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Truth Be Told…

  • Release date:
    March 29, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 50m
  • Cast:
    Steven St. Croix|Diana Prince|B. Skow|Marie Mccray|Zoe Holloway|Jayden Jaymes|Jessie Rogers


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Truth Be Told…

Girlfriends Films/Skow Digital

Genre: Feature

Director: B. Skow

Writer: David Stanley

Cast: Jessie Rogers, Kurt Lockwood, Steven St, Croix, Jayden Jaymes, Diana Prince, Marie McCray, Tommy Pistol, Zoe Holloway

Length: 110:48 minutes

Year of Release: 2013


Extras: The extras were limited here to some trailers and a couple of photogalleries.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Truth Be Told… was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Skow handled the photography of the movie himself, very competently at that, with some scenes appearing to offer a second camera at times. The editing was decent though at times a bit rough in helping further the storyline, a late night cable movie feel given the production indicative of many better porn flicks, the lighting and other aspects of the movie capably taken care of. The darker nature of the material was expected given the writer was award winner David Stanley, my only issue with the technical aspects of the movie dealt with the inappropriate music during some portions of the scenes. Otherwise, the aural components were suitable, some scoring and vocal levels needing adjustment but the acting by some coming across as wooden (no pun intended).

Body of Review: B. Skow has made scores of excellent movies over the years, his distribution deal with Girlfriends Films allowing him substantially more creative freedom as well as giving the company a platform to delve into sexuality involving male partners at times. His latest title coming in for review is called Truth Be Told…, a revenge thriller with sex scenes less formulaic than usual, a lot of lesbian action included, and some character development included for the male lead. It had some flaws with pacing and a need for additional polishing up but I admit that I enjoyed the sexual trysts just fine. The male lead was Steven St. Croix and Marie McCray served as his counterpart, Jessie Rogers, Jayden Jaymes, Diana Prince, and Zoe Holloway also members of the female cast. The back cover described the movie like this: “Luke, a sadistic, self-hating movie star who likes to push his lovers to the edge of breakdown, meets his match during a sex-fueled weekend bender, when he tangles with Cindy a beautiful 22 year old who attempts to blackmail him with personal information spilled under the influence. Luke foes along with her gambit, seeing it as a way to fuck with her head, only to discover that Cindy really does know his darkest secret; In drunken rage he nearly killed his teenage girlfriend 18 years ago. The revelation becomes even more shocking when Cindy delivers a mind blowing twist that send Luke reeling. Is she just playing him, or is this karmic payback for all of Luke's prior sins?”

The press release described the movie like this: ‘“Truth Be Told,” a new thriller from B. Skow and Girlfriends Films, ships on March 22. It is the acclaimed director’s newest feature film with boy/girl sex distributed by Girlfriends Films. The compelling story pits Luke (Steven St. Croix), a sadistic self-hating movie star who likes to push his lovers to the edge of breakdown, against Cindy (Marie McCray), a 22-year-old who wants to blackmail him -- and may have a secret of her own. “The freedom to dig deep into both the drama and the sex is a major part of my alliance with Girlfriends Films,” says B. Skow. “Under our distribution deal, I am encouraged to build engaging, dramatic stories enhanced by sexuality.” In "Truth Be Told," Luke (Steven St. Croix) meets his match during a sex-filled weekend bender with Cindy (Marie McCray), a beautiful 22-year-old who tries to blackmail him with personal information spilled under the influence. Luke goes along with her gambit -- seeing it as a way to mess with her head -- only to discover Cindy really does know his darkest secret: In a drunken rage, he nearly killed his teenage girlfriend 18 years ago. The revelation becomes even more shocking when Cindy delivers a mind-blowing twist sending Luke reeling. Is she playing him? Or is this a karmic payback for all of Luke's prior sins? The truth will be told. In addition to Steven St. Croix and Marie McCray, the cast of "Truth Be Told" includes Jessie Rodgers, Zoey Holloway, Jayden Jaymes, Diana Pierce, Kurt Lockwood, and Tommy Pistol. "We have been broadening our appeal with B. Skow's movies, and 'Truth Be Told' is another great addition to this collection," Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose said. "We're always happy when he releases a new film: Besides selling the new title, it builds interest for the back catalog as well." In August 2012, Girlfriends Films began a one-year distribution deal for productions with boy/girl sex content directed by B. Skow. The first title was the award nominated “Voilà,” a modern boy-meets-girl-meets-girl tale starring Penny Pax, Veruca James, and Kris Slater, followed by "Paint," a romantic-triangle drama featuring Dana DeArmond, Chastity Lynn and Ryan Driller. Additional titles include “Paint” and the upcoming “Homecoming.” The movies released under the distribution deal are story-driven feature films geared towards the rapidly expanding couples market, with plots varying from light-hearted romantic comedies to intense sexual dramas with an edgier feel, like "Truth Be Told."” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Jessie Rogers, a fetching blond with a curvy body, was up first in a luxurious bathroom with physically fit Kurt Lockwood. She half wore a black dress though her boobs were already out in plain view, the gal slobbing his knob aggressively with the use of some hand to gland combat. He had some initial wood issues until he played with her ass, his pecker responding as he boned her anally in a standing doggy. The look of pain on her face was not a turn on for me but she came around over time, more oral used to get him ready again leading to him gobbling her gash and ass. That worked and he was soon back to pounding her pucker, Kurt choking her before she took his rod in cowgirl much more actively and then in a passive pile driver. There was some ATM from time to time, the gal getting an anal creampie of spunk before Steven St, Croix joined her for some oral and vaginal sex. Kurt left as the duo completed their tryst, her blowjob leading to him fingering her and plowing her snatch in a multitude of positions, Steven tossing out a healthy wad of population pudding all over her head and body before it ended.


