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Strip Tease Then Fuck

  • Release date:
    August 15, 2003

Strip Tease Then Fuck

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Wendi Knight (box and credits), Mike Quasarman (Behind the Scenes)

Cast: Karina, Toni Ribas, Mason, Ben English, Sophia, Dani Woodward, Mark Wood, Friday, Manuel Ferrara, Trinity

Length: 134.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/29/03 to 6/24/03

Extra's: 11.5 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, cumshot recap, photogallery, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. There were some problems with over saturated colors here-I think it was due to the lighting, and this caused some grain as well. I didn't see as many motion artifacts this time and that was a plus but the audio needs sprucing up too.

Body of Review: Zero Tolerance is a company that advertises they have zero tolerance for: dumb fucking dialogue, ugly bitches, stretch marks, Tijuana boob jobs, stupid tattoos, fake orgasms, limp cocks, weak pop shots, hookers who hate fucking, sorry ass suitcase pimps, crack whores, and bad pornography. The latest release by the company is Strip Tease Then Fuck which takes the stripper angle of look but don't touch to a new height, with actual sex afterwards. As a guy who's dropped a few bucks in the clubs over my life, I can appreciate the idea as much as anyone else alive. I think Mike was the real director here too since he's the one showing the cast what to do during their scene, he edited it, he's the one taking the stills, and his patented camera angles (sweaty ball dripping close at times) were employed-so maybe ZT can give him the proper credit once in awhile. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Karina, a cute blond that reminded me a lot of the lovely TJ Hart, and Toni, had a scene in a game room of a house by a pool table. She stuck with the format of stripping for him and teasing him but went to the sex fairly quickly, maybe too quickly, after that. I didn't like her implants but she seemed enthusiastic and fun to be with which made the scene a good one. After some great oral and straight sex, they did anal with a gape and spitting. Solid scene.

Scene Two: Mason, a sultry looking gal with dark hair and nice curves wearing a camisole and long gloves, broke the format almost immediately with Ben and the two did the deed by the staircase. She led him upstairs to the bed and they went from the previous oral to the straight sex right away. I liked how her ass shook when he did her (her on top) but she was definitely in violation of rule #5. Not a bad scene either although the lighting wasn't great.

Scene Three: Sophia, a hotty that looked like a local stripper I'm friendly with (at least when I have cash, if you get my drift), gave Toni a dance on the stairs. They took it to a more comfortable couch and the sex was very well done. It included oral, straight and even anal with a well-done reverse cowgirl shot. Yum!

Scene Four: Dani, a redhead that looked a bit like a cross between Cheyenne Silver and Raylene (without implants), took on the "Joe Average" of porn, Mark, on a red couch. I'm not overly familiar with her although her tattooed back looked like a major violation of rule #5, but her lean physique was fun to watch. They had oral and straight only with some energy displayed by this new gal

Scene Five: Friday, perhaps the easiest gal in porn to identify (she has a huge "F" tattooed above her crotch), sporting blond hair and some large implants, took care of Manuel. While I don't care for implants, her energy was infectious here and the playfulness he inspired made this a great scene. The piledriver action was good but her sense of humor about it all was better.

Scene Six: Trinity, the sweet looking brunette from Ass Cleavage 2, started off the scene by putting on some fishnet stockings with a garter and other "stripper-ware", before giving mark the ride of his week. The box advertised this as her first anal as well as her first scene in the business so the AC2 scene must've been filmed right after it (let's just say I have a talented eye for the slightest blemish when challenged). In any case, Mark is a good choice for a first anal since he's not as big as the other guys. The scene was okay but her scene in AC2 was much warmer.

Summary: I liked this one better than Grand Theft Anal, which was also directed by Wendi Knight but it still had those rough edges many of ZT's productions have. They're very close to "getting it right" but since they started backsliding on their "rules", I'm concerned that they just fall into the same old trap Metro did a few years back ("churning them out" is a phrase that comes to mind). Hopefully, they work on providing the type of porn they set out to make, which will be profitable for them if they can just get it done. I'm rating this as a Highly Recommended which is generous but based on the chemistry generated more than the production values displayed. It's a good show with a good concept but the next volume really needs to spend more time with the tease action (I can lend Mike and Wendi some of my Buttman dvds if they need a clue) if they want high marks.



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