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Teenage Rampage 10

  • Release date:
    July 8, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 57m
  • Cast:
    Alana Rains|Roxanne Rae|Madison Chandler|Porno Dan|Roxy Lovette

Genre: Gonzo, Teens

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Alana Rains, Madison Chandler, Roxanne Rae, Roxy Lovette

Length: 1 hr. 59 mins.

Release Year: 2013

Extras: Trailers

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Fair Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $24.99

Overview: Teenage Rampage Vol. 10 introduces us to four attractive starlets that get dick slammed for the better part of two hours sans musical scores, title cards and sleek video transitions. It’s all about the action.

Scene 1 – Roxanne Rae: (5/5) After a brief introduction an enthusiastic Roxanne Rae sits at the edge of a tan leather couch and sucks her partner’s flaccid cock, rendering it stiffer than a slab of concrete in mere seconds. She’s a gifted longhaired brunette with perky c-cup titties that really knows how to work a shaft. And at times she struggles to fit the man meat in her mouth and gags a bit. The starlet lies down as the stud eases his cock in, like a gentleman, before pounding the holy hell out that pussy. Roxanne is really turned on and this translates to a great viewing experience. Next she rides her partner with reckless abandon as the dude’s balls flap against the teen’s tight buns. After some intense spooning, the male talent gives it to Roxanne from behind while the starlet’s face is buried in the couch cushions. This girl gets fucked so hard she actually blurts out, “I can’t even think straight!” while her eyes roll back like a shark. This was a great opening scene.

Scene 2 –Roxy Lovette: (3/5) Roxy is a thick, good-looking blonde with a rather impressive resume. She tells us during the quick interview portion of her scene that before sucking meat pole became a career plan she was a gymnast, cheerleader and dancer. Porno Dan, the movie’s emcee of sorts, is absolutely enamored with Roxy’s fat pussy lips and fingers her mercilessly while he mashes a vibrator into her clit. This goes on for a while before ole Dan decides to stick it in the starlet. At this point the vibrator is still featured prominently and makes repeat appearances throughout the vignette. Roxy rides Dan cowgirl before switching to reverse cowgirl to show off her large breasts. While she’s lying on her back Dan’s there to pump away before depositing a dollop of special sauce in the starlet’s mouth. The fun doesn’t stop there and includes some additional screen time where Dan breaks out the pleasure toy, yet again, with the hope that Roxy will squirt, I guess. That really doesn’t work out, though. Dan, however, does go back for seconds and with the aid of yet another felating female he ends up cumming in Roxy’s mouth for a second time.


Scene 3 –Alana Rains: (3/5) For whatever reason Porno Dan is dressed like a leprechaun in this one. He quickly introduces Alana and in no time flat the starlet is on the couch, on her back, with dick in cooch. Alana is shown on the DVD box cover and is quite arguably the hottest starlet on here. Anyway, the dicking continues with Alana’s partner giving it to her harder and harder before breaking out the vibrator. Next up is a sloppy blowjob. It is on the sensual side, and the stud doesn’t impose any face-fucking on her—he just let’s her do her thing. There’s some spooning action that follows the blowjob take and this bit is pretty excellent. Alana instructs her partner to give it to her harder, and he doesn’t disappoint. After some thorough fuckin’ the stud pulls out and cums allover the leading lady’s pussy. And then we cut into some additional fuckin’. This time Porno Dan provides the penis and gives Alan a hard pounding. She rides him, they ‘69’ and then it’s off to some doggie style. The scene ends when Dan pulls out and shoots a load on Alana’s small, tight ass and that’s that.

Scene 4 – Madison Chandler: (3/5) Madison is a pretty southern belle with a few tattoos, pierced nipples and an all around fit body. Porno Dan jumps in for this scene and bangs Madison slowly while she rests her back on a couch, then he goes harder before eventually introducing a vibrator, Dan’s piece de resistance, if you will. Things move to some cowgirl before the starlet is on her back yet again with Dan pumping rhythmically to the hum of his prized fuck toy. Afterwards Madison rides Dan again, and lies down on the couch once last time to entertain Dan’s lovemaking. Sir Porno asks Madison if he can jizz on her belly button, she says ‘yes’ and he does. End scene.

Final Summation: The formula this film adheres to is the old tried and true approach of getting a few young starlets together for some quick boy/ girl scenes, including as little setup as possible and in keeping with the theme, leaving little room for tedious introductions. Something definitely worth mentioning is that this whole production feels like it was slapped together on a shoestring budget. The set doesn’t change and as previously mentioned, there are no musical scores and no sleek video transitions. The DVD menu is as basic as you can get and there are no extras safe for some trailers. There is also a fair share of technical problems, too. The camera is sometimes shaky and goes in and out of focus. Again, it feels like a really cheap production. With all of these strikes against it, Teenage Rampage Vol. 10 is still enjoyable. It features a nice small cast, good vibes are shared on set and these are decent sex scenes overall. If you can find this DVD at a reduced price I would recommend it for purchase, but I don’t think I’d pay list price for this one.



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