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Shades Of Kink

  • Release date:
    January 31, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 9m
  • Cast:
    Maddy O'Reilly|Mr. Pete|Evan Stone|Erik Everhard|Lily LaBeau|Andy San Dimas

Genre: Feature

Director/Writer: James Avalon

Cast: Maddy O'Reilly, Andy San Dimas, Lily Labeau, Mr. Pete, Evan Stone, Erik Everhard, Joe Bang, Eric Swiss. Non sex role: Xavier Towers

Length: 189 minutes

Extras: This section has a good Behind the Scenes segment, photo gallery, and trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Shades of Kink is a film that has Maddy O'Reilly as a recent business graduate. While she is interviewing for a position at Evan Stone's marketing company, the man considers her green and inexperienced. Fortunately, Maddy pleads Evan to give her a chance by assigning her a task. The guy decides that in order for her to be competent in this position that she will have to go through certain kinky activities in order for her to experience and learn her inner hidden perverse inclinations.

Scene One: Lily Labeau is brought into the bedroom by Erik Everhard. He shoves the blonde cutie onto the bed. Meanwhile, Maddy O'Reilly and Evan Stone are watching them from two chairs. Erik slaps his partner's breast and butt. They remove pieces of clothing before the guy eats her pussy with solid effort. His lengthy pussy suck makes Lily cum several times. Some cocksucking and mouth fucking action follows. As Lily's pussy continues to get a hot workout from his dick and hands, Maddy becomes more turned on by it. She starts to play with herself. Eventually, Maddy and Evan begin to kiss. But, the most memorable moments from this scene are the very hot sex that Lily and Erik perform as well as Evan's soft voice while he teaches Maddy about her inner sexual feelings. Also, the use of strawberries was a good touch in order to add a sense of sensual kinkdom between Maddy and Evan's working relationship. In the meantime, Lily and Erik's sexcapade continues to get more exciting as the scene progresses. I liked seeing her get fucked from behind and while she is riding him reverse cowgirl style. Her cocksucking activity is also a turn-on. In the end, Erik pulls out from the incredible mish and cums on her pussy.

Scene Two: While having dinner together at Evan Stone's home, Maddy O'Reilly makes out with her boss. Their passionate kissing session leads to Evan carrying her to his bedroom. He slides off her panties and shoves them in her mouth in a gentle manner. The low lit setting looks romantic. I like how he lays on top of her and humps her a bit without any real sex happening. Later, we see Evan running his hand along her butt and leg. He spanks the beautiful woman several times. Later, he squeezes her tits and soon, the man places the lady across his lap for more spanking action. Maddy's butt becomes quite red. Then, both of them undress and get into position so that Maddy can sit on his face cowgirl style. It does not last long until she begins to suck his dick. She applies good saliva on it. I love the gentle nature of her oral job and her captivating eye contact with her partner. A passionate cowgirl ride follows where Evan hugs her tightly for a while. Her cowgirl actions become more heated as she sits on top of him. Maddy cums quite a bit especially during the mish moments when Evan is laying right on top of her. He humps her sensitive pussy quite well. He humps her on her back pretty well too. I enjoyed seeing her foot quiver. Later, Evan had that driven mindset that he was going to fuck his lady deep and good. Afterwards, he sucks her pussy while she is on her back. I continued to enjoy watching Maddy's body react to her passionate workout. A mish follows with her feet resting on his broad shoulders. Then, when her legs are straight up in the air, Evan fucks her with more effort. At this point, Maddy's body shakes. Next, the woman is straddling his groin and then, bounces on it. I love the lighting on their bodies. Their passionate and intense fucking activity continues with the spooning, fuck from behind, and missionary moments. In the end, Evan pulls out and drops his cum on her belly.

Scene Three: Maddy O'Reilly is at Evan Stone's home. She sits in a white chair and he blindfolds her. He runs a feather along her legs and up her body. Suddenly, Evan slaps her thighs. Moments later, he pulls down her white dress to expose her titties. He runs the feather on them and slaps them too. The feather play continues which leads to rubbing her pussy with it. Later on, one masked man, Joe Bang, enters the scene and touches Maddy. Then, Eric Swiss joins them moments later. As the two men are fondling the pretty woman, a masked Mr. Pete joins in on the hands-on activity. I enjoyed the pussy shot of her white panties while Maddy is sitting in the white chair. The touchy-feely activity continues as Maddy's pussy and titties are being pleasured. The masked woman sucks their fingers and thumbs. Minutes later, two of the masked men leave the room. Mr. Pete stays around and whips her thighs and ass. He also shoves his face into her snatch. The sight of her butt does not look cute with the red marks on it. Then, the masked man sticks his dick into her mouth for the cocksucking session. I enjoyed seeing Maddy suck his balls. A cock ride follows and then, a doggie fuck. Overall, the screwing activity is heated and parts of her back and ass get very red from the once in a while whipping and spanking activity. Meanwhile, Evan is beside her as he checks her out. At one point, he even holds her while Mr. Pete can continually fuck her from behind. Evan also holds her arms while the masked man fucks her missionary style with a hard delivery to end their performance. Later, Mr. Pete pulls out and cums on her.

Scene Four: While Maddy O'Reilly is sitting on the white sofa beside Andy San Dimas, Evan Stone kisses Andy's leg and delves into her crotch for a long time. I like seeing Andy's legs straight up in the air since she has sexy ones. Later, he fucks her and afterwards, Andy sucks his dick. However, her brief bj becomes an intense mouth fuck by Evan. Then, he spoons the attractive woman as she and Evan continue to pay attention to Maddy's demeanor. Their fuck from behind moments are quite heated as he bounces on top of the woman's back. As their doggie moments continue, Maddy leaves. The screwing activity heats up significantly afterwards. Evan drives his hips and dick into Andy with a constant rhythm and delivery. The scene ends with him pulling out from the missionary position and cums on her sexual mound.

Final Thoughts: Maddy O'Reilly shows everyone that she is a fine actress and a woman who can handle rough sex. She also has that endearing quality that makes the viewers care for her. We want to see her succeed and be happy. 2013 is going to be a big year for this star on the rise. So, I would not be surprised to see Maddy be nominated for this role as Best Actress in a Drama. Moreover, Evan Stone continues to prove to everyone that he is one of the finest and more natural actors in this business. Thus, his role could receive a nomination for Best Actor in a Drama. Furthermore, this film could receive a Best Drama nomination and James Avalon a Best Director nod too. I highly recommend this film.


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