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Her Lover’s Son

  • Release date:
    December 21, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 28m
  • Cast:
    Sophie Dee

Genre: Feature

Director/Writer: Nica Noelle

Cast: Dana Vespoli, Sophie Dee, Jeannie Marie, Danny Mountain, Mark Davis

Length: 148 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: This section has a good Behind the Scenes (BTS) segment, bloopers, and several trailers. In the BTS, Danny Mountain, Jeannie Marie, and Dana Vespoli are interviewed.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Her Lover's Son is a film written and directed by Nica Noelle. It is from her studio Hard Candy Films. The premise to this movie is about Dana Vespoli and her attraction to her fiance's son English soccer player Danny Mountain. She has to keep her lover as well as his son from knowing that she is involved with both of them. Meanwhile, a frustrated Jeannie Marie wants her fiance Danny to pay more attention to her. However, he is fascinated with Dana. People who want to watch Nica's films before they are released on DVD, they can view them on the website AEBN.com. Just recently, Nica won a 2013 AVN Award for Best New Line for her three production lines. They are Hard Candy Films, Girl Candy Films, and TransRomantic.

Scene One: After Mark Davis takes his shower, he and his fiance Dana Vespoli make love on their bed. Some nice looking feet worship occurs as he sucks her cute toes. Then, he immediately places his mouth over her vaginal sweet spot to taste her feminine nectar. He also does not take long to really delve into it and devour her womanhood with his mouth and teeth. When he finishes, Dana has a very broad smile on her face. Then, she takes control of the situation by laying on top of Mark and kissing him tenderly. The following cock ride increases the energy level quickly and rapidly as she straddles him hard. Next, a very sensuous cock suck occurs that picks up pace nicely. Next, their missionary screw is quite passionate as Mark drives his dick into her with a steady. However, I kept thinking that Mark was trying to figure what he was going to do next. Even though it did not flow as well, an important element of real sex is that it's not suppose to flow well all of the time anyways. I really loved watching him doggie her with much energy. The audience can tell that he wants to fuck her very badly. His thrusts magnify his effort very well. More passionate mish action follows that leads to him cumming on her pussy and body.

Scene Two: Nurse Sophie Dee comes onto Dr. Mark Davis in a patient's room. The man cannot say no to the persistent cutie. They kiss and she removes her shirt so that Mark can suck her awesome pillowy looking boobs. Then, his shirt and pants are removed so that the woman can places her lips on his body. Her energizing cock suck made my toes curl as she deep throats him with ease. Afterwards, Mark lays on his back in order for Sophie to continue her oral massage on him. Her eyes are quite adorable as she stares up at the doctor. Some mutual oral action takes place during the brief 69 moment. His pussy suck becomes more intense when Sophie is laying on her back. After another blow job moment by Sophie Dee, she gets doggied by him. Even though Sophie looks hot in that position, I got even more turned on by her when she was getting fucked the missionary way. A more playful atmosphere occurred during the cowgirl activity as both performers deliver solid personal chemistry to their performance. When the spooning session followed, I could imagine Mark's hard dick trying to fuck her deeply from his exerted energy level. In the end, he pulls out and cums on her pretty pussy.

Scene Three: While Danny Mountain comforts his fiance Jeannie Marie, they kiss. The romantic background music sets a nice tone to their gentle kissing session. It leads to them heading to the bedroom for some loving action. As I continue to watch their performance, I continue to feel Jeannie's love for her man as well as her character's inner dependency towards him. You can definitely tell that she wants to keep her man with her persuasive sensual behavior while pleasuring him. For instance, she applies pretty good suction on his penis that leads to creating hot streams of saliva. Then, Danny licks and sucks her very appealing sexual mound. The back and forth oral action by them looks good. A cock ride occurs later with Danny pumping her solidly. The steamy chemistry between them increases especially through the spooning moments. I really enjoyed watching Jeannie hump him during the doggie session as the pretty blonde delivers a very good effort. She squeezes the bed spread for better momentum. Then,  Jeannie rubs her clit quite passionately while Danny fucks her mish style. Their very good eye contact looks sweet. A very energetic cowgirl ride by Jeannie follows as their hot fucking session rolls along. Her body quivers nicely. After more intense and personal lovemaking by the couple, the very sweaty man pulls out and cums on her beauty spot.

Scene Four: After an explosive moment between them, Dana Vespoli and Danny Mountain can't let the attraction between them subside as they passionately make out in her studio. They undress rapidly and soon, the man offers his dick to her. She works on it well with her stroking hand and her luscious mouth. Her technique gets Danny turned on so much. They kiss momentarily before he applies his lips on her tasty pussy. I like how he shakes his head while creating those sensation on her sexual plaything. It got my mouth wet. Then, Dana gets on top of him for the passionate cowgirl moments. Afterwards, the spooning session heats up as Danny applies a more driven fucking delivery on her. Their hot kissing activity and her clit rubbing behavior add to this personal and intense display. Danny sweats more as the passion and intensity rise throughout their performance with the doggie and mish action. I loved seeing him suck her toes so hard. In the end, he cums on her pussy.

Final Thoughts: Dana Vespoli, Danny Mountain, and Mark Davis continue to show off their good acting skills in features. Sophie Dee portrays the sex siren persona well as the deceptive nurse who still has a fire lit for her medical co-worker. Overall, the sex is pretty hot especially the highly intense performance between Dana and Danny. However, the person who I enjoyed the most is Jeannie Marie who deserves to be used more often in these types of films. She has that persona in which one cares for her happiness. Thus, when it comes to the storyline, Jeannie's character and perhaps, Sophie's are the only ones who I care to see have a happy ending. I recommend this entertaining and nicely written movie.


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