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Ingenuous L’Innocente, The

  • Release date:
    May 1, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 50m
  • Cast:
    Anissa Kate|Anna Polina|Tarra White|Aleska Diamond|Mike Angelo|Carla Cox|Neeo|Samantha Jolie|Angel Piaff|Victoria Blaze|Nicolleta Blue|Isabella Chrystin|Victoria Puppy|Eileen Sue|Mia Manarotte

Genre: Feature, Foreign

Director: Michael Ninn and Max Candy

Cast: Anna Polina, Tarra White, Anissa Kate, Eileen, Michelle, Aleska Diamond, Rita Peach, Samantha Jolie, Victoria Blaze, Angel Piaff, Carla Cox, Nicoletta, Tess, Isabella Christyn, Victoria Puppy, Mia Manarotte, Mia, Jenny, Leila, Regina, Victoria Sweet, Neeo, Mike Angelo, Martin Gun, Ridge

Length: 130 minutes 

Date of Production: 5/31/2012

Extras: The viewer can select to watch and listen to this film in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian. The available subtitles are in Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, and Polish. A very impressive "Making of" segment can be watched and listened to in English, French, and Dutch. There are also eight trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: The Ingenuous is a film by directors Michael Ninn and Max Candy. It is about a secretary named Sarah (Anna Polina) whose life is a big disappointment. One day she meets rich and powerful Alicia (Tarra White) who uncovers an awareness of sexual decadence that will make her enjoy all sorts of sexual play and satisfaction. However, my most pleasure came in watching them create an erotically and sensually charged relationship between themselves.
Scene One: In the woods, three beautiful fairy ladies try to tempt Anna Polina in joining them in their sexual play. The fairies are blonde Samantha Jolie and brunettes Eileen (with a purple bow in her hair) and Victoria Blaze (a pink bow in her hair). These trio of temptresses are playful and flirty. I like how they frolic along. Later, we see them on a couch right outside of the mansion. They begin to make out when Samantha and Victoria kiss. Meanwhile, Anna is watching them from a distance as she is joined by Tarra White momentarily. As the trio continue to apply affectionate touches and kisses towards each other, we see that Samantha is getting her vaginal plaything orally pleasured by Eileen. I like this scene since it brings a good amount of eroticism and femininity. The beauty of the three women along with their fond sexual behavior heat up the atmosphere so well that Anna starts to run her hands along her body. The camera does a good job in focusing on Samantha's attractive pussy while she continues to receive her manual and oral rub-a-dubbing treat from Eileen. With this very good attention to her pussy combined with Victoria's constant titty caressing actions, the blonde fairy gets off steadily well. Then, we see Anna's blouse open as her right active hand is inside of her panties and her left hand is busy caressing her hot tits. When Samantha is leaning back against Victoria's left leg while facing Eileen, Anna joins them. The three fairies are masturbating. Soon, Anna is running her right hand along Samantha's leg while being a part of their personal and sexual play. Moments later, she starts to run her hands all over the blonde's pretty pussy. It leads to them kissing briefly. While Victoria gets herself off with additional effort, Anna is rubbing Eileen's honeycomb and feeling her body. The stuffiness of the scene hits a high point when Victoria and Eileen climax at the same time. Next, the heat level rises well when Anna continues to rub Eileen's wet pussy. Some brief titty sucking by them occurs while the other two fairies continue to pleasure themselves. After Anna makes Eileen climax again, we see Samantha orally pleasuring Eileen's vaginal treat while Anna places her attention on Victoria's butt and snatch. The pace of the action picks up when the pussy pleasuring activities by Samantha and Anna become more determined. It really becomes more noticeable when the blonde fairy starts to finger fuck her partner.
Scene Two: Anna Polina is laying on her bed as she continues to fantasize. Her inner thoughts drive her to masturbate. The camera does a good job in focusing on her pussy as well as panning over her beautiful sexy body. Her attractive performance provides a good amount of steaminess and replay value. It's too bad that it was way too short. But, to be fair to the director, this solo moment is really the closing moments of the first scene.
Scene Three: After dinner, Anna Polina is the center of attention as the dinner guests are fondling her. The touchy-feely people are Angel Piaff (blond in a black dress and pearl necklace), Rita Peach (brown hair with bangs), Anissa Kate (black hair, green dress), Aleska Diamond (wearing laced gloves), and the lone male Mike Angelo. In the meantime, the hostess in the red dress Tarra White is watching them. After the titty sucking and hands-on activties has occurred, we see two groups making out. One is in the foreground and the other is in the background. The one in front has Tarra, Anna, and Anissa pleasuring Mike's cock. The ones in the back are Angel, Rita, and Aleska having a lesbian three-way tryst. As to the cocksucking performance, Anissa applies her good effort first as I enjoyed her solid eye contact and much stimulating bj. Meanwhile, Anna is sucking on the man's finger. Next, Tarra sucks on the guy's hard-on while Anna looks on fondly. Then, the scene shifts to the lesbian play where we see Angel eating Aleska pussy with good drive as she gets off nicely. Rita is caressing Aleska's body while kissing