the briefly reluctant waiter.  DPs aren't really my thing, but the guys put her through all the expected paces.  I question whether Jon Jon was into it, as he looked less than all the way there, if you know what I mean, at times. Reverse cowgirl anal from both guys.  Mouth shots  followed more than a minute of JO close-ups.

Horny in the Lounge Bar. Honey Demon, a saucy looking raven haired hottie and Szabi are sitting in the ship’s lounge, enjoying champagne.  No words are exchanged before they put their glasses down and start to kiss.  She has a curvy but athletic build and he looks like a bodybuilder, with tats and a faux-hawk.  She sucks him enthusiastically before he kneels to taste her.  They have to do it in lounge chairs, so the positioning is awkward, but they move through missionary, doggie and do the anal in cowgirl and RCG. Szabi let some of his load go early, inside, then pulled out and shot the rest on her ass.

French Bitch. Angell Summers is a tipsy guest who the captain, Antonio Ross again, escorts back to her cabin.  One goodnight kiss turns into necking, and before you know what happened, she’s on her knees.  The oral, on him first, then her, was cursory, at best.  After some brief standing doggy in the hall, they make it into her cabin for some more oral on her, including rimming for the upcoming anal.  They fuck in mish and RCG (vag) before switching holes for anal, and the finish is on her face.  She keeps her dress (mostly) on for the CFNM buffs.

At the Machinery Room. In the finale Aliz and Melanie Memphis can not find their cabin and they wander into the engine room to ask J.J. for help.  He gives the worst directions.  “Head down this hall, then turn left (as he’s pointing to the right)”.  Aliz would rather have him show her the way, than tell her.  But J.J. can’t leave his post, so the two ladies have to try to persuade him.  Before long, Choky Ice comes along to join the fun, and peels off Melanie.  The couples make out, then the girls switch dicks.  Don't miss the foot jerking by Aliz on J.J.  Then the real fucking begins.  Melanie takes J.J. in reverse cowgirl, while Choky Ice does Aliz in standing doggy.  There’s a pause for oral before the girls switch dicks for some RCG anal.  They take a BJ break then switch again.  Anal to the end before dual oral cumshots.  The girls kiss and swap.

Final Thoughts The Lust Boat, directed by Max Bellocchio for Magik View Entertainment and Private is what a "typical" porn movie should be.  The production value was professional, the female talent was pretty, and pretty nasty, and while there was no plot, there was enough of a theme to tie the sex scenes together.

For visual candy and appeal to multiple fetishes, the Lust Boat is  Recommended.  It's a solid fuck flick for general audiences.  If you're a fan of euro-porn, anal or the  uniform fetish, get it!


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