Scene Two: Jayden Jaymes, a curvy redhead with an awesome ass, was up next as she had some fine lesbian sex with sexy Diana Prince in the large game room on the billiards table. They spent a lot of time kissing and sucking boobs, their skimpy lingerie hardly a hindrance to access as they continued with some gash and ass eating. The lighting seemed to change a few times here to make certain portions of the scene too saturated but the love connection between them was heated enough, the gals masturbating when Steven St. Croix walked in on them to give each some head. This led to Marie McCray coming in to give the ladies some head as Tommy Pistol ate her from behind, Steven launching his genetic juice on the table as Marie and Tommy moved to the hallway for her to finish him off orally, his hand depositing the baby batter all over her face.


Scene Three: Marie McCray, the sexy redhead featured on the front cover, was then up with Steven St. Croix on the couch, the gal offering him some drugs to get him going. She toyed with him and soon had him eating out of her hands, his hands rubbing her ass as she pulled his pecker out of his pants for another solid hummer. It was very slowly and deliberately given, Steven then lifting her up to place his cock in her snatch, the pace quickening before he took it down a notch to go down on her pussy and ass some more. He then took her in doggy and a few more positions, the end result being the guy beating off to her chest a nut of splooge that lead to a discussion on the kitchen floor and an extremely creepy plot device.


Scene Four: Marie McCray, last up wearing casual clothing as she leaned in on brunette Zoe Holloway, the small bed barely able to hold them as they kissed and caressed their way out of their lingerie. Zoe looked substantially older so those into the cougar with kitten dynamic should be happy, the MILF savoring her chance to excite her partner as she pawed the pussy and gave lots of little licks until Marie reciprocated. The couple then went into a 69 and gobbled gash, eventually rubbing their pussies together (tribbling) before lying exhausted on the bed and listening to an all too convenient newscast (a stagy plot device).

Summary: Truth Be Told… by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films was a bit odd as a drama and unlike so many out there I am not going to disclose major plot points, the darker edge of the story diffused somewhat due to lack of character development of most anyone other than Steven St. Croix. As unsympathetic as his character was, a stronger attempt to build up some of the others would have helped too, the sex scenes not relying so heavily on formulaic trysts as much as evolving out of them. The ladies were all physically attractive enough and the plot tying to the resemblance of a couple of them was interesting too, the heat of the scenes better than the established chemistry though Jayden’s lesbian antics with Diana was certainly full of replay value beyond the other portions of the movie. As a whole, I thought the movie merited a rating of Recommended, some of you will undoubtedly thinking this too generous or too harsh but opinions are like that. In short, Truth Be Told… served up the revenge theme well enough, Steven St. Croix portraying a nasty sort of man deserving his ultimate fate, the sexual aspects of the flick in keeping with director Skow’s recent movies for the company and well worth seeing.


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