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Teens Make You Cum the Most #2

  • Release date:
    July 9, 1999

The Feature:
Yeah baby, more porn to review! Today's review is for Vivid's latest compilation starring Tia Bella, appropriately titled, "Hollywood Orgies Tia Bella." Now, if you didn't already know it was coming (pun intended), it's Kleenex time!

The "Kleenex Scale" is done on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being a strong scene, and 1 being a limp one. The main feature consists of 10 scenes with a total running time of around 100 minutes. Here are the scene breakdowns:

Scene #1 – Tia Bella w/ Johnnie Black, Roxanne Hall, Dee, Rob, AJ, Tim Hard & Rich Handsome
Too much going on here to give a good play-by-play. Lots of oral/blowjobs. Tia gets missionary, but all momentum is lost because of a storyline that makes no sense.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #2 – Tia Bella w/ Janine, Charlie, Roxanne Hall, Tye, Randi Rage & Stephanie Swift
Lots of S&M here, as whips, strap ons, and leather are all accounted for. Good action here.
Kleenex Rating: 3

Scene #3 – Tia Bella w/ Sydnee Steele & Elle Devyne
Church sex! The girls work each other over, coming up with inventive ways to give each other oral. They bust out a double-ended dildo (what kind of church is this!?!?).
Kleenex Rating: 3

Scene #4 – Tia Bella w/ Cheyenne Silver, Dee, Corinne Williams & Vince Vouyer
Vince is a lucky guy. Tia blows him, and the girls work each other over. Missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, and he cums on her tits.
Kleenex Rating: 3.5

Scene #5 – Tia Bella w/ Charlie & Sindee Coxx
It's makeup chair sex! Tia is getting the star treatment, and gets worked over by Charlie. Sindee fingers Charlie. They use a dildo, and do oral on each other.
Kleenex Rating: 3

Scene #6 – Tia Bella w/ Jenteal, Leslie Glass, Janine, Heather Hunter, Kobe Tai & Dyanna Lauren
Everyone pairs off and goes to work. With scenes like this, its impossible to keep up with everything, so I won't. Rest assured they do oral, use their fingers, and have vibrators handy.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #7 – Tia Bella w/ Johnnie Black & Marc Wallace
It's a chain of oral until the ladies double team Marc's penis. Doggy for Tia, anal for Johnnie (Johnnie's a girl). He cums on Johnnie's tits.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #8 – Tia Bella w/ Lori Michaels & Felecia
Standard three-way scene here. Lots of oral, lots of fingering, and some double teaming.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #9 – Tia Bella w/ Ashley Renee & Corinne Williams
Man, Tia doesn't do too many guys, does she? Once again, standard stuff, as there's a bunch of oral, and they use vibrators. Eh.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #10 – Tia Bella w/ Heather Hunter, Leslie Glass, Janine, Lexus, Dyanna Lauren, Kobe Tai & Jenteal
Once again, lots of oral, although I'm curious why some of them are chained up. Some good stuff here.
Kleenex Rating: 3

The full-frame 1.33:1 presentation varies from scene to scene. Scenes are shot differently, so grain and a soft picture can be expected at times. Some scenes look better than others.

A 2.0 soundtrack presents all the cheesy music, moans, bad dialogue, and thrusts that your sound system can handle. Everything sounds about standard as far as pornos go. Besides, are you really buying this DVD for the audio?

Interactive menus filled with clips from the chapters as digitized porn music loops over and over again. Standard fare for Vivid DVDs.

3 bonus scenes.

Scene #11 – Shelbee Myne w/ Charleise Lamour, Phyllisha Anne Chastity, Rick Masters, Dave Hardman & Ian Daniels
Starts off with the sex. Blowjobs, and interestingly enough, one of the guys cums, stays hard, and continues to have sex. Boy that herbal Vivid stuff they advertise before these DVDs must work.
Kleenex Rating: 2.5

Scene #12 – Dee w/ Tyler, Shelbee Myne, Raylin, Rob, Mark Davis, Jon Dough & Billy Glide
Cheerleader sex! Lots of oral, blowjobs, and sex. Lots of different positions (including a whole lotta anal). Scene finishes off with a couple facials.
Kleenex Rating: 3

Scene #13 – Cassidey w/ Taylor St. Claire, Dale Dabone & Eric Price
Everybody goes at it, and it becomes an orgy before they partner off. Lots of oral, blowjobs, and sex. A good scene anchored by Cassidey.
Kleenex Rating: 3.5

There are additional features including a photo gallery, previews, phone sex commercials, on the set with vivid, and more.

Final Thoughts:
Well, I'm not a big fan of this DVD. There's too many all female scenes, and there's nothing here we haven't seen before. If anything, the bonus scenes are more interesting than the main feature. "Rent It".

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