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Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew #2, The

  • Release date:
    November 21, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 36m
  • Cast:
    Francesca Le|Mark Wood|Kimmy Olsen|Sheena Shaw|Penny Pax|Veruca James


The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 2

Evil Angel/Buttman Magazine/LeWood Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Francesca Le and Mark Wood

Cast: Francesca Le, Sheena Shaw, Mark Wood, Penny Pax, Kimmy Olsen, Veruca James

Length: 156:35 minutes

Date of Production: 2012


Extras: Unlike many other titles in the Buttman Magazine Choice lineup, this one had some decent extras. The best of the batch was the 15:53 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, most of the footage amounting to either interviews or photoshoots that showed both directors as active participants in the movie making process, Mike getting some screen time too. There was also a cum shot compilation from the scenes, three trailers, filmographies, photogallery, and some websites, a company trailer included as well as a cast list of the ladies.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 2 was presented in 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot by co-directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel. This latest outing of the team looked about the same as the last few, the lighting similar but the camera work was well done, presumably by the infamous Mike Quasar given his participation in the BTS. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital using an upgraded 256 Kbps aural bitrate, the vocals plainly heard throughout the show and no music or other distracting noises getting in the way.


Mike Quasar is always a production treasure

Body of Review: Francesca Le and Mark Wood have been directing and performing in porn for years. Their latest collaboration with Evil Angel is called The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 2, an anal themed movie where a great cast of ladies show just how much they like getting fucked in the ass before showing an anal gape. Each vignette offered some strokability and replay value, the emphasis on choice female ass not escaping me as the ladies got off doing all sorts of nasty acts in the four scene outing. The ladies included Sheena Shaw, Penny Pax, Kimmy Olsen, Veruca James, and Francesca Le, each offering up a distinctively personal perspective with a bunch of passionate ass fucking, anal gaping, and everything one would expect from one of the reigning couples of hardcore porn.

The company website described the movie like this: “Gorgeous MILF Francesca Le and well-hung Mark Wood's LeWood Productions is known for rough, filthy action and brutal anal dominance delivered with a natural, familiar charm owing to their status as a real life married couple. "The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew #2" is their new four-scene roller coaster of vicious ass play from the Buttman Choice line of kinky specialty videos. In each of four vignettes, Mark and Francesca portray evil swingers who get off on making young ladies submit to their perverted lust - they mete out anal punishment and inflict rectal gaping, face slapping, rim jobs and spanking to break their victims' spirit. Sexy Sheena Shaw gets caught snooping through the cache of sex toys in Francesca's closet. So Mistress fills Sheena's mouth and harshly stretches her asshole with an inflatable butt plug. Mark relentlessly butt-fucks the leggy beauty in a nasty threesome. Neighborhood slut Penny Pax attempts to seduce Mark, but the pretty blonde has crossed the wrong household. Penny gets a fierce ass banging flavored with LeWood-style humiliation. Sexually active cutie Kimmy Olsen undergoes a session of counseling from the older couple ... if face fucking, intense buggery and ass-to-mouth discipline count as counseling. When Mark and Francesca find out that frisky employee Veruca James has been blowing random dudes behind the store, the price for keeping her job is sadistic rectal ravishment. Don't fuck around with the LeWood crew or they might fuck around with you!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Francesca Le, the co-director and ever popular MILF, was up first taking charge of snooping Sheena Shaw, the cutie seen featured on the lower right hand corner bending over, with Mark Wood serving as the penis provider. Sheena was dressed in a yellow crop top and matching booty shorts with some high heels, the dynamic of an irate Francesca serving to move things forward. It started when Fran stuffed an inflatable anal plug in Sheena’s mouth, slapping her around and using dirty talk while feeling her up. Mark also slapped her baby boobs as she sat on her knees in front of him, the dominant couple rimming and fingering Sheena to slowly excite her. Fran blew Mark and the couple pushed Sheena to bend her over the easy chair; her ass in the air and head down for Mark to pound that pussy while the gal gobbled gash and ass in equal proportion. Sheena had good eye contact when allowed, her oral skills put to the test though Fran did most of the talking this time, the sloppy throating session leading to the anal plug being used on Sheena to stretch her ass out for some ATM. Mark then fucked her ass and she sucked him off, Fran slapping her legs and assisting as necessary with both ladies giving an active ride. There was some chemistry developed over the length of the scene too, Fran licking her from head to ass repeatedly before he dumped his wad of genetic juice into her open mouth for cumswapping; the population pudding swallowed after a few exchanges. Fran then used the inflatable plug on her again and made her taste it.


