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  • Release date:
    November 9, 2012
  • Runtime:
    3h 0m
  • Cast:
    L.T. Turner|Asphyxia|Skin Diamond

Genre: Black, Double Penetration, Gangbang, Gonzo

Director: L.T.

Cast: Skin Diamond, Celeste Star, Asphyxia

Length: 3 hrs.

Date(s) of Production:

Release Year: 2012

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Interview, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Website Information, Adult Advertisements

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $21.99

Overview: The tantalizing and uniquely talented Skin Diamond stars in a handful of scenes that range from blowbangs to a lesbian ménage à trois on a disc dedicated solely to the sexy starlet.

The Movie: Skin is all about Skin Diamond and focuses on the starlet’s sexual exploits. The start of the film finds her meeting with an “employer” who tells her that he aims to debunk the belief that white girls are better than their black counterparts in the porn industry.

So, in a James Bond-esque way he gives her one filthy assignment after another with the hope that the porn-loving masses won’t overlook black starlets. This premise is fairly ridiculous, but serves as the driving force that strings the featured scenes together and it does so rather seamlessly, I might add.

Skin’s first assignment finds her in costume. She’s wearing cat ears a leather corset and a cattail strategically connected to a butt plug lodged in the starlet’s asshole. In this scene Skin takes on five guys in an unruly and altogether raunchy blowbang. Skin tackles her assignment hard and gives one of the better blowbang performances I’ve seen in a long time.

The vignette is complete with gagging, spit, drool and an overall submissive performance from our featured starlet. In short, this vignette was amazing. Skin gulps down a cock while she jerks off two wangs with either hand and has her pussy fondled with. The intensity in her scene is palpable and if you’re one for dirty and kinky oral sex, you’ll love this one. She even has a food bowl that all the guys cum in at the end of the vignette and Skin laps it all up like a cat does to a saucer of milk!


Following a tease where Skin dances on a stage, stripper pole and all, she’s given her second assignment. This one has her visiting a prison where she pretends to be a lawyer who arrives there to give two sex-starved inmates legal advice. Once the jailer leaves the room, Skin uncuffs the criminals and starts working them over. Here’s yet another great scene, a threesome that is way above average in terms of quality and direction. The starlet gets dick jammed in her ass, pussy and mouth and there’s also a bit of double penetration spiked throughout to give this titillating performance the extra push it needs to make it one of the best scenes this DVD has to offer.

Next, Skin’s employer meets her at her home and after sharing a glass of wine the tattooed vixen forces herself on him and what we get is a pretty decent boy/ girl scene. It was exceptionally shot and has Skin thrust into an assortment of sexual positions during which she’s fucked proper; long and hard.

The next vignette features Celeste Star and Asphyxia, of Burning Angel Dot Com fame who both star together with Skin. In this one, Skin Diamond shows up in latex fetish gear. She whips her partners’ asses with, well, leather whips of course and then takes a strap-on dildo to their pussies. This is another great scene that’s far from boring and will surely keep viewers guessing. Celeste and Asphxia are both gorgeous and their supporting roles here were exceptional.

After parading around in an animal print bikini while at the beach, Skin runs into her boss who gives her her last assignment. This one is probably the craziest sex scene on this DVD. Skin is instructed to visit downtown L.A. dressed as a schoolgirl and have sex with several hobos in a back alley. She kills it in this scene. There’s anal, double penetration, and double anal penetration, which I believe is a film first for Ms. Skin Diamond. An all around awesome scene chock full of unruly gangbang action that ends with Skin’s partners cumming all over her.

After that, Skin meets her boss at a tennis court and he commends her on a job well done, and even hints at a chance for a film sequel! One can only hope.

Final Summation: This film was excellent. It shows Skin Diamond’s range and versatility, and it’s clear that she’s excited and prepared for every shoot. Giving her her own DVD was a smart move on Elegant Angel’s part and it was a much-deserved homage to the starlet. Additionally, her supporting cast gave it their all, and it shows. Skin is a whopping three hours long and comes loaded to the gills with bonus features that are nothing to sneeze at. If you’re already a fan of Skin Diamond buying this film is a no-brainer, you’re going to have a good time. If you’ve yet to experience the work of this performer and are curious or sitting on the fence I implore you, pick this one up. Skin comes highly recommended.



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