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Arrangement, The

  • Release date:
    January 1, 1970

The Arrangement


Genre: Feature

Director: Paul Thomas

Cast: Kira Kener, Tyce Bune, Randy Spears, Jodie Moore, Kiwi, Evan Stone, April Flowers, Cherie, Cheyne Collins

Length: 89.5 minutes

Date of Production: 11/17/01

Extra's: 5 unrelated bonus scenes, short Kira biography, positions room (go to the types of sex acts you want without scanning), photogalleries, short behind the scenes feature, double sided dvd cover, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame. The picture was grainy and the colors bled a bunch. The fleshtones looked off and the blacks were not true video black. The focus was often soft and there were other minor issues that detracted from the heat. The sound was in stereo English with no subtitles available. The dialogue was generally clear except in a couple of scenes where they were too low. The music was at a reasonable level and that helped maintain the proper atmosphere. I also noticed some major glitches that caused the picture to jump, much like dropouts would on a videotape. Generally, that's related to the dvd transfer but it only happened a few times.

Body of Review: The Arrangement is a story about a murder mystery where an investigator, Tyce, attempts to figure out who killed a woman. Kira is shown as the lead here but April has more screen time and Evan does too. Regardless, the feature is not so intensive that you can't enjoy the sex scenes but fans of features may want to look elsewhere. Here's a list of the scenes by cast and action:

Scene One: Kira, the cutie on the dvd cover, and Tyce, known user of viagra, had a scene on a bed. Oral and straight only with, as always, a condom. (I don't care either way about rubbers but some of you do-Vivid almost always has them). The scene was pretty weak in most ways but fans of Kira will appreciate it.

Scene Two: Kira once more takes up the challenge and this time has sex with Randy, one of the best woodsmen in the jizz bizz. The two did each other on a mobile home bed and it seemed slightly warm. The BJ was great though. Yum!

Scene Three: Jodie, a cute blonde from Australia, and Kiwi, a gal with a sweetly round ass, took on Evan in a bed. Jodie made this scene a winner for me although it wasn't the best one I've seen her in (I guess she's dropped the .com from her name which she used to use to promote her website).

Scene Four: April, sporting black hair here, took on Randy outdoors at night. I like both of them but this scene really lacked chemistry and heat. Pass!

Scene Five: Cherie, a lean young brunette, took on both Cheyne and Randy in a living room. There was some real energy here which is cool since I generally don't care that much for her work. Maybe something has changed in that regard but I'll keep my eye open for her other stuff.

Scene Six: April, in the penultimate scene (well, sort of), took on Evan on a bed in the apartment. This time, her performance was much better. I just wish it lasted longer.

Summary: Not a bad little movie to Rent. Based on the story, sex, and cast, I think it'd even be worth buying when the price comes down. It's not the hottest movie on the market but it's pretty good for it's limitations. Fans of Kira and April may want to rate it higher though.

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