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She’s So Cute #5

  • Release date:
    December 12, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 11m
  • Cast:
    Staci Silverstone|Mick Blue|Ramon Nomar|Mr. Pete|Molly Bennett|Katt Dylan|Vanessa Sixxx

She’s So Cute! #5
Digital Sin
Directed by Eddie Powell
Running Time: 2:11:44


Staci Silverstone
Molly Bennett
Vanessa Sixxx
Kat Dylan
Mick Blue
Ramon Nomar
Mr Pete

Special Features:

2 Bonus Scenes: Jenna Ross/Danny Mountain from Innocent But Nasty (27:55) and Mischa Brooks/Michael Vegas from Lollipop Girls #2 (32:45)
Pick Your Pleasure
Trailers-1 Previous Entry in the series

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Get ready to party as 4 of the cutest girls are about to get their tight pussies blasted! Staci, Vanessa, Molly and Kat have been fiending for dick, and they’re ready to get their tender young bodies cocked and loaded. Don’t let  those cute smiles deceive you, because these little sluts know how the fuck to get down!

Well watching and reviewing another Digital Sin movie, and really enjoying it, you can say that my expectations for this one were kind of high. Once again we have Staci in another movie, and I am almost positive that she is in the next one too, luckily she’s pretty to look at, no worry of getting bored with her. Let’s throw in Molly Bennet and a newcomer (to me) Vanessa Sixxx, and we got another solid cast. Factor in the great visual look and feel of this movie, and the hour of special features included and I am feeling good about giving this a solid RECOMMENDED rating. Slight downgrade from the previous movie, but still worth owning.


Once again we start off with our lovely cover girl, as we get an interview during some tease footage. After the interview is over, and she is naked on the bed, Mick joins her and kisses her body as he makes his way to her mouth, spending some time on her neck. She reaches down and teases his cock through his pants, then shows off her flexibility as she bends her legs back behind her head, as Mick licks and teases her ass and pussy. She unwraps herself and helps his cock out of his pants, then lays him down and begins to lick and swallow him, making sure to cover every inch. He pulls her forward and gives her tit’s a few licks and sucks as she sits on his cock, for some cowgirl fun. She is definitely giving off some heat with her moans and purrs, while he fucks her. And with that heat comes some energy as she wiggles and grinds on his cock. He pulls off the reversal and gets her on her back for some missionary action, while she offers a helping hand. She wraps her legs around her head again, as he gives her pussy some oral love, before the penetrating starts up again. She is back to showing her oral appreciation, as he fucks her face, while she keeps her tongue busy on his cock. He lays down again and she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl action, once again, giving her pussy a little extra love from her hand. He turns up the pace, pounding her pussy followed by some 69 action, as he gets a face full of her pussy and ass. You have to love her playful attitude in the scene, just adds more enjoyment to see someone who looks and sounds like they are having fun. They continue with some spoon, as he once again turns up the pace. He bends her over and shows off her body during some doggy, as his balls slap against her pussy, as she begs for him to go deeper. Some reverse spoon follows and we end with a cum shot in the mouth, as she gives his cock a few more licks and sucks, smiling into the camera.


Once again we are given an interview during some tease footage, so you can focus on what ever you want to, the choice is yours. You do get a little insight into what makes the girls tick and things they enjoy. Ramon joins her on the bed and seems to enjoy his hands down her panties. He brings her closer and takes off his pants as she begins her oral workout, which includes some spit and deep throating. She sits on his cock and he slips it in-between her panties and ass, then slides off the panties and he directs her onto his cock. Little bit of an awkward start, but seems to be improving as the scene continues. Some brief oral by Katt, then she’s on top for some reverse cowgirl action, as he strums her pussy with his fingers. Some nice action as she hops up and down teasing his cock before he slides in for some cowgirl fun, and turns up the pace. And I can say the awkwardness shows up here and there through the scene, but still some decent moments through out too. He does a nice job of teasing and making her beg before he slide back in for some missionary action. And I guess the good continues during some decent doggy as he dives deep inside her, but then has to direct her a little to get into a good position for the camera. And her pussy gets a little noisy as he dives in and out with his cock. He pulls out and gives her a very nice money shot in the mouth, and she gives him a few more licks and then cleans up the cum that landed on her ass.


And we are back with another cutie, Molly who teases us while giving us a little history and her turn ons. This just reminds me of her great scene in Friends and Family 3, it’s worth checking out. May be a full review of that in the future. And thanks for the reminder of your twitter handle, I need to follow you. But anyways, onto the sex right. Mr Pete joins her in the bedroom and slides off her panties and gives it some tongue and finger action, before heading to her nice boobs. He bends her over and gets some nice time in her ass and pussy, before she begins to gag on his cock. And some very nice deep throating by Molly, then she climbs on the bed, bends over and waits for his cock inside her pussy, but he is going to tease her first. And when he gets going, she gets rather vocal. He adds a little finger in the ass teasing while he pounds her pussy. They follow up with some spoon as she offers a helping hand to her pussy. She begs for his cock in her mouth and goes to work on it, bobbing up and down before she ends up back on top for some very energetic cowgirl, they are going to test out this bed. And we are also given a very nice look at her booty, which is always appreciated. And we also appreciate the energy during some missionary, and he gets a little rough with some choking. And it wouldn’t be a Mr Pete scene unless he slides his fingers in her pussy and gets her all kinds of wet. He lays down on the bed and she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, which quickly turns into spoon, as he strums her pussy. Some very nice energy and heat between these two, definite early favorite for spotlight scene of this movie. After some reverse spoon, he pulls out and cums on her ass, as she rubs it in and gives a few slaps before we fade to black.


It seems that once again, going to be surprised by another new girl. And she had me at the start with those eyes, follow that up with a very tight little body we get to check out during the tease/interview part. And after the interview she is enjoying some solo time with her pussy and tits before Ramon comes in and goes right for her pussy. He wastes no time and slides his cock inside her pussy, while giving her ass a few slaps. After a long doggy session, she begins her oral session, which includes lots of spit and showing off her non existing gad reflex. Some very nice teasing, as they stand up and he slides his cock in between her panties and pussy before sliding them to the side. She sits on him and spreads her legs wide for some reverse cowgirl, while he rubs her pussy. She tries to get away, but he brings her back right on his cock, as he pounds away. I wonder if anyone else is wondering why she is keeping her shoes on. But enough about her shoes as she is back to swallowing him whole, before she ends up back on top for some cowgirl while he fingers her ass. She arches her body back and screams with joy, before leaning forward and bouncing her booty on his cock. He grabs on tight and speeds things up and then lets her take control again. He directs a little before setting her down on the bed and giving her ass and pussy a nice lick fest, before sliding back inside her pussy. She begs for his cum in her mouth and after speeding things up a bit, he pulls out and delivers a decent money shot in her mouth. I would say a decent intro to this lady, good enough that she is now on my radar, can’t wait to see more of her.


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