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Superfuckers #18

  • Release date:
    January 21, 2003

Superfuckers 18


Genre: Anal, All Sex

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Luiza De Marco, Titof, Bob Terminator, Gabriela Tchekan, James Brossman, Joachim, Gina, Esmeralda, Kevin Long, Jiri, Zsuza, Alain Deloin, Timea, Rebecca, Greg Centauro, Rachel

Length: 124.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/10/02 (box), 8/02 (credits)

Extra's: Director's profile, slide show, trailers, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The audio dubbing was weak but otherwise the sound was okay. The camera work often zoomed in too close and lost sight of the main event which was a pain in the rear. Otherwise, the picture looked okay if a bit grainy.

Body of Review: Pierre Woodman is a European director known for his many movies with Private Pictures. He is also known for filming scenes with a lot of anal action and no holds barred sex. In Superfuckers 18, he delivers what he's known for although the sex seemed lacking in chemistry more often than not. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast but keep in mind that Hustler didn't see fit to add credits here and many are best guesses:

Scene One: Luiza, owner of a nicely shaped ass, took on two guys in oral, straight, anal and DP action before the facial. I didn't like her ass and crotch zits but the action wasn't bad.

Scene Two: This was a photoshoot for Barely Legal 10. It had Gabriela, James and Joachim screwing around but they kept stopping for the camera which killed the heat.

Scene Three: Gina and Esmeralda took on Bob and his buddy in an office. The sex included all the oral, straight and anal you'd expect as well as the DP and facials. It was also okay if lacking chemistry.

Scene Four: Zsuza and Alain boned in a hotel room with a great view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. She was too lean for me and the sex was not great.

Scene Five: In another photoshoot, this one from 7/7/99, Timea, Bob, and James worked themselves up for the camera. It was pretty good but I'd have rather watched them go non-stop.

Scene Six: Rebecca took on 3 guys here doing all of the above sexual stuff. Well done with some minor heat.

Scene Seven: Rachel had a short solo scene after teasing the viewer between each scene of the movie.

Summary: This was not a high point in Woodman's career to say the least, nor was it one of the better Hustler dvds of late. If you are a big fan of one or more of the performers here, it may be worth a rental but otherwise I'd suggest skipping it and getting one of their better releases. The technical values were nothing special and the women weren't generally doing more than spreading their legs without passion (except as noted). You do get a lot of time for your money but this is a case where quality would've been preferred over quantity. Sorry.


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