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Slumber Party 23

  • Release date:
    June 8, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 25m
  • Cast:
    AJ Applegate|Britney Amber|Nikki Sexx|Karmen Karma|Sierra Sanders|Lylith LaVey|Emily Kae|Aryana Augustine

Genre:  All Girl, Sex Toys, Group

Director: Porno Dan (Immoral Productions)

Cast: Britney Amber, Karmen Karma, Nikki Sexx, Emily Kae, Aryana Augustine, Sierra Sanders and AJ Applegate; Porno Dan (makes a cameo in the scenes).

Length: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Date of Production: August, 2013

Extras: I have reviewed one other movie from Porno Dan and Immoral Productions (Cock Sucking Challenge 24) and just like that movie, the main title page offered very little when it came to extras. The only added bonus for the viewer are trailers for other Porno Dan films: Titterific 27, Teenage Rampage 10, Sexy Senioritas10 and London Bitches Falling Down.

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No video quality (i.e. aspect ratio of the feature, fullscreen, widescreen) was provided, and no audio information (i.e.Dolby Digital 5.1, stereo, mono, etc.) were given.

Overview: The twenty-third volume of the “Slumber Party” series continues Porno Dan’s tradition of bringing consumers some of the hottest girls in the adult industry. Britney “Baby Whore” teams up with two models that have delicious thick and juicy asses like her, Karmen Karma and Lylith Lavey. The three of them relish making each other cum time and time again with the help of tongues, fingers and magic wands. Good friends A.J. Applegate and Sierra Sanders are matched up with Aryana Augustine, and the sparks really fly when they three go at it. Britney and Aryana, along with the woman-pleasing master Nikki Sexx, and stunning newcomer Emily Kae perform an outrageous lesbian orgy. It’s Slumber Party volume 23!

Scene One

Britney Amber, Nikki Sexx, Emily Kae and Aryana Augustine

Porno Dan opens things up by doing his standard introductions (think a ring announcer). The girls, three of which are wearing knee-high argyle socks, come prepared with vibrators and a strap on.  The foursome gets right into action pussy licking and vibrator play. Kae, the 5’ 9” new starlet, who has a tight body, and is really attractive, gets some early attention with her tits sucked, pussy fingered and gets some vibrator action (all at once). I loved she was getting the trifecta of action – really made for a hot moment and one you can tell she enjoyed.  After Kae gets worked on, it breaks into one on one’s. All of the girls have playful dialog and banter which let me know that all of them were into it and having a good time. It is the little things like that which can make a scene go a long way. We see the strap on used by Nikki roughly 10 minutes into action. The talk was dirty and hot, and it certainly got me aroused. I particularly loved watching Kae devour the strap on with her wet pussy and ride it ease providing some filthy talk in between. Meanwhile on the other couch both girls are utilizing the two headed dildo while fingering each other’s pussies. It is definitely some intense lesbian pussy play between the two. The camera then switches back over on the other couch where I was happy to see Kae riding the dildo in the reverse cowgirl position and exposing her tight body and small perky tits. This opening scene provides non-stop action. There is great use of sex toys, and the dirty talk is great.

Scene Two

Sierra Sanders, AJ Applegate, Aryana Augustine

With the exception of Augustine, I was not immediately turned on by the talent (from a body type perspective) for the second scene. All three were wearing Santa hats and knee socks, which was a decent turn on. Just as in the previous scene there is a great use of vibrators and dildos. I didn’t mind that there were only three girls in this scene (four felt right, but three was just fine as well). Everyone one of the girls got their turn in receiving pussy play with tongue and vibrator. The hottest position by far was watching Augustine on her back couch eating her out Applegate and ramming a dildo up her pussy, while being eaten out by Sanders. Overall I just was not as turned on as I would have liked (based on the previous scene). However I did feel Augustine steals the scene.

Scene Three

Karmen Karma, Britney Amber, Lylith Lavey

I had to wait till the end to see Karmen Karma (disclaimer: she is my favorite actress of the moment). The third scene follows the same blue print as the other two scenes – intense pussy play via vibrator, tongue and fingers. There is really good enthusiasm from the trio throughout and Karmen's pussy gets worked real well by the vibrator. She absolutely loves it too, and the vocal enthusiasm she displayed was the best in the movie by far. There is plenty of double vibrator action and double sided dildo play throughout the scene. All toys are maximized fully and the group enthusiasm makes it a solid scene.

Final Thoughts: The following was taken from an excerpt in a recent interview with Porno Dan. Some models that appear in adult films have issues getting comfortable and are never able to cum on camera. Then there are the ultra-horny vixens like those that frequent Porno Dan’s playground for his Slumber Party series. These sex crazed cuties not only love to get each other off, once they cum they go into a hyper sexual state where orgasms abound. In this 23rd edition start models that are regulars’ at Porno Dan‘s get together for a Sapphic sex fest unlike anything witnessed before.

Porno Dan does a great job of assembling enthusiastic talent in this movie that makes for an enjoyable viewing experience. The first scene even caught the attention of my girlfriend, who was turned on by the newcomer Kae. This is something to think about if you are looking to spice things up one night with your significant other.

This is the second Porno Dan movie I have reviewed, and for me there is something organic about his set, talent and production. I couldn’t find fault with much and I give this movie a solid RECOMMENDED.


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