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General Goes All In, The

  • Release date:
    July 30, 2013
  • Runtime:
  • Cast:
    Kimberly Kane|Evan Stone|Lola Foxx|Eric Masterson

Genre: Parody
Director: Stuart Canterbury
Cast: Kimberly Kane, Lola Foxx, Evan Stone, Eric Masterson
Length: 91 minutes
Date of Production: 2013
Extras: The best part is the bonus sex scene featuring Kimberly Kane and Evan Stone in This Ain't Star Trek 2: The Butterfly Effect. There are also a slide show, several trailers, and web information.
Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.
Overview: The General Goes All In is a parody film from director Stuart Canterbury and the studio Hustler Video. It is about the sexual hijinks that captured the attention of the nation and the world when General Petreaus' affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell was uncovered. In this film, Kimberly Kane plays a jealous Paula, Evan Stone is General Petraeus, Eric Masterson is General Allen, and Lola Foxx plays a sexy Tampa socialite.
Kimberly Kane, Evan Stone
Kimberly Kane, Evan Stone
Scene One:  Kimberly Kane arrives at her motel room. Once she changes into something more comfortable, a worried Evan Stone arrives. The highly decorated man wants to be certain that no one followed them. While they reminisce about how they first met during the war, the woman sucks his meaty plaything. His entertaining vocal comments about his balls being rated four stars sounds funny while Kimberly sucks them with good desire. Her cocksucking behavior ups the ante moments later when her slutty side takes over and the author bites it and slobbers all over it. It's a pretty exciting performance by Kimberly. Then, he lays back on the bed while the woman sits on his mouth so that Evan can suck her feminine juices. Soon, Kimberly lays on top of him for a 69 while sucking his long cock. When they kiss, the viewer can tell that they enjoy their time together. During the following missionary screw, Kimberly gets off well as her moans become more intense. Evan applies a steady hard fuck on his mistress. Later, I enjoyed seeing Kimberly rub his dick with her feet as well as pat his balls with them too. She does a good job licking the tip of his dick momentarily before the author rides him for a while. After another mish, Evan cums on her pussy.
Lola Foxx
Scene Two: Lola Foxx is preparing for her date. However, her roommate and she decide to show off their own pussies to each other. Lola is in a chair with her legs spread out over the arms of it while her friend is spreading her own pussy lips on the bed and aimed at Lola. If this scene was longer, it could had been a very hot one whether it was a masturbation performance by them or a girl on girl one.
Eric Masterson, Lola Foxx
Eric Masterson, Lola Foxx
Scene Three: Lola Foxx arrives at the general's office. She and Eric Masterson continue their tryst. She sucks his dick while the guy is sitting in his chair and the pretty woman is on the desk. Later, the cocksucking activity becomes heated when Lola is on her knees. At times, her breathing is hard. Afterwards, the babe is riding him pretty actively on his desk while the camera provides good ass shots. Throughout this scene, I enjoyed watching Lola's heated cocksucking behavior. Nice shots of her pussy are shown while he fucks her from behind. A missionary screw follows that leads to the general cumming on her. I liked their chemistry.
Lola Foxx, Kimberly Kane
Lola Foxx, Kimberly Kane
Scene Four: Kimberly Kane chases Lola Foxx around the room. When she is on top of the hot socialite, the jealous author exposes Lola's breasts and sucks them. Soon, she places her attention on the woman's tasty twat. The energy level and vocal comments by the ladies create an exciting and at times, funny scene. Kimberly applies a hot humping motion on the turned on socialite. Meanwhile, Lola is quite energetic in sucking those appealing breasts that are right in front of her. A cool 69 follows with Lola on top. We receive hot shots of Lola's pussy too as Kimberly orally pleasures it. Next, the two women are sitting on the side of the bed while rubbing each other's passion fruits. Each woman provides an amazing rub-a-dub that makes them cum. The close-up shots of their wet pussies are hot too. Their performance deserves to be nominated.
Final Thoughts: For people who are familiar with the real-life affair that brought down an American hero, this film is a very worthwhile and entertaining one. The two attractive women have the standout performances. Kimberly Kane and Lola Foxx are very good in their roles. Their incredible girl on girl tryst should be nominated for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene for the AVN Awards. Meanwhile, Evan Stone and Eric Masterson are solid as the generals. I enjoyed the running gag of the name Jill Kelly. I recommend this silly film.


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