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Streaker Girls

  • Release date:
    April 17, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 27m
  • Cast:
    Tasha Reign|Seth Gamble|Capri Anderson|Heather Vahn|Danny Mountain|Rikki Six|Dane Cross|Chris Johnson


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Streaker Girls

Juicy Entertainment/Reign Productions

Genre: Feature

Director: Tasha Reign

Cast: Tasha Reign, Seth Gamble, Capri Anderson, Heather Vahn, Danny Mountain, Rikki Six, Dane Cross, Chris Johnson

Length: 87:07 minutes

Date of Production: 2/24/2013


Extras: The best extra was the 20:07 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, the production including a lot of clips from the making of the movie. Some of it showed sex, other parts dealt with the still shoots, and the rest showed portions being set up or practiced. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, and web access to Tasha’s website (Tashareign.com).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Streaker Girls was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Tasha Reign for Juicy Entertainment  their distribution deal with Reign Productions. Each of the scenes had a different approach to it, the cramped car scene starting things off looking appropriate for the events of the show even if not my preferred angle since I like to see all the action clearly. The orgy scenes were the least favorable for me given they seemed to be shot with a single camera when two or three would have provided the editor more footage to work with, another scene so dark that the color saturation alone weakened the end result. Still, while the technical aspects allow Tasha and her crew a lot of growing room, I could not deny that some sparks flew and the ladies all looked stunning (especially Tasha Reign herself) so while your mileage may well vary, I see the young lady getting better with time & experience. The aural aspects of the movie were also straightforward, the vocals clear enough and the music nonintrusive, even some minor ambient noises tossed in for effect. The usual moans and groans did not deliver the goods especially effectively but the limited dirty talk did help, this area perhaps needing some polishing up too.

Body of Review: Tasha Reign is an attractive blond porn performer with a great body, appealing face, and enough sexual stamina to please even the toughest of critics. Of late, the cute babe has been working with Juicy Entertainment as a means of distributing her own line of movies, each of them I’ve seen showing a lot of promise, getting better, and giving me more to appreciate (though I have not seen “Slumber Party Cupcake Sluts”, her directorial debut full of gorgeous ladies). Her latest release is called Streaker Girls, her second movie credited as director and as expected, it featured Tasha in three of the scenes, other cute women joining her to provide a cute feature about school girls getting nailed by each other and their men. Before I go too far, let me acknowledge that I truly loved the front cover and thought it deserved a full sized poster. It was reminiscent of mainstream box office bomb “Sucker Punch”, the combined elements hopefully getting Tasha’s movies additional attention given the truism that box covers sell movies. As far as the content of the show, the scenes were shorter than I prefer and some of the choices made could have been better but fans will appreciate that Tasha does her first on camera DP (double penetration), that sweet ass of hers always worthy of any attention it gets. Tasha is joined by Capri Anderson, Rikki Six, and Heather Vahn too; all good reasons to give it a look as far as I’m concerned.

The company press release for the production said this: “Tasha Reign’s newest Reign Productions DVD, the back-to-school party “Streaker Girls,” will hit retail shelves and online stores April 17. The DVD features Tasha’s first DP (double-penetration) scene – a scene fans have anticipated since the blonde beauty first entered the adult industry. “Streaker Girls” is available exclusively through Juicy Entertainment. In “Streaker Girls,” schoolgirls Reign, Capri Anderson, Rikki Six, and Heather Vahn star in the on-campus sex romp in boy / girl, anal, and all-girl orgy action – all to earn the “pink streaks” in their hair post-tryst. Tasha ups the coed ante when she allows Danny Mountain and Chris Johnson to feature in her first on-camera DP. “I wanted to take this movie to the very edge, under my rules, which is why I decided to perform my very first DP in my own production,” says Tasha. “And I have my sexiest girlfriends at the ready to show our fans how naughty schoolgirls can be. Guys are going to drool over ‘Streaker Girls’ – they better brace themselves for this super sexy film.” Tasha adds, “The response to my DVDs from Reign Productions has been nothing short of amazing. Pre-orders for our new releases, such as ‘Streaker Girls,’ have been incredible; stores as well as fans continue to request my titles over and over, and I’m thrilled. It inspires me to keep producing more sexy titles.” Reign Productions' first venture, ”Tasha Reign Is Sexy!” released on Halloween of last year. Hardcore showcase “Some Like It Kinky” followed, which features Tasha in all 5 scenes – solo, boy/girl, girl/girl, and foot worship action. Reign Productions’ winning streak continued with “Girly Girls Like It Rough,” “Slumber Party Cupcake Sluts,” and now “Streaker Girls.” Along with the production studio, Reign owns and operates her membership site, TashaReign.com, and an online store, MyTashaReign.com. Her recently established site CallTasha.com allows fans to speak one-on-one with Reign from anywhere in the world, using cell or landline phones, and she operates her own Clips4Sale store, “Tasha’s Secret Life,” with exclusive content featuring herself in a variety of scenes including solo, toys, girl/girl, threesomes, anal, kink, and more.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Tasha Reign, the fetching young lass featured on the upper half of the front cover, was up first in a heated little tryst with Seth Gamble in a car. She initially played hard to get and standoffish, her pretty eyes and school uniform appealing to him even before she felt his package and kissed him. He then lifted her skirt to reveal her garish thong, her juices used to draw his attention in the first place before they climbed into the car where he sucked her tits and she ground her ass into his lap. She slobbed his knob while he fingered her, the guy reciprocating by gobbling her gash briefly in the closed quarters which showed off her shaven snatch. They then engaged in a few positions of active vaginal porking, Tasha taking his resulting genetic juice to her mouth though not swallowing it as it ran down her face and onto her arm.