her. Afterwards, Anissa rides Mike's dick reverse cowgirl style as he is laying on his back on the floor and also eating pretty Tarra's pussy. Anna is busy playing with herself by running her hands all over her body as she gets turned on by all of the sexual activity in the room. The cockride heightens with Mike's added pumping rhythm as well as Anissa's increased riding effort. Tarra also kisses her and sucks her breasts. When Tarra begins the titty play on Anissa, Anna joins in to suck on the brunette's other tit. As to the three-way girl on girl action near the fireplace, Rita is sucking on Aleska's breasts while Angel is eating the blonde's nice looking snatch. Aleska continues to get off well from her two friends as the excitement level increases. I really enjoyed Angel's driven effort into sucking that pussy. Then, we see Mike sticks his dick into Tarra's asshole. The beautiful hostess is quite attentive when he sticks it in her. The screwing rhythm starts out steadily, but then it heats up with additional pumping effort by the man. Meanwhile, Anna has joined the trio in the back. Next, Mike gets to fuck the sexy Anissa in the ass doggystyle pretty heatedly. Later, he jacks off a lot on their receptive faces.
Scene Four: Tarra White and Anna Polina are kissing momentarily at the piano before Michelle the maid interrupts them. The woman of the mansion is not pleased by the sudden disruption. She takes matters into her own hands and forces herself on top of the woman. Tarra kisses Michelle and rubs her pussy rapidly while Anna watches on. Later, she gestures to the woman to join them by her finger. Soon, Tarra kisses her and Anna warms up to the attention. It really feels erotic when Tarra has her maid and Tarra kiss for a while. Her vocal comments and dirty talk add to this steamy tone. Also, when Anna is being an observer again, Tarra licks Michelle's leg and behaves quite sensually towards her partner's body. The romantic piano music in the background is a good touch to this feminine performance. The camera shots also enhance this erotic atmosphere too. Later, we see the red headed beauty eat her maid's pussy before the maid gets to work over Tarra's honeycomb with good passion especially with her hand. Later, while Michelle is laying on her back, Tarra rubs Anna's hand on the maid's pussy to make her cum well.
Scene Five: In a room full of hedonistic sexually heated people, Tarra brings Anna into this awakening atmosphere. Ridge, Martin Gun, and Neeo are having their dicks sucked by hot women. Ridge has Victoria Sweet sucking his cock with Tarra caressing the woman. Soon, the red headed hostess walks over to Anna Polina who is orally massaging Martin Gun's hard on. She kisses the woman briefly before rocking Anna's head into his dick for a while. Meanwhile, Mia Manarotte is ready to take over the cocksucking activities when Anna and Tarra start their makeout session. In the background, Neeo is receiving a blow job by blonde cutie Carla Cox. At some moment, we see Anna and Mia sharing some cock. As the teamwork on Martin's dick continues, Tarra has her face in Anna's warm snatch. Later, Tarra starts to make out with Mia on the bed as Anna continues her cocksucking delivery. Meanwhile, in the background, we see Nicoletta, Tess, Isabella Christyn, Mia, Jenny, Leila, Regina, Victoria Puppy, and Victoria Blaze  making out in either a two-some or four-some pairing. Later on, we see Ridge eating Victoria's muffin as Neeo is sucking on Carla's hot tits. Meanwhile, in the center of the room, Anna is still sucking and stroking Martin's dick while kissing him briefly. I really enjoy watching her effort in this scene. The moans around the room heighten when Carla, Victoria, and Mia are getting their pussies pleasured by their partners. After Mia is riding and humping Martin's mouth, she gets fucked by him. Now, we see Ridge doggying Victoria while Neeo has Carla riding him reverse cowgirl style. Regina is also getting her pussy pleasured by hot brunette Tess in the back of the room. Moments later, she does a nice job in fingering and eating Tess' pussy. Later, Anna gets fucked doggystyle beside Victoria who is also getting fucked from behind too. Next to Victoria, we have Carla getting mished. The scene ends when their partners cum on them.

Final Thoughts: After watching this fine film, I want to see Anna Polina and Tarra White be paired up more often. They have a simmering and erotic chemistry. The viewer can really sense it and feel it whenever they are on screen together. Even though I understand and, in a way, critical that the plot of the film has Anna's character go through a learning process and thus, makes her sexual interactions be slow and limited at times, it is still frustrating and disappointed that she does not have as much sex in this film as the viewers will want from her. I want to also give shout outs to Anissa Kate and Aleska Diamond. They were hot. One particular woman who I wish would get more exposure is Tessa. I think that she has potential and would be a crowd favorite. Overall, I enjoyed this storyline a whole lot and it would be a good idea to have a sequel to it. Tarra White is perfect as the erotically-inclined mentor to an innocently sweet Anna Polina. This film could be nominated for Best Foreign Feature. Max Candy and Michael Ninn could be nominated for Best Director - Foreign Feature. Of course, Anna Polina, Tarra White, Aleska Diamond, and Anissa Kate are most likely going to be nominated for Female Foreign Performer of the Year. Overall, I highly recommend this well crafted film.


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