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Sugar Mamas

  • Release date:
    June 3, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 37m
  • Cast:
    Cherie DeVille|Aaliyah Love|Jodi Taylor|Sovereign Syre|Lily Cade|Michelle Lay|Pepper Kester|Daisy Layne|Laurel Norton

Genre: Gonzo, All Sex, MILF, Old & Young Females, All Girl/Lesbian

Director: Lily Cade

Cast: Michelle Lay, Daisy Layne, Lily Cade, Laurel Norton, Pepper Kester, Aaliyah Love, Sovereign Syre, Cherie DeVille, Jodi Taylor

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent.

Length: 2 hours, 38 minutes

Release Date: 6/3/13

Extras: Extras included Slideshow, Strip Teases, and Trailers

Condoms: No

Overview: Sugar Mamas is Lily Cade’s idea of how women in power seduce their kittens to be. These cougars are super sexy but with money and power, they can definitely have it all. Their sweet young things also want what they want . . . money, power and sex, and they get it good in this sizzling story by Lily, one of the finest lenswoman when it comes to filming girl on girl filth.

Scene 1 Lily, Sovereign

Lily catches Sovereign’s eye while at a poker party. Lily is actually there serving as a sort of manservant to Daisy Lane. But instead of serving Daisy, Lily decides to go with Sovereign who treats and fucks her good. Lily actually plays the more dominant role as she teaches Sovereign a few things she taught Daisy, causing Sovereign to cream as Lily gives her tongue a workout on Sovereign’s juicy twat.

Scene 2 Aaliyah, Cherie

Cherie takes Aaliyah under her wing to be a better poker player. Aaliyah seems to get it but needs much more personal attention so Cherie decides to give her some additional lessons. They put the cards away and the two instantly start making out, going at it non-stop. The two definitely show a deep attraction towards one another. The ladies engage in plenty of ass play, their eyes rolling around as their tongues do a good job of getting each other off.

Scene 3 Michelle, Pepper

Michelle catches Pepper cheating on a test and since she’s about to graduate, blackmails Pepper into having sex with her. Pepper doesn’t seem to mind especially since she’s willing to do anything not to get into trouble. Michelle undresses Pepper, getting worked up seeing her naked body, and the two go at it. Neither lady misses a chance to sample one another’s sweet spots and carry on with a wild cougar/kitten sex scene until they both pop.

Scene 4 Daisy, Lily, Jodi

After a brief sequence of the past pairings having sex, Daisy begins to think about her future without Lily. She meets Lily on the street and wants her back. Lily tells her no but will find her a replacement. She introduces Daisy to Jodi, also dressed similarly like Lily in a business suit which gets Daisy turned on having two butch girls manhandling her. There’s no other way to describe it since Jodi and Lily have their way with her. Both ladies suck on Daisy’s tits and finger bang Daisy while Daisy lays back and enjoys the attention. Once Jodi is undressed, her ass belongs to Daisy who eats it out while Lily looks on. These three ladies engage in pretty rough lesbian sex that will certainly leave viewers blasting a hot load while watching the girls go all out sexually on each other.

Summary: Lily Cade delivers as a performer and director and this is a fine example of her prowess in front of and behind the camera. The story is believable and the sex is raw. It ain’t lovey dovey lesbian lovemaking. Lily makes a film guys and gals can spank it to. It does have a run time of almost three hours so be prepared for long setups and scenarios to be established, but the dialogue does move along nicely. That said, if you want to get right to the sex you’re in for a treat. The ladies demonstrate good chemistry but the closing scene is truly erotic. Watching Jodi and Lily in business suits tag teaming against the older, feminine Daisy is quite unique, certainly something you don’t often see in mainstream lesbian porn flicks. That’s a scene you won’t be able to wait around to see. It’s a scorcher. I’m definitely Recommending this one.


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