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She’s So Cute 4

  • Release date:
    August 30, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 0m
  • Cast:
    Naomi West|Jenna J. Ross|Zoey Foxx|Dillion Harper|Mr. Pete|Mick Blue|Bruce Venture

Genre: Gonzo, Teens

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Naomi West, Jenna J. Ross, Zoey Foxx, Dillion Harper, Mr. Pete, Mick Blue, Bruce Venture

Length: 2 hrs.

Release Year: 2012

Extras: Bonus Scenes, Pick Your Pleasure Feature, Photo Gallery, Trailers, Fantasy Lingerie, Website Information

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $21.99

Overview: At first glance She’s So Cute 4 looks to be a promising film judging by its excellent roster of talent that goes on to include an enticing selection of starlets, and a stable of seasoned male pros. The idea behind the series is simple enough: get a couple of cute young girls together and watch them have mind-blowing sex.

The Movie: She’s So Cute is already an excellent film franchise, and with this fourth installment in the series director Eddie Powell turns his attention to a small cast of pretty chicks that proves to be capable of producing no nonsense vignettes that are shot exceptionally well. All of these starlets perform nicely and share excellent screen chemistry with their male partners.

These scenes are of the boy/ girl variety and are pretty straightforward. At the start of each one viewers are treated to brief and candid interviews with the starlets who answer questions ranging from why they got into porn to what their fetishes are.

While giving their responses there are voiceover cutaways showing each girl posing for the camera, touching themselves, etcetera. These segments were largely enjoyable as the starlets get to show off their personalities before they get down to business. The mash up between the Q&A portion and the tease footage was a nice touch and eliminated any boredom considered commonplace with traditional pre-action interview setups.

The opening scene shows Zoey Foxx looking absolutely gorgeous. She arches her back so that we can get a good look at her slamming ass before Mick Blue shows up and lightly kisses it. He slowly makes his way to the nape of her neck before eventually playing with her pussy as he slides his hand down her blue cotton panties. This scene was first-rate and showed the longhaired brunette getting dominated by Mick who runs her ass ragged and gives it to her hard in a variety of positions.

Not to be outdone, Jenna J. Ross offers us some amazing action when paired with Bruce Venture. In her interview she tells viewers that depending on her partner she’ll either become dominant or submissive in bed. And while Bruce Venture clearly makes it a point to dominate this perky-breasted brunette in the sack with some deep dick drilling, Jenna shows fits of aggressiveness when she sucks on her partner’s cock and fucks him back. She was very energetic in her performance and both she and Bruce did their fair share at keeping things interesting by putting in a great deal of effort.

Cover girl Naomi West is a little wet behind the ears, having only been in the industry for a short while, but she’s surprisingly animated and very vocal about what she wants done to her during coitus. She wears braces, which I’m sure will become a trademark of hers as she stars in more and more scenes. Overall, Naomi has an amazing body and her performance features the starlet moaning and trembling as Mick Blue buries his cock deep inside her pussy.

Dillion Harper closes the show with another stellar performance. Her partner is Mr. Pete who immediately takes charge and runs Dillion through a wide range of positions before eventually nutting on her ass. This starlet has a body that won’t quit with a great set of cans and nice tan lines. Her scene was an excellent closer and should not be missed.

Final Summation: She’s So Cute 4 is an all-around stellar film. All of the girls are hot and are responsible for giving some seriously amazing performances. Apart from a respectable list of extras, this film also comes loaded with two bonus scenes. They feature Megan Piper and Lily Carter, who were both amazing, so you can’t fault the film for not having enough content. In the end, I highly recommend this DVD. The sticker price is reasonable, the high-def content is eye popping and there’s a lot of replay value here. If you’re into the teen genre and appreciate a nicely shot and brilliantly edited film, look no further.



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