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Scale Bustin’ Babes 47

  • Release date:
    June 10, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 37m
  • Cast:
    Rodney Moore|Felicia Clover|Klaudia Kelly|Jade Rose|Kitty Stryker|Jules Casper

Genre: BBW, Big Boobs, Big Butt, Gonzo

Director: Rodney Moore

Cast: Klaudia Kelly, Felicia Clover, Kitty Stryker, Jade Rose, Jules Casper

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were good.

Length: 2 hours, 38 minutes

Release Date: 5/13/2013

Condoms: No

Overview: Rodney Moore delivers another masturbation-filled volume of Scale Bustin’ Babes with five girls who truly came to work ready to fuck and give Rodney their best. From newbies to girls with a few scenes under their belts, virtually every moment in SBB 47 manages to sizzle and it will no doubt get your balls tingling!

Scene 1 Felicia

Felicia has a few scenes down pat already but her scene here with Rodney make her a BBW to watch as she and Rodney perform in of the best BBW-themed scenes of the year. Rodney brings Felicia back to his place after promising some money to her cause she’s petitioning for and after he finds out she’s got a boyfriend, Rodney lays on the bullshit and manages to get Felcia completed naked and sucking his cock. She feels this is OK and her boyfriend won’t mind but when Rodney wants to drill her she says no only to succumb to Rodney’s promise that he’ll only put his head in. He reaches for her clipboard to sign his name on her petition but as he reaches for it he enters Felecia even more and figures since he’s in he should finish much to Felicia’s pleasure. He bangs her hard and all the while the camera never loses sight of Felicia and her gorgeous plump body. Felicia and Rodney share great chemistry which leads to a terrific scene with Felicia performing at her best. She allows Rodney to bang her hard mostly in mish, and her body trembles the more he pumps his cock in her juicy pussy. Felicia simply lays back and enjoys Rodney going in and out of her, her facial expressions and body movements clearly showing how much she is enjoying this fuck session. Rodney then blasts a load on her face, leaving Felicia fully satisfied.

Scene 2 Klaudia

Klaudia and Rodney are on their way to a swinger party but are running late and once Rodney realizes they won’t make it on time, Klaudia decides to get herself off. She hasn’t let Rodney fuck her in a month and still won’t let him but Rodney convinces her to let him inside her. She is lying on the couch totally nude, her plump body looking good, round and ready to be fucked by Rodney’s cock. He goes in and she is instantly creaming as Rodney slides in and out of her pussy. She takes all of him with ease; at one point in reverse cowgirl, she rides his cock as her completely nude body is facing the camera and her body trembles as she pumps herself on his rod. He bangs her in mish and drops a load all over her bald pussy which he spoons up and feeds it to her.

Scene 3 Jade

Jade is at Rodney’s place looking for treatment for her cocksucking addiction. She can’t help but suck cock when she gets the craving for it. Rodney tells her to suck him off to ween her off her addiction slowly and she begins blowing Rodney. She definitely has the skills of a pro as even Rodney appears to cum pre-maturely at times. As he tries to grab her hair to pull her off his cock her sunction skills just won’t let her let go of Rodney’s cock. She does everything to his cock, getting it hard and wet, further making it hard for Rodney to keep his load in. She then undresses and reveals a sexy plump bodies and a set of big soft tits further getting Rodney hard. The camera never loses sight of her curves as it’s positioned to catch Jade blowing Rodney and to stay on her. Jade then takes his load all over her face while Rodney advises her not to lose her craving for sucking dick.

Scene 4 Kitty

Kitty Stryker is a striking, gorgeous, tall BBW with curves in all the right places, her body just looking amazing, her jet black hair looking sexy with purple streaks, just the type of hipster chick that exudes lots of sexual energy. I enjoyed just watching Kitty undress and her seductive voice is enough to pop a boner. After a short, seductive tease she goes into the bedroom where Rodney is lying down waiting for a face sitting session from the 200 + pound beauty. She sits facing away and towards the camera but—and I’m not a face-sitting conoseur—really doesn’t appear to do much while on top of Rodney. For almost 10 minutes she just seems to go through the motions. I’ve not experienced nor do I have an interest in this fetish so it’s possible I missed what was erotic about the brief session but I simply could’ve done without it. Kitty does come back outside to finish herself off, her body jiggling as she cums and the camera nicely capturing her every inch of her body before fading to black.

Scene 5 Jules

Jules is performing in her first scene ever and as she strips naked and gets her nice round tits worked on by Rodney, he then tells her to get on her knees and get ready to suck him off. He gives her one last chance to change her mind but when Jules says “I’m good,” Rodney throats the newbie’s mouth and for the remainder of the scene his cock never goes past her lips minus the short interlude when she completely disrobes and her flabby body is revealed. This gets Rodney worked up more and gets her to suck him off harder. She licks the shaft and his balls, her eyes looking as though she cumming while pleasuring Rodney, who then releases his seed and covers Jules face. Nice job for a first timer.

Summary: After starting off with a great stroke-worthy scene, one of the best BBW-themed scenes I’ve watched in 2013, Rodney slows the pace down with a couple of POV BJ scenes which Rodney makes sure to focus his camera on the ladies and their bodies. As I’ve mentioned in the past the only way I’ll sit through a BJ only scene is if the girls are the main focus of attention. I’m not watching a porn to get off on a guy getting off and Rodney understands this very well as he has Jade and Jules get naked, tease the camera, and the performers all genuinely appear to be into it. These are not pros mind you, just girls doing their first porn shoots so they haven’t become jaded and succumb to a routine. That’s how Rodney manages to keep his films fresh and worth checking out after 47 installments of undisputedly, one of the best BBW series around. This one I Recommend, you check out.


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