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Staying In

  • Release date:
    September 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 56m
  • Cast:
    Dani Daniels|AJ Applegate|Jessa Rhodes|Seth Gamble|Mark Wood|Samantha Ryan|John Strong|Tommy Pistol|Aubrey Addams|Barrett Blade

Genre: Internal, Creampies

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Jessa Rhodes, Samantha Ryan, Dani Daniels, Aubrey Addams, A.J. Applegate, Barrett Blade, Tommy Pistol, Mark Wood, John Strong, Seth Gamble

Length: 117 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: There is a nice looking photo gallery, pop shots, and several trailers.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Condoms: No

Overview: Staying In is a film by director Mike Quasar and 3rd Degree Films. In this edition, each male performer leaves a spermy treat inside of his partner. The adult industry calls this activity an internal creampie. It is when a man cums inside of a woman. In Staying In, we get several of the hottest babes in this industry such as Jessa Rhodes, Dani Daniels, and A.J. Applegate. Beautiful fan favorites Samantha Ryan and Aubrey Addams also provide good fuck for your buck action.
Samantha Ryan
Scene One: Samantha Ryan teases the camera on the porch a bit. She is wearing a sexy yet flimsy lingerie. After she gives us a peek of her boobs, the scene shifts indoors where we see her and John Strong in a spooning position. Her man is kissing the side of her face briefly before they French kiss a bit. It leads to the pretty woman spreading her legs so the guy can orally massage her sensitive womanhood. I enjoyed watching him actively use his mouth and tongue along her pussy lips to make her cum. More affectionate kissing occurs by John as he applies sweet nibbling along the side of Samantha's face while she is manually stroking his dick. Then, the woman sucks his dick with good saliva and passion. Afterwards, she climbs on top of him for the cowgirl ride. Samantha fingers her asshole momentarily. John applies a solid pumping rhythm on her as it becomes a good and lengthy workout for the attractive lady. As to the rest of the several good screwing moments, it's the brief spooning session that really has the most personal intensity. A heated doggie and steady mish fuck follow that leads to her man cumming inside of her.
Jessa Rhodes
Scene Two: Cutie Jessa Rhodes teases the camera in her white bra and panties outside. She has a seductive look on her face. I like her pink lips and natural tits. Her face reminds me a little of Prinzzess. Big stroking material is shown when the camera shows her entire body in the shot. Later, we see her and Barrett Blade on a black leather sofa. He sucks her appealing pussy for a while with good tenderness. The pace picks up when the horny and down-to-action woman takes out his cock and sucks and strokes it confidently. A determined doggie screw occurs next as Jessa gets more turned on as it lingers on. She does a good job looking back at his humping activity. Her butt jiggles nicely during the short cowgirl ride. After sucking his pussy scented dick, her reverse cowgirl ride picks up pace as Barrett applies a more heated pumping delivery and Jessa rides him with more effort. His added clit rubbing actions really gets her off. The cute woman's body is really showcased well in the spooning position. The brief mish leads to the internal cumshot.
Dani Daniels
Scene Three: While Dani Daniels is staring into the camera, her eyes really pull you into her. She would be a great sexy gypsy woman. Her time-consuming steady playful and well-flowing tease is hot. The camera provides a lot of saliva making moments in my mouth. Later, we see Seth Gamble quickly removing her panties in order to taste her delicious honeycomb. His driven focus for more pussy juice makes Dani squirm and moan. A nice looking cock suck by her follows. I was turned on by Dani's cockriding rhythm and effort. Her beautiful body looks hot during the doggie moments. It only looked even hotter with the missionary and spooning sessions. A good word to describe Dani's mood in this scene is joyous. Also, Seth increased his screwing rhythm as the scene progressed on. Overall, Dani received a very good workout and the fans will have a lot of replay value with their performance. In the end, he cums inside of her luscious pussy.
Aubrey Addams
Scene Four: Pretty blonde babe Aubrey Addams teases the camera. Her cat-like eyes are cool to stare into them. After her nice seductive play, the sex siren is laying on a bed while Tommy Pistol digs into her sexual playground with his horny driven mouth. He makes sure he tastes everything from her pussy, asshole, and butt. I enjoyed watching Aubrey tip her head back as Tommy fingerfucked her with a quick pace. As the attention continues to focus on her pussy, I was impressed to see that the color of her inner sugar walls is the red-pink image of the inside of a seedless watermelon. Later, Aubrey sucks his dick nicely. Then, their performance really becomes more exciting when Tommy fucks her with a lot of drive and passion. The mish and doggie action look cool as Aubrey moans with good emotion. It leads to the internal cumshot that drips onto the bed.
A.J. Applegate
Scene Five: Gorgeous blonde stunner A.J. Applegate has a friendly demeanor as she stares into the camera during her tease. The focus on her butt makes you want to reach and grab it. Also, her seductive behavior along with the way the camera pans her body create good jacking off stimuli. Afterwards, she and Mark Wood are kissing on the white sofa. She removes her blue bra and he sucks her tits a bit before rubbing her crotch. Her leg caresses his groin. Then, the woman puts her focus on his crotch and soon is applying good tender loving care of his penis. At times, her cocksucking behavior feels quite personal. Next, I like the very steady rhythm of her cockriding activity. Her butt continues to be highly hypnotic to the viewers' eyes. A heated fuck from behind session follows as Mark wants to fuck her deep and well. When he mouth fucks A.J., she looks funny with her mouth very wide open. A harder fuck on her is applied afterwards. Then, she sucks his dick with tenderness. Later, he mishes her to apply the internal creampie.
Final Thoughts: Staying In is an appropriate title for this movie since if you were fucking these five lovely ladies, you would want to stay inside of them for a long time. The sex is pretty good and at times, quite heated. Dani Daniels has the standout performance with Aubrey Addams and A.J. Applegate delivering exciting work as their male partners Tommy Pistol and Mark Wood respectively apply hard screwing efforts. There is plenty of eye candy stimuli and hot sex for a good amount of jacking off activity. Attractive Samantha Ryan's performance sets the pace of this movie well along with the pretty Jessa Rhodes scene. I recommend this film.


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