Scene Two: Capri Anderson, Heather Vahn, and teacher Danny Mountain were up next in a classroom setting where the impatient man lightly punished the ladies when they did not perform as expected. He swatted Heather first, soon fingering her precious pucker while Capri watched, the ladies double teaming him orally as they knelt before him during the blowjob portion of the short tryst. Capri seemed most aggressive for wanting his rod while Heather seemed devoted to his balls, each gal sharing before they mounted his face and rod for some active riding. Heather took the baloney pony first in cowgirl, Capri getting drilled in doggy as she ate Heather’s shaven snatch. They ladies ate each other out as Danny moved around to bone both of them in a few positions and then he launched his modest wad of population pudding onto Capri’s crotch.


Scene Three: Tasha Reign, Rikki Six, Capri Anderson, and Heather Vahn, were then up in a lesbian orgy which lacked any ball batter at all, the gals bathing and gossiping in their skirts before taking to a bed for each to get some oral loving. Rikki was the initial focal point but the ladies spent some time with boobs, pussy, and ass on all of them, some small pocket rocket vibrators helping to liven things up. I liked the ass in the air look the best but the overall camera work was not the most flattering, a common ailment of the show, the vocals hollow as the gals got off together. It was all over too soon though, the theme of the hair color streaks as a way to show entry into the inner circle of things noted for the record.


Scene Four: Rikki Six, the busty blond bombshell featured on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next with moper Dane Cross after Tasha used her skills to secure than a private place to have fun. Rikki tripped for him and he played a suitably nervous first timer, her lengthy hair and enhanced boobs drawing his attention a lot as she assisted him with taking his pants off. They kissed and she sucked him off, her tasty ass held in the air as she bent over to inhale his modest member soundly. He then rubbed her crotch in the poorly cropped scene as she jerked him off, more blowjob work leading to him applying some oral on her tits and shaven pussy, some relatively passive vaginal penetration positions leading to his nuts busting some spunk onto her crotch and torso for tasting.


Scene Five: Tasha Reign, once again dressed in her school girl outfit, was up last to give Chris Johnson and Danny Mountain some loving after Danny saw a recording of her earlier tryst. He figured he would give her an oral exam, Tasha spreading her legs as she climbed onto his brown couch to get some loving from him, kneeling down to blow him after an all too brief tease session. They kissed, she blew him briefly, he ate her out, and then Chris joined in after some vaginal porking took place, Chris offering her mouth a treat to suck on before her ass was abused by the guys during some anal and the advertised DP. Tasha looked great but the camera work was substandard much of the time, her passive riding here not her best work by a long shot though the lighting was generally good on anything other than the close up shots. The scene ended when the men beat off some splooge to her face and open mouth as she knelt before them, Tasha giving some post coital head while maintaining eye contact.

Summary: Streaker Girls by director Tasha Reign for Juicy Entertainment was quirky but fun, full of attractive ladies, and well worth giving a shot to see if you might enjoy it. Tasha is very physically attractive and as her crew learns how to better convey her sexual ideas, I am sure she will become a contender for all sorts of critical accolades from those like me who don’t just kiss ass all the time rather than rely on the usual fanboys to stroke her ego. I completely understand the appeal of Tasha given her works to date that I have seen and I hope to see more of them as well, the sexy young looker well ahead of many of her peers in expanding her audience. I rated this one as a Rent It for the issues with the technical matters, the brevity of the scenes/movie itself, and the relative lack of elements I am looking for in a porno but decide for yourself because there was a lot to enjoy too. In short, Streaker Girls laid out a blueprint for future success that I hope Tasha Reign continues to work on, the sexy young lady providing more than meets the eye (though I really like what I see in her too).