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Girly Girls Like It Rough

  • Release date:
    December 20, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 32m
  • Cast:
    Spencer Scott

Girly Girls Like It Rough


Genre: All Sex, Blondes

Director: Chris Streams, Andrew Youngman

Cast: Tasha Reign, Spencer Scott, Rikki Six, Holly Price, Ramon Nomar, Ben English, James Deen, Barry Scott

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

Length: 2 hours 32 minutes

Release Date: 12/20/12

Extras: Extras included Behind The Scenes, Slideshow, Web Access and Trailers

Condoms: No

Overview: When one thinks girly girls it’s Tasha Reign that comes to mind as the ultimate girliest of girls. But Tasha takes it a step further by showing that even the girliest of girly girls enjoys a good hard pummeling. Tasha shows just how much she likes it rough by appearing in three scenes (four if you count the final scene in which she appears mostly nude but in a non-sex performance). Her girlfriends, as sweet and sexy as they are, also show how dirty they get. In short, Girly Girls Like It Rough is pretty downright sizzling.

Scene 1 Tasha Reign, Ben English

Tasha manages to get her English tutor Ben to whip out his member, which she has been desiring for a long time. Tasha strips for Ben, displaying her near perfect body and big tits. After Ben eats her out Tasha throats his thick sausage then has Ben lay his pipe in her. In spoon her body is in full display for all to say as Ben pounds away at her. He manages a few more pumps then splatters his splooge on her  tits.

Scene 2 Rikki Sex, James Deen

After Rikki’s parents go away Rikki prepares for James Deen to come over to lay his big pipe into Rikki’s tight wet snatch. The action starts as soon as he gets there, stuffing her mouth with his meat which Rikki nicely handles. James picks her leg up and begins fucking her standing up, her body captured by the camera which looks toned and tight. James just fucks her silly until she gets on her knees and plants his seed on her face.

Scene 3 Tasha Reign, Ramon Nobar

Tasha is a cheerleader who cheers when Ramon shows up with his big cock to stuff Tasha’s hole. Tasha rides it non-stop but in spoon once again, her body with her cheerleading dress still on, proves to be more than enough to get guys wanking. Ramon continues to stick Tasha with his rod until he splatters jizz sauce on Tasha.

Scene 4 Tasha Reign, Spencer Scott

The girls are on their way to a costume party but they decide to try on a few different outfits before deciding on “the costume.” Both girls try on different costumes, getting naked in front of the camera of course, and both are not disguising the fact they are checking each other out. once the costumes have been selected they need to sample one another’s juices. So with their costumes still on they go at it. Although the large amount of clothing is a bit of a turn-off, both ladies definitely have a high attraction towards one another, making this a pretty hot scene. The ladies lap one another up for long periods and there’s ample amounts of kissing and titty sucking as well. Nice lesbian in the middle of all that boy/girl sex.

Scene 5 Holly Price, Barry Scott

Holly plays Tasha’s older sister whom hasn’t been laid in a while. Tasha brings in Barry Scott who will be relaxing her with a massage then really relieve the pressure by having Holly suck his member. Holly is eager to throat his meat, her nude body exposed revealing a tight thin body. once they get going it’s really on as the two fuck hard and fast. Although the sex was short it is a great way to close out this DVD.

Summary: This wall to wall sex feature is a solid effort by Reign Productions. Tasha and her behind the scenes team have done a nice job with casting, keeping the dialogue to a minimum, and providing us with great wack off material. Tasha is just unbelievable gorgeous, for sure one of the top five most attractive women working in porn today with an equally amazing body that will have your stick hardened to maximum levels. Rikki Sex, Holly Price and Spencer Scott perform with the same amount of passion, enthusiasm and dirtiness as their leader Tasha. Despite a few slow moments it’s one that’s worth watching. It’s got a vignette feel and it’s not extreme to the point it couldn’t be a good couples sexual aide. It’s definitely not too hardcore that it will turn women off. It’s got enough edge for the boys and prettiness for the girls, a good balance of the two. Plus it’s got Tasha Reign, enough said. It’s earned itself a Highly Recommended rating.


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