Scene Two: Francesca Le, Penny Pax, and Mark Wood were up next as Penny tried to seduce the hapless man into giving her the hot beef injection. Penny, seen standing in her skimpy lingerie on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, played the slutty youngster quite well, her game being to go down a list of men as a sort of contest but the tables turned soon enough. Penny was coy about her attempt at first, rubbing his leg on the love seat and Mark stopping her (sure that would happen). His physical response was predictable as her hand pawed him, Francesca coming in on them at just the right time to end the game she was playing. The couple got together and confronted her, Fran grabbing her hair and slapping her tits around while deploying some dirty talk. Penny was all smiles which weakened the confrontation a bit but her mood changes as Fran stuffed her hand down the gal’s throat. Mark came back naked to give her a throbbing cock to suck, the knob slobbing showing Fran choking her as she pushed the gal deeper on her husband’s rod. There was a lot of slapping and dirty talk from this point onward, Fran diddling the gal to juice up her snatch as the couple worked her over. Fran sat on her face as mark tapped Penny’s shaven snatch too, more breath control leading to Fran spitting on her asshole and fingering it, only to be replaced by Mark’s pecker with Penny servicing both of them orally between positions. I thought the lipstick writing to Penny’s face was extreme (the word “whore” written across her forehead) but it was all in good fun as she came around to see the light, some active anal riding leading to Mark depositing his spunk all across her face and tongue for swallowing.


Scene Three: Francesca Le, Kimmy Olsen, and Mark Wood, were up next as the couple provided a counseling session to the errant young lady. She fell into the wrong crowd and her promiscuity was distracting her from achieving all she could in life, her sweet and fleshy ass giving her ample reason to give it up so readily. Kimmy was dressed in a revealing red dress, Fran’s puppy Rocky greeting her at the door. Her nipples poked through her top and her ass looked good in the light blue leggings seen on the cover, the trio hitting it off on the maroon couch as Kimmy’s sexual desires came to the forefront. The couple lightly caressed her and pointed out her clothes were virtually see through, her lack of panties allowing Mark to pull her pantyhose down as he rimmed her perfect pucker. Fran had him spread her ass as he continued rimming her, Fran kissing the gal and exciting her tits as both gals formed a connection. Kimmy then was given a lesson in blowjobs, Fran’s potty mouth alone giving me an erection, her spitting not exactly to my liking but her stripping down to more fully participate sure adding some spice to things. Kimmy had pretty eyes and her eye contact levels were solid, Fran holding her mouth open in fish hook style as the oral continued, Mark vaginally banging her as she was positioned to gobble gash on Fran; the trio moving to anal before long. Kimmy was anally receptive and Fran did some ATM out of her ass, the young lady becoming increasingly active at riding as the scene continued; Fran as ever present in assisting (also enjoying her husband), with the ending nut of splooge given Kimmy to swallow.


Scene Four: Francesca Le, Veruca James, and Mark Wood, were up last as the couple caught Veruca on their store’s surveillance cameras blowing uncredited men. Veruca denied it all until confronted with the evidence, her spread legs showing her garish pink panties as she did the deed. When she was sitting in the living room, her red & white polka dot top and skimpy skirt drew the attention of the directing couple, their offer for her to keep her job involving all the porn standards. They loosened her top and shoved her head onto his erection to suck it aggressively, Fran rubbing her shapely ass on the back of Veruca’s head and roughing her up as she saw fit. Veruca appeared to be the most sexually skilled woman of the cast after Francesca, the messy hummer and minor lesbian acts such as face sitting and rimming enhancing her stature. Mark pounded her shaven snatch and Fran ate the gal out at times, a glass anal plug stretching out the less experienced gal as Mark gave Fran some anal fucking which soon showed him tapping both pieces of ass soundly. The various sex tricks continued even to the point of earrings flying off, Mark letting his load fly into Veruca’s mouth for swallowing before the gal licked Fran clean too.


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Summary: The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 2 by directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel was well worth a rating of Recommended or better given the strength of ladies cast and the adherence to the actions advertised. Each of the ladies did anal enthusiastically, gaping and having a good time with Mark and Francesca. In short, The Le Wood Anal Hazing Crew 2 utilized the talents of Penny Pax, Kimmy Olsen, Veruca James, and Sheena Shaw in some very amusing anal vignettes, the energy and enthusiasm shown here was well worth checking out.


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