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Art of Masturbation, The

  • Release date:
    March 18, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 34m
  • Cast:
    Hayden Winters|Capri Cavanni|Katie St. Ives|Kiera Winters|Lilly Banks|Rilee Marks|Allesandra Snow

Genre: All female. Solo masturbation. Toys.

Director: Eddie Powell

Studio: New Sensations

Cast: Hayden Winters, Rilee Marks, Kiera Winters, Capri Cavanni, Lilly Banks. *Katie St. Ives.

Duration: 95 minutes + 25 minute bonus scene.

Date of Release: 18 March 2013

Condoms: No.

Extras: Trailers of other New Sensations titles (A Woman's Orgasm, I Love Big Toys 29 & 30), minimal photo gallery and a pretty good 25 minute bonus scene from I Love Big Toys #35. The photo gallery had some good pictures, but for some reason they were mostly narrow instead of fullscreen.  Katie St. Ives stuffed two huge dildos into her tiny box all while buzzing her clitty with a vibe.  Worth watching; alleviates the short duration, somewhat.

Audio /Video: Shot in HD. Good picture, but nothing breathtaking.  The sound was good enough to hear whimpers, there was no dialogue.  The music played during the scenes was decent aural filler.

Summary: This isn't your father's solomas flick.  This one starts out quite different from the others I have ever seen.  We've all seen the typical solo female masturbation videos before.  A girl walks into a sparsely furnished room and sits on a couch for her "interview".  She tells us she has only been in porn for a few weeks, and she loves to cum so much she masturbates 3 times a day. This aint that movie. The Art of Masturbation features 6 starlets with whom I am unfamiliar pleasing themselves in a unique presentation.

The Art of Masturbation begins with the petite brunette, Rilee Marks, wandering through a house, presumably tracking the sex sounds she hears.  She comes to a room in which a man and woman are fucking; and watching turns her on. As she watches, she pleasures herself.  Whether standing or sitting on the floor, she furiously rubs her clit and fingers her G-spot. As the man and woman we never see come nearer to their own explosive climax, Rilee does too.

And then an alarm goes off and Hayden Winters, another petite brunette with a medium pair of boobs, wakes up.  But she doesn't get out of bed.  A clever camera angle shows us reaching between her legs under the covers, but that is just the beginning.  Soon enough, she kicks the sheets to one side and pushes her nightshirt up above her perky bosom and rubs through the blue fabric of her panties for as long as she can bear before taking them off.  She flips over onto her stomach and uses a pink vibrator to start her day with a refreshing orgasm.  Like any good chef, she made sure to lick the spoon.  She rises from bed and heads to the bathroom...

The next face seen in the bathroom mirror is Kiera Winters.  This is the point at which I started to rewind to find out what was going on.  There's a theme here, a novel little way Eddie Powell decided to string the parts of this movie together.  The Art of Masturbation is being presented as the self-fulfillment chronicle of one young woman, portrayed by 6 porn queens.  Back to the bathroom, and Kiera (relation? who knows?) gets into the shower.  First she washes herself and teases.  Then she shaves, first her legs then her box.  After the razor, she turns the massaging shower head onto her clit to warm her up for a satisfying finish she achieves standing, and fingering herself from the back.  With a shower to start the day, our girl must get ready for work.  She dresses. She goes out to her truck.

And Capri Cavanni is driving herself to work. Capri is a change from the slim mold so far established.  She's petite like the rest, but her enhanced DD bust sets her apart here.  There's no clear trigger, maybe something on the radio, but all of a sudden, Capri feels the need to rub herself through her panties.  When she finally reaches her destination, it's all she can do to park before she is stripping out of her underwear and going wild with a magic bullet on her clit.  The brief foot focused shots in the prior scenes were too brief to mention.  Capri goes further for the foot fetishists.  There were extended closeup shots of her feet and she ran the magic bullet across her soles as well. She licks and sucks her own toes with such passion.  With the bullet on her clit, and two fingers in, her desire grows and grows until it explodes and she is left spent.  After a great release, she composes herself before walking through the doors of her office.

Walking through her office doors, Allesandra Snow makes her coffee and goes to her desk.  Allesandra is a brunette with bigger breasts than the petites in the beginning. She also uses a toy to get what she wants, a stress relieving orgasm.  This scene was a little different because she did the desd in an office chair, as opposed to a bed, the shower or the front seat of a truck.  Not much work will get done unless she can scratch her erotic itch.  Soon she shuts door and begins to relieve her frustration.  Now she can work.

When she arrives home, as blonde Lilly Banks, she needs to relax. Lilly has some more meat on her bones, but isn't fat, not even thick; but more than a stick with tits. She tries to get some reading in, but the story in the book must have aroused her.  She puts it down to tend to herself.  Like the others, she is heavy on the clit rubbing and G-spot fingering.  The most strokeable moment of the ovie was Lilly diddling, seen in a shot from the rear with her ass on marvelous display.  Now she can finish her book and go to sleep.

Final Thoughts:  Once I could grasp what was going on with the different performers in each scene, I really appreciated the alternative cinematic approach.  The inspired wonderment enhanced the titilation.  Who would be next? How would the transition take place?  When a work makes me ask myself questions, and continue to watch so those questions are answered, In find that to be compelling presentation.  The Art of Masturbation gets a solid Recommended rating.  It provides good material for the man or woman, couples who love the femal form can enjoy this as well.  The replay valueis high, as another look through might give a better sense of the "story".  If the main feature was a little softcore for you, the bonus scene takes it up a notch and so, keeps the short duration from being a major detractor.

(From NewSensations.com) Solo passion soars to new levels as six horny darlings showcase their experience in the art of masturbation. Watch as Hayden Winters, Capri Cavanni, Allesandra Snow, Kiera Winters, Lilly Banks, and Rilee Marks tease their bodies in the secret ways that only they would know. It's the ultimate lesson in sexual pleasure -- The Art Of Masturbation