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Sixty & Swingin’

  • Release date:
    August 16, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 48m
  • Cast:
    Bea Cummins|Mrs Jewell|Mandi McGraw|Lola Lee|Georgette Parks|Miranda Torri

Genre: Grannies, Swinging

Director: ?

Cast: Lola Lee, Jewel, Georgette Parks, Bea Cummins, Mandi McGraw, Miranda Torri

Length: 108 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: There are several trailers and a How to be a Score Model information.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Condoms: No

Overview: Sixty & Swingin' is a film that focuses on hot women over the age of sixty years old. We get fan favorites Georgette Parks, Lola Lee, Jewel, Mandi McGraw, and Bea Cummins. I wish that there was more interest for the granny ladies since they look very beautiful and well worth fucking. I am pleased that Score makes these films for those of us who enjoy this niche.
Scene One: Jewel is 62 years old and Lola Lee is 67 years old. The director is interviewing them before their scene. He tells the ladies to kiss. Soon, Tony joins them on the bed. We get to compare blow job styles of Jewel and Lola. Lola takes the entire soft penis in her mouth. Jewel starts with the head and then, takes him in. Afterwards, their official scene begins. Lola is sucking away while Jewel has her tits sucked by the guy. The women look very cute. Later, I enjoyed watching Lola add more pace into her cocksucking delivery. I especially enjoyed watching the two gal pals share his sexual plaything as one sucks the balls and the other cutie sucks the shaft. The playful chemistry between Lola and Jewel is nice. Lola gets fucked first as she rides his pumping manhood. Meanwhile, Lola gets turned on by seeing her friend get fucked. She starts to play with her own pussy beside them. I like listening to Jewel's vocal comments about wanting to see Lola cum all over his cock. Next, a happy Jewel gets on top of the man for the reverse cowgirl ride. It's easy to notice that she is the most enthused woman in this trio. Both women take turns getting doggied afterwards. I was surprised that the youngest lady was the noisiest. Perhaps, it's on account of youthful enthusiasm. Who knows? We finally receive some moaning action by Lola when she was getting her pussy eaten by her friend. In the meantime, the guy was fucking Jewel from behind. A nice looking spooning on Lola followed while Jewel continued to enjoy the entire moment with a big smile. A very heated mish on Jewel occurs next as the man fucked her with a lot of effort and happiness. Then, Lola climbs on top of her girlfriend so that the guy can doggie her. Lastly, he shoots his load on their mouths.
Scene Two: Miranda Torri is 66 years old. She shows off her sexy moves for the camera before her Black stud arrives. Her dirty talk is fun and entertaining. She continues her hot vocal comments while they are sitting together and he is running his hands along her body. She becomes more turned on when the guy manually pleasures her pussy and sucks her tit. Next, the woman sucks his dick with solid fondness. I enjoyed the POV moments since Torri stares a lot while orally pleasuring the man's cock and balls. Her body is appealing as she rides him reverse cowgirl style. A very bouncy cowgirl ride follows. I liked Miranda's humping effort. She did most of the work while riding him this way. I loved seeing her get fucked mish style with the camera above her. I was disappointed in two things however. I would had liked to have seen better leg and pussy shots. After a spooning moment, the man cums on her face and then, mishes her in rapid fashion. Then, he cums on her.
Scene Three: Georgette Parks is a 65 gorgeous babe. When her two studs sit beside her, the woman uses dirty talk to tell them what she wants. Suddenly, they are sucking on her tits as her hot vocal comments continue to resonate. Later, Georgette has her hands on their dicks. She squats down and sucks them slowly. I love how her lips are so luscious. Afterward, the beauty is laying on her back as she continues to suck their dicks gently. This lengthy blow job action is super hot. Later, one of the guys eats her pussy while her mouth continues to orally massage a penis. The energy level increases when Georgette is riding a man. Of course, her lips continue to be wrapped around a dick. The back and forth fucking activity is good, however I was more excited in her bj moments. I wanted to see better body shots of Georgette. In the end, the guys cum on her pretty face.
Scene Four: Mandi McGraw is 69 years old. She loves interracial sex. The temperature in the room heats up when the pretty woman removes her lingerie. She has a very hot bod. Soon, Mandi plays with her pussy. Suddenly, her Black stud arrives and watches her. He joins her on the bed and starts to suck her breast. The scene gets more exciting when the oral activity begins especially the blow job action. I also enjoy the body shots a whole lot. The shots of their penile-vaginal fucking area are cool. Meanwhile, Mandi's moans sound cute. A heated and cool doggie screw follows especially when it becomes an anal fuck. During the spooning moments, Mandi has a big smile on her face. The good energizing anal fucking action continues with their missionary screw. He ends up cumming on her chest.
Scene Five: Bea Cummins brings back a Black stud home. Her surprised hubby is shocked to see her suck the guy's manhood right in front of him. Her body looks quite appealing while she is laying on the sofa and sucking the man's pecker with a lot of passion. In the meantime, her husband is fingering her pussy. An active reverse cowgirl ride follows as her hubby holds her hand. Soon, the bouncy woman is stroking his dick. A very solid missionary screw occurs next as her man watches on. The doggie session has her husband stroking his crotch. Later, Bea is sucking on his dick while the Black dude continues to fuck her from behind. Suddenly, he cums on her snatch.
Final Thoughts: Fans of the more mature ladies who enjoy sex will enjoy this niche production. Many people who like watching fifty and in this case, sixty plus year old porn women fuck get turned on because they are good looking and have hot bodies. Only the attractive ladies are going to survive in this specific genre. As to the fucking activity, the screwing is good. You can't expect the real hardcore work like what happens with their much younger counterparts do on film. But these ladies can still make you want to jerk off. It would had been nice to have better body shots by the camera on some of these ladies especially since they are so pretty. Nevertheless, people should check it out as a rental.


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