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North Pole 100

  • Release date:
    January 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 42m
  • Cast:
    Peter North|Craven Moorehead|Tiffany Price|Courtney Taylor|Jessie Alba|Tasha Reign|Jenna J. Ross


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North Pole 100

North Pole Enterprises

Genre: All Sex

Director: Craven Moorehead

Cast: Tasha Reign, Peter North, Jessie” Courtney James” Alba, Chris Johnson, Holly Taylor, Jenna J. Ross, Tiffany Price, Andrew Andretti

Length: 102:10 minutes

Date of Production: 2012

Extras: The only extras were the trailers and the photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: North Pole 100 was offered up in letter boxed, non-anamorphic widescreen, the sides cropped to provide the look desired by director Craven Moorehead for North Pole Enterprises. Craven worked the camera and served as director, Mikey Knuckles was the lighting expert, and Jaclyn Donaghy was the editor, the technical aspects of the scenes generally very crisp and clean. I would have preferred more tease footage and a less generic approach to the sexual trysts but fans of the ladies will certainly find the look of the scenes pretty good or better. The aural components of the show were more generic though, the vocals heard and the minimal music not getting in the way but rarely enhancing the scenes as they could have either.


Body of Review: Craven Moorehead has been directing (and performing) for years now, his works for North Pole Enterprises, New Sensations, and Pure Play Media enough to merit a number of award nods. While I rarely get to see his titles outside of award voting these days, North Pole 100struck me as a milestone production so I picked it up to see how the popular series has kept up with the times. The approach here was basic, find some attractive women and let them engage in oral and vaginal sex with some meat puppets, the best (by far) of which being well known star Peter North. Peter’s ability to provide huge loads of genetic juice aside, he has been a fixture in mainstream porn for a very long time, the key selling point of the entire movie being to showcase Xcritic blogger Tasha Reign in her first anal scene. One look at the front cover will tell you exactly why this gorgeous young lady is special on a physical level, her words in her ongoing blog showing a whole different side as to why she is a quality babe. With four scenes, Tasha led the pack but Tiffany Price, Jenna J. Ross, Holly Taylor, and Jessie Alba all provided some quality eye candy as well. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Tasha Reign, the attractive blond featured on the front cover (and renowned Xcritic blogger), was up first as she lounged in bed wearing a fancy blue dress and tiara. Peter North, dressed in street clothing, walked in and surprised her, the two exchanging verbal bantering about her waiting for him all day. Tasha leaned over to stroke the bulge growing in his pants, her boobs lmost falling out of her dress as she slobbed his knob actively. I really liked how she maintained some superior eye contact with him, stroking his manhood and taking as much of him into her mouth as possible. The manner in which she savored his pecker was inspiring, Peter reciprocating by gobbling her gash as she pulled her thong to the said to grant him greater access. They fucked vaginally with and without her dress on her body, the gal soon taking his throbbing boner anally as advertised on the cover as her first on camera anal. As he split her shitter, she screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, the gal growing more active at riding as the scene continued with her anal orgasm. Tasha looked just as sexy, maybe even more sexy, as they spooned and she embraced her inner slut, the ending nut of splooge glazing her face and mouth to end the scene (Tasha providing a special message after that).


Scene Two: Jessie “Courtney James” Alba, a really lean brunette with pretty eyes, was up next as she walked over to Chris Johnson, in a stately living room by some large stairs, her tiny plaid skirt and minimal top soon discarded as he checked her out. She was all smiles as her all natural body was exposed to the strong lighting, soon kissing and titty play with fingering resulting in them retiring to the small bed upstairs. He continued probing her shaven snatch and gobbling her gash, her overdoing the moans weakening the tryst for me somewhat though she was clearly no stranger to giving blowjobs or vaginally riding a cock. She was modestly active at it initially but gave more of herself as time progressed, the guy unable to hold out for long as he tossed out a wad of spunk to her open mouth for swallowing.


Scene Three: Holly Taylor, a curvy blond, and attractive brunette Jenna J. Ross, were up next on the couch with Peter North. There was no specific scenario here, the ladies undressing each other as he watched, some minor lesbian play resulting in Peter rimming Holly. The ladies then took off his pants and began licking his pecker and balls slowly, savoring the taste of the veteran performer until they took turns riding his face and cock vaginally. Holly sat on his face while Jenna aggressively bounced on his cock, the ladies then sliding into a 69 where Peter rewarded Holly for her patience as Jenna licked both of them. They continued trading places until Peter beat off a round of population pudding to the ladies kneeling before him; the gals cleaning him off orally until some slow motion shots of the pop shot were provided.


Scene Four: Tiffany Price, a curvy blond wearing a blue mesh top and matching bikini undies, was up last as she teased in a generic living room setting. Her booty shorts provided a nice look at her fleshy ass and camel toe, Andrew Andretti joining her on a light green couch to paw her like he was a clumsy newcomer. He soon worked his way down her crotch and licked her fairly well, sharing a taste of her pussy before offering her his pecker to suck. She handled his meaty member well enough here, the guy telling her what he wanted though she looked at him like he was out of his mind at least once. The no hands hummer was the best portion of her oral, her initially passive vaginal ride showing some promise as time wore on, the gal best in cowgirl and doggy from what I saw. An abrupt edit then showed him dropping a goodly sized load of ball batter, some of it looking fake but there was enough to coat her face all the same.

Summary: North Pole 100 by director Craven Moorehead for North Pole Enterprises stood out first and foremost as a showcase for lovely Tasha Reign’s first anal scene, the perky young hotty worth picking up a copy of the title all by herself. The other scenes were a bit modest in terms of staying power for me but as you can see from the trailers linked to the above screen captures, fans of the other ladies will have ample eye candy to appreciate too, my rating of Rent It showing you will definitely want to give this volume a peek and perhaps even stay for awhile, the lack of extras and modest running time weakening it somewhat for me. In short then, North Pole 100 proved Peter North was still launching copious amounts of baby batter on some of the loveliest ladies in porn, his peers populating the other half of the show not as solid performers by any means. Still, there was plenty to appreciate here so give it a look.


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