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Cool Crowd, The


    The Cool Crowd
    Digital Playground
    Directed and Written by Robby D
    Date of Production: 3/6/12
    Running Time: 1:37:39


    BiBi Jones
    Selena Rose
    Ella Milano
    Kortney Kane
    Manuel Ferrara
    Erik Everhard
    James Deen
    Mick Blue

    Special Features:

    DVD/Bluray Combo
    Slide Show/Photo Gallery
    Widescreen Format
    Chapter Index
    Behind the Scenes Featurette 8:58

    Technical Stats:

    Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps

    Video: AVC at around 8-15 Mbps

    Overall Thoughts:

    Well AEE/AVN is over and it’s time to get back into review mode. Luckily I have a stack of movies that have been waiting for me to watch them. So let’s get this review started…

    Sexy college student Selena knows all the right people and all the right parties. The place to be is at the Cool Guys’ House, where Manuel and his pal Erik live. To help her new classmate BiBi out, Selena takes her over to the house for some fun and even more fucking. They meet the beautiful Kortney after Manuel gives her a deep drilling with his thick rod. It’s Erik who sets his sights on banging BiBi and after some begging, she gets him off to get rid of him. Party guy James scores with the stunning Ella. Popular girl around the house, Selena is always looking for a hook-up and Mick gives her a hard pounding. All the while Manuel falls for BiBi and wants more than a one night stand.

    And so what did I think, well we got off a great start with Kortney in a scene,  but then followed that up with a few not so great scenes. I am not sure if I was ever a big fan of Selena’s, but I have to say that she really showed me something in her scene with Mick. And we got a little better scene with BiBi to wrap up the movie.

    We get the usual stuff from Digital Playground, great audio quality, some minor camera issues throughout the movie, and of course, the same trailers that have been around since day one it seems. But still ends up being a decent movie and gets a RECOMMENDED from me.

    Kortney and Manuel

    She is all over him and he is trying his best not to fall for her, although the rubbing and grabbing of his crotch helps win him over. That and perhaps shoving his face in her tits too. Lots of quality time with her boobs before she introduces his cock to the inside of her mouth. They slide off her skin tight jeans, and he goes to work on her pussy, while she pulls her panties to the side. She grabs onto his cock, as he shoves it all the way in her mouth for some gagging and choking, you can even see a few tears drop down her face. He slides beside her as she spreads her pussy for his cock, for some spoon action, while he strums her pussy like a guitar. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl as the finger strumming continues. Some nice energy as she screams for him to fuck her, as she gets pounded. Flips around for some cowgirl, and they keep up the energy, while he gives her ass a little finger teasing. She bends that amazing body over as he attacks her pussy from behind, with a little grabbing of the throat and ass slaps thrown in. I’m guessing that he just recently got a shot, by the band aid on his ass. He keeps the energy going and he gives her a nice shot in the mouth, as she lets it drip down, giving his cock a few more sucks and swallows as she plays with the cum.

    BiBi and Erik

    Selena has her sights on Manuel, but he seems more interested in BiBi. So Selena busts out the tits and let’s play with them in hopes he forgets about BiBi. She gets camera crazy as she takes photos of Manuel face deep in her tits, and then slides off her bra and says he should fuck her. Erik seems to be striking out with BiBi. Short session with Selena and Manuel. And to get him to leave her alone, she agrees to finally go with it, as she bobs her head on his cock. Some tongue hockey, as they make their way over to the couch, and he helps her out of her clothes, lays her down and dives into her pussy. He picks her up and sets her on his cock, and she slides up and down on him. She climbs off and offers his cock some more oral love, with some spit, before climbing back on for some reverse cowgirl. I am glad to see that she seems to be showing a little more energy with this scene. Erik is back to showing off his oral skills, but is cut short as she wants his cock back in her mouth. They continue with some missionary, as she shows off some flexibility, as he goes to town. She shakes and shivers from his oral work, but doesn’t seem into it, so she turns around and bends over for some doggy action, followed by a cum shot on her ass.

    Ella and James

    Seems a little smokey around the house. Hopefully nothing serious. And just like that hot chick Ella comes in and she is all over James, the power of the house is strong. He grabs and fondles her boobs, as the clothes start to come off. He reaches around from behind and wastes no time shoving his hand down her panties. She shows off her ass, as he gives it a few smacks and grabs. She lays back on the couch, while he dives into her pussy. We don’t nearly see enough of this young lady, and boy is she a playful one. He bends her over and dives in her ass and pussy, while jerking himself off. He finally lets her have a crack at his cock and it seems like he’s not into her oral skills. He gets hard enough so she can sit on his cock for some cowgirl fun. Something just seems off about these two, don’t seem to be on the same page. There are some signs of improvement at times, as the scene moves along. She takes a seat on his face and then leans forward to swallow his cock. Ends up on top, as we get to see those tits bounce until he pulls her off and blasts her face with cum.

    Selena and Mick (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

    The car ride is over, but she wants to ride something else of Mick’s, and quick cut to her in the bedroom showing his cock some love, going deep and keeping it nice and wet. She lays back and the grope fest continues, as he slides off her shorts and panties and dives into her pussy. He slides up beside her and after she teases his cock with her pussy, finally lets him slide inside her. Mick is really giving it to her during the spoon, then let’s her suck the taste off his cock, while she caresses and plays with his balls. She climbs on and keeps the energy going as she hops on him. She is really making a case for this scene to get the Spotlight Scene. She bends over for some doggy, as he keeps the pace going, slapping up against her ass before she takes over and backs on his cock. They catch their breath, before she climbs back on for some reverse cowgirl action and he pulls out just in time to glaze her mouth with cum. Wow, impressive scene.

    BiBi and Manuel

    He turns on the charm with BiBi and proves he’s not like the others. He lays her down and licks her neck before making his way to her boobs. Some definite heat between these two, but Manuel knows how to bring out the best in the ladies. He dives in her pussy, as she once again can’t keep still, but doesn’t seem to be pushing him away like she did with Erik. He turns her over and dives his tongue in her pussy and ass. She jerks off his cock, while also offering his balls some love. She climbs on and grinds on his cock, followed by some spoon as he strums her pussy. She is definitely showing more energy and enthusiasm with him. Ends up on top for some reverse cowgirl as he goes to town on her, and then she begs for his cum, which he delivers, as she jerks him off, and gives her a few surprise bursts on the side of the face.

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