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Sperm Receptacles 6

  • Release date:
    June 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 36m
  • Cast:
    AJ Applegate|Veruca James|Katie St. Ives|Nikki Sexx|Adrianna Luna|Cameron Canada|Tim Von Swine|Ike Diezel|Mark Zane

Category: Blowbang/Gonzo/Cum Swallowing


in association with:

Cast: Cameron Canada/Adrianna Luna/Nikki Sexx/Katie St Ives/AJ Applegate/Veruca James

Sperm Donors: Tim Von Swine/Mark Zane/Hooks/Johnny Fender/Chad Alva/Tony Martinez/Scotty Lyons/Ike Diezel

Director: Tim Von Swine

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery/Trailers/Web/Bonus Scene:AJ Applegate

Release Date: 6/23/2013

Runtime: 216 Mins

Click on the pic watch the trailer for 'Sperm Receptacles 6' courtesy of JulesJordanVideo.com!

Scene 1:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cameron Canada
Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Blowbang/Facials/Cum Swallowing (High Volume)
The premiere scene in the 6th installment of Tim Von Swine's long awaited return of the 'Sperm Receptacles' series begins as one of my favorite new girls, Cameron Canada enters our view. Cameron is looking fantastic in a blue bikini and white heels as she has a little chat with our director Tim Von Swine. She soon enters the Von Swine blowbanging lair, where she first receives a muff munch from Mark Zane, and the action later sets in with some solid throating from the beautiful Cameron. She's already working up some massive dickslop as she swallows up each cock individually, and eventually becomes the centerpiece of a four cock salute from the Von Swine cavalcade. Cameron works these dudes over hard as the scene progresses, giving tons of massive deep throats and cock chokes, as she continues to pursue a valiant effort to swallow every donkey dick that comes near her mouth. The scene caps off with each of her stunt cocks busting their jizz globs into her mouth before she then swallows the excess in proper sperm receptacle fashion. Solid scene here, Cameron is awesome.
Scene 2:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Adrianna Luna
Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Blowbang/Tit Fucking/Facials/Cum Swallowing (High Volume)
Our next sperm receptacle belongs to the mouth of Adrianna Luna. She begins the second scene talking with Tim, and looking absolutely adorable as she does so, following up with some nice tease while our director goons from behind the camera. The blowbang festivities soon begin after Von Swine's goons grope her for a bit in the introductory moments, and Adrianna is raring to go when the initial throating begins. Some solid dicksucking displayed by this super-cutie in the upcoming moments, with good energy displayed through most of it as well. Adrianna's giggles throughout the scene are also quite cock-stiffening, as she really yucks it up hard for the pervs while each guy takes a turn tit-fucking her. The scene closes after Adrianna takes four loads directly into her cumcatcher, including a nice simultaneous jizz-throw from Mark Zane and Johnny Fender. Cool!
Scene 3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Adrianna Luna/Tim Von Swine
Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Facial/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)

The next scene is somewhat of a sequel to the last, as it looks as though Mr Von Swine is looking to get some Adrianna action for himself, I mean,can you blame him?! The scene begins with a POV style blowie given to our lucky director before the giggling goddess offers up her breasts for a tease-inspired titty fucking. Sex then begins with Adrianna jumping on the bologna pony for a cowgirl ride as Tim groans from behind the camera like a dog in heat, while continuously reminding Adrianna of how wonderful her pussy is. The scene eventually caps off with Adrianna accepting a Swiney jizz load to the kisser as she swallows it all up to close things out. Pretty good scene here, it got relatively slow in places, but Adrianna is insanely gorgeous, so that makes it much easier to handle.

Scene 4:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Katie St Ives
Tease/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/69/Foodplay/Deepthroating/Facials/Cum Swallowing (High Volume)
Katie St Ives opens up the next scene, effortlessly teasing as she stands outside chatting it up with Tim in the introductory moments. Katie looks incredible here, and I can barely comprehend the conversation their having because of it. Eventually she steps indoors where Mark Zane awaits her lying comfortably on the couch, and the debauchery soon sets in with Mark gnawing on Katie's pussy like its the last morsel of food left on earth. Some bj action follows, and Katie soon sucks him to completion before moving on to the next cock in the room. This scene differs from the rest, as the first two blowjobs are given individually as Katie walks through different parts of the house. Things get pretty sloppy as the scene continues onward, with Katie providing some great cock worship, swallowing two individual sackloads through the first parts of the scene, and finishing things off with an oustanding double barreled dicksuck. Katie takes a cumshot as well as any girl in the industry, and it really shows in this scene. Loved her here.
Disc 2

Scene 5:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nikki Sexx
Female Masturbation/Tease/Blowjob/Blowbang/Facefucking/Deepthroating/Facials/Cum Swallowing (High Volume)
The second disc starts as we see Nikki Sexx, who is gorgeously slutted up in a tight purple skirt while she ditties her pussy and talks with our director in the the scene's introduction. Nikki looks amazing here, showing off her perfect body as she professes her love for cock before the eventual dicksucking ensues. Chad Alva is the first to take a ride down Nikki's throat, and the rest of Von Swine's cronies soon follow. After a thorough round of blowbanging the guys all empty the contents of their sacks into Nikki's hungry mouth. A pretty good scene here, energy was fair, but not what I'd hoped.
Scene 6:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
AJ Applegate
Tease/Blowjob/Blowbang/Facefucking/Deepthroating/Cum Swallowing (High Volume)

Assalicious blowbang newbie AJ Applegate kicks things off in the sixth scene, looking utterly fantastic as she shows off her various parts for the home viewers. Things kick off shortly after the scene's intro, with AJ slopping up her cocks pretty well as the guys each take their turn fucking her mouth. The scene progresses nicely, with AJ showing some great energy as she takes a decent face pummeling through the course of the scene. It all comes to an end with each of the blowbangers releasing their sack sauce into a glass, as AJ then guzzles it down her sperm receptacle. AJ was solid here. Pretty good scene.

Scene 7: *Scene To Remember*----------------------------------------------------------------

Veruca James
Tease/Female Masturbation/Blowbang/Heavy Deepthroating/Cunnilingus/Facefucking/Facials/Cum Swallowing (High Volume)

Veruca James kills it in the final scene of the film, starting things off with a teasey masturbation session that escalates into what is probably the best blowbang in the film. The scene is filled with cock-choking deepthroats, and tons of sloppy dicksucks from the dark-haired beauty with each guy giving Veruca as much dick as she can possibly handle throughout all of it.  Veruca's exuberance and overall love for dick shines through this scene like a gleaming beacon of light, before it ultimately caps off with Von Swine's homies firing their dick-snot into her mouth. Solid!

Sperm Receptacles 6 is definitely worth a watch, or 5.....or 10. I loved most of the scenes, and it's great to have the series back after a 3 year hiatus. Once again, Tim's go-to mouth whore Veruca James lit up the screen, as did Cameron and Katie who were also top notch as far as I'm concerned. Extras were pretty solid as well, the behind the scenes were a relatively humorous look at the backstage of a blowbang movie, but there were hot chicks involved, so you can still whack-off while you're having a laugh. Trailers feature some noteworthy recent material that Von Swine has put out in the recent past, and a nice bonus scene sex romp tops it all off, with booty beauty AJ Applegate recieving a jizzwad from Swiney in the closing moments. I'd definitely recommend this one for fans of the blowbang genre, as this one had some solid energy laced throughout. If you're into watching hot babes get their throats reamed, then rewarded with a mouthfull of jizz, then you're gonna like this one! Good times!


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