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Sydney Leathers: Weiner and Me

  • Release date:
    October 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 16m
  • Cast:
    Sydney Leathers|Evan Stone|Xander Corvus|Tommy Pistol

Sydney Leathers: Weiner and Me XXX
Vivid Celeb
Directed by Kimberly Kane
Date of Production
Running Time


Sydney Leathers
Xander Corvus

Special Features: NA

Technical Stats: NA

Overall Thoughts:

In Sydney Leathers: Weiner and Me she holds nothing back as she not only reveals all about the scandal, but shows the world why Weiner, aka "Carlos Danger", was so turned on by her. Weiner and Me is as much comedy as it is sexy. Featuring cameos from world famous porn stars Evan Stone and others. Watch Sydney take Carlos Dangers' dagger today! The girl next door has really gone to the wild side.

As the word bumper states, I think this is more a parody than a sex tape, and you will laugh a few times, especially the casting part. Tommy, Xander, and Evan are comedy gold.

Well for me, for the most part when it comes to the celebrity sex tapes,  I could care less, none of the celebrities I am interested in, haven’t released one yet. And much like the Farrah Abraham one, this one has some baggage with it, as I am not sure if you should even put this in the sex tape category, more of a parody of what happened, or would have happened if those two phone sex lovers would have met.

But having said that, I will say that I am going to still give this a RECOMMENDED, even though this review was based on watching it online, on the VIVID CELEB site. So the technical and special features were not in play, but I have to say that when a DVD release happens, I am sure they will keep my rating the same.  You may have no interest in seeing this, but I would at least say give it a shot on rental, perhaps you will be impressed a little too.

Scene One: 17:56

“Casting the Wieners”

After she picks her wiener, we find her on the bed, naked as she looks at her phone and then breaks out a few vibrators, patriotic colors by the way, and uses them on her pussy. Some moaning and boob play as she gets going.

Scene Two: 13:35

She shows off her artistic side as she paints a portrait of his cock and then finds her way to his cock and swallows it, and have to say it seems like she knows a thing or two, some nice tongue work and even some love for his balls. He helps her a bit, as he grabs her hair and shoves her mouth on it and then gives her the hint to jerk him off, before she is back to swallowing him. He takes over and jerks off, as she presents her painting as a landing zone for his cum.

Scene Three:  36:07 (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

Well we have the oral out of the way, I think it’s finally time to get to some full on sex. He’s going to give her tits some love, followed by some heated kisses, as her top slides off and it’s back to some titty appreciation from his mouth and hands. He reaches around and gives her pussy some finger love, as he spends some more time with her tits, must be a boob guy. He lays her down on the bed, and dives his tongue in her pussy, while trying to keep her legs positioned just right for the camera. Even she can’t seem to keep her hands off her tits. As she opens his pants, it’s back to what we just spent the previous segment watching, once again, some moments that stand out here and there. He flips her around and gets a nice hold of her booty as he slides in from behind, darting his cock deep inside her pussy. For the fans of the booty, she’s got plenty to enjoy. He turns her on her side and continues to send waves down her booty. He lays down and after some more oral appreciation, including lots of tongue and ball work. She backs her booty on his cock, as her booty fills up the screen. Few instances of awkward, but that is somewhat expected with a newbie. There is something about her that reminds me a little of Kelly Divine. She lays back as they continue with some missionary, as he picks up the pace a little, along with some choking and slapping. He pulls out and jerks off on her tits and stomach.

Scene Four: 6:57

And here is where we get the story of what happened, and a little more about her and what she likes in bed of course